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  1. Natalie Anne Howard: Sooky Shirt: Walking In the Garden
  2. Natalie Anne Howard: Sooky Shirt: Catching A Fairy
  3. Vida Beyer: Untitled (t-shirt)
  4. Misaki Kawai Chewey Sweatshirt
  5. cherry kutti: BIG FAN Shirts
  6. Amy Wong: Mermaid Bra Limited Edition Tee
  7. Joy Walker Limited edition T-Shirt
  8. RFAOH T-Shirt
  9. Stop Harper Tee-Shirt
  10. Iconic Breast T-Shirt
  11. Main Character’s Costume from Life of a Craphead’s Film “Bugs” (2015) with Drugs in it, with Contract (2013)
  12. Jules Francisco: Shopping bag
  13. Jules Francisco: Sport hand bag
  14. Tonik Wojtyra: Another General Idea