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Artists' Cocktails: 3rd Edition

Ryan Gander
Artists' Books
9 × 14.5 cm
224 pages
Contemporary Art, Conversations

The term “cocktail” originates from the 19th century French word “coquieter” – the name of the egg-cup in which drinks were served. The new publication by Ryan Gander, Artists’ Cocktails, is devoted to the old and special ritual of making drinks. The refined and visually attractive small volume, designed by Åbäke and just published by Dent-De-Leone, is a compendium of cocktails’ recipes invented by almost 100 contemporary artists – among the others, Ryan Gander himself, Allora & Calzadilla, Liam Gillick, Santo Tolone, Lawrence Weiner, Mario Garcia Torres. Conceived as a natural extension of the project at the Maybe Center for Conviviality at dOCUMENTA (13) in Kassel (2013), the book has been recently launched with an event organized by Art At Work and Lisson Gallery at La Drogheria, Turin. There people could taste and sip some of those artists’ cocktails – an occasion to “consume” a work of art.

  1. Artists’ Cocktails

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