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Crowd Shyness

Germaine Koh
Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery
Fashion, Contemporary Art, Every Day Objects

Artist edition non-medical face mask by artist Germaine Koh.

Guided by a vision of collective care, artist Germaine Koh has been working alongside Belkin staff to workshop a comprehensive approach to public interaction. As part of this project, Koh created the Crowd Shyness Face Mask, which was fabricated on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC.

In crown shyness, trees grow with distinct space between their crowns, to avoid spreading pests, to avoid damaging their own fragile tips, and to leave room for their peers. They make small individual sacrifices for collective health. These natural processes are analogous to societies making adaptations rooted in mutual care: “crowd shyness” as a form of conscious citizenship.

  1. Crowd Shyness
  2. Crowd Shyness

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