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  1. Liz Kotz and Eileen Myles: The New Fuck You
  2. Georges Perec and Mara Cologne Wythe-Hall: Wishes
  3. Fan Wu: Mourning Anthology
  4. Liz Knox: Commentariat
  5. Andrew J Paterson: Not Joy Division
  6. Maryse Larivière: Orgazing
  7. EMILIA-AMALIA Session VIII:  Chapbook 4  Questioning Through Writing
  8. Jaclyn Bruneau, Robert Dayton, Jacquelyn Ross, and Daniella Sanader: Young Adult // Issue No. 03
  9. Leslie Dick: Voluptuous Panic, Digital Whirlpool
  10. Steve Kado: Brian
  11. Ari Perezdiez: La Bola De Cristal #2
  12. Katie Lyle and Jacquelyn Ross: Drawings on Yellow Paper
  13. (parenthetical)
  14. Duncan MacDonald: Little Revolutions
  15. Larry Mitchell , Ned Asta, Morgan Bassichis, and Tourmaline: The Faggots & Their Friends Between Revolutions
  16. Ilana Halperin: Minerals of New York
  17. Kathy Acker and Gabrielle Kappes: Homage to LeRoi Jones and other Early Works
  18. EMILIA-AMALIA set: Chapbooks 2 & 4
  19. Ola El-Khalidi: Shahenda: On Smoking
  20. Antonia Carrara and Evelyn Taocheng Wang: Unintended Experience
  21. Ari Perezdiez: Everything Is Nothing & Literally Whatevrr
  22. Heidi Cho: A Safe Haven
  23. Jacquelyn Ross: Young Adult // Issue No. 02
  24. Jacquelyn Ross: Young Adult // Issue No. 01
  25. Fan Wu: Himalayan Musk Rambler
  26. The Others
  27. Patrick Cruz: Birds of Paradise
  28. Anna M. Szaflarski: Letters to the Editors