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  1. Ari Marcopoulos, Karen Marta, and Hans Ulrich Obrist: The Athens Dialogues
  2. Joseph Beuys, Ronald Bladen, Daniel Buren, Carl Andre, Gene Davis, Jan Dibbets, Al Held, Jeff Khonsary, Craig Leonard, Mario Merz, Robert Morris, Robert Murray, N.E. Thing Co., Richard Serra, Richard Smith, Robert Smithson, Michael Snow, and Lawrence Weiner: The Halifax Conference
  3. The Meal
  4. Pierre Hermé: The Architecture of Taste
  5. Mousse Magazine #49
  6. Jaap Pieters and John Porter: 8 Affinities
  7. L.S.D.
  8. Mousse #47
  9. NDP #4
  10. World 3
  11. Staffan Boije af Gennäs, Sidsel Meineche Hansen, Niels Henriksen, and Amelia Ishmael: J’ai Froid
  12. Carousel Magazine 33
  13. Millions Magazine 05: Spaceship Earth
  14. Chris Kraus, Yaniya Lee, and Jacob Wren: P/PP Issue 02: In Different Situations Different Behaviour Will Produce Different Results
  15. May Magazine No. 12
  16. Alexander Kluge  and Ben Lerner : The Snows of Venice
  18. Nikolay Oleynikov: Sex of the Oppressed
  19. Katie Lyle: JAM ON TOAST
  20. Girls Like Us Issue 6
  21. Yishu Journal
  22. Seth Price: Folklore U.S.
  23. Artists’ Cocktails
  24. Border Crossings Issue No. 133
  25. Cabinet Magazine: Issue 54
  26. How to Act?
  27. After Berkeley
  28. Céline Condorelli: The Company She Keeps
  29. Moyra Davey: Burn the Diaries
  30. Jacob Korczynski: I See/La Camera: I
  31. The City As A Project
  32. Adult Magazine No. 2
  33. Masanao Hirayama: Interview
  34. Valentinas Klimašauskas: B and/or an Exhibithion Guide In Search of Its Exhibition
  35. The Outpost Issue 5 Fall 2014
  36. Ay-O, Philip Corner, Robert Filliou, John Giorno, Al Hansen, Dick Higgins, Allan Kaprow, Alison Knowles, Nam June Paik, Diter Rot, Jerome Rothenberg, Wolf Vostell, Robert Watts, and Emmett Williams: Great Bear Pamphlet: Manifestos
  37. Border Crossings Issue No. 131
  38. Ricarda Messner: Flaneur Issue 3: Rue Bernard
  39. The Editorial Magazine, Issue #10
  40. David Graeber and Neal Rockwell: P/PP Issue 01: Capitalism is Just a Really Bad Way of Organizing Communism
  41. C Magazine #122, Winter Summer 2014
  42. The Exhibitionist No. 9
  43. Manuel Lima: Visual Complexity: Mapping Patterns of Information