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Slide Shows Curated by Charlotte Cheetham from Produced by Fillip

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2 sets of 4 postcards

Two sets of postcards, four postcards in each set.

Postcards are screenshots from Art Metropole’s window exhibit: Slide Shows curated by Charlotte Cheetham from, Produced by Fillip

1 – Screenshot from Eva Weinmayr slideshow, Men Meets Machine. Image: Xerox Corporation TV commercial, 1960.
2 – Screenshot from Gareth Long slideshow, Hopefully not Victor’s cat, 2010.
3 – Screenshot from Michalis Pichler slideshow, Der Kleine Prinz, Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry.
4 – Screenshot from Erik Kessels slideshow, Image from an Ebay slide sale.

Slide Shows is a series of video self-portraits hosted on Tumblr, initiated in 2012 by French curator Charlotte Cheetham in conjunction with Fillip’s Institutions by Artists conference.