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  1. Cecilia Berkovic and Anthea Black: HANDBOOK : Supporting Queer and Trans Students in Art and Design Education
  2. Luis Molina-Pantin: Orange Monochrome
  3. Luis Molina-Pantin: Kinetic Reading
  4. Luis Molina-Pantin: Auto-censorship (2013)
  5. Parvaneh Radmard: Los Angeles Public Library (Gates to Knowledge)
  6. Parvaneh Radmard: Destruction
  7. Parvaneh Radmard: My Place
  8. Parvaneh Radmard: Untitled
  9. hpht*paper °1
  10. Chanel Von Habsburg-Lothringen: Deadstock
  11. Annette Avalon: The State of Art Chapter Three: How to Create Art in the 21st Century
  12. Annette Avalon: The State of Art Chapter Two: Global Contemporary Art is Found on a Map
  13. Tiffin Breen: Hi, My Name is Stephanie :) I’m Studying in Holland
  14. Tim Lahan: Some Ways
  15. Barbara Hammer: Truant: Photographs, 1970-1979
  16. Alona Rodeh: Safe & Sound Deluxe Edition
  17. InFlux Journal of Media Art
  18. RM Vaughan: Compared to Hitler
  19. Celeste Fichter: Graphics Interchange Format
  20. Bardia Sinaee: Salamander Festival
  21. Frantz Fanon and Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts: The Fact of Blackness - Frantz Fanon
  22. Arthur Jafa and Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts: My Black Death - Arthur Jafa
  23. W. E. B. Du Bois and Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts: Of the Dawn of Freedom - W.E.B. Du Bois
  24. Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts and Sylvia Wynter: No Humans Involved - Sylvia Wynter
  25. Tings Chak: Undocumented: The Architecture of Migrant Detention
  26. Journal Safar Issue 03
  27. Seth Fluker: Broken Clouds
  28. Ted Bosy: Site 1