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  4. Ephemera The Domestic Scene: Nicholas Gottlund
  5. Book A Book About What's There's more to life than books, but not much more
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  7. Ephemera I Went To Art Basel and All I Got Was This Mermaid Bag
  8. Book The Lake
  9. Book A Book About What's There's more to life than books, but not much more (Special Edition)
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  14. Periodical NOW Magazine (Aug 2013, Issue 648. Vol. 32. No 51.)
  15. Periodical CanadianArt Magazine (Autumn 2013)
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  4. Book Art Metronome 01 Libretto
  5. Periodical Musicworks Magazine (Winter 2013)
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  9. Ephemera Wandering Art Metropole Publication and Ephemera Archive Part 2, The New Archive Project
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  11. Ephemera Art Metropole Shopping bag for Art Basel 43
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  13. Ephemera Art Metropole is Moving Internet Press Release
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  17. Ephemera How to Keep Bees in Italian, Book Launch and Performance
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  19. Ephemera Gendai Vectors: Infections and Infestations (1947 – 2012)
  20. Ephemera Gendai Vectors: Infections and Infestations (1947 – 2012)
  21. Ephemera Garry Neill Kennedy, Double Book Launch
  22. Ephemera Ben Kinmont, Sometimes: Book Launch and Exhibit
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  27.  Burning Rubber
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  6. Book Art Metropole Retail Catalogue 2012
  7. Ephemera MISS READ Art Book Fair, Berlin
  8. Ephemera Shawn Kuruneru, Bsviv Books and Special Guests Book Launch
  9. Ephemera Midi Onodera Screening and DVD Launch at the AGO
  10. Ephemera Sebastian Butt, Special Projects at: Art Basel
  11. Ephemera Ryan Foerster: One-Two-Three-Four
  12. Ephemera Art Metropole Inventory-wide sale
  13. Ephemera Ryan Foerster: One-Two-Three-Four
  14. Ephemera Art Metronome 002
  15. Ephemera Easter closing door sign
  16. Ephemera Michael Morris and Attila Richard Lukacs, Polaroids
  17. Ephemera Book launch Gordon Lebredt: Nonworks 1975-2010
  18. Ephemera Book launch Gordon Lebredt: Nonworks 1975-2008
  19. Ephemera Book launch Gordon Lebredt: Nonworks 1975-2009
  20. Ephemera Michael Morris and Attila Richard Lukacs, Polaroids
  21. Ephemera Art Metropole at ArtBasel Miami Beach 2011
  22. Book Ruth Cuthand: Back Talk: Works 1983-2009
  23. Book Don't Tell Me Your Dreams
  24. Book Adrian Stimson: Beyond Redemption
  25. Book Courtney Milne: The Pool Project
  26. Book 200 tropical shorts
  27. Audio Recording Art In A Post-Fordist Society
  28. Book Making Do process 3: Dialogues From Out of this World
  29. Book Sydney Jonas Walk
  1. Ephemera Peaches Grillz, FWD Editions Multiples Launch
  2. Ephemera Gifts By Artists 2010
  3. Ephemera Covet Corner fundraising exhibition
  4. Book Humours
  5. Ephemera The Naked Ear
  6. Book Towards a Warm Math
  7. Book The Do-It Yourself Section
  8. Book Firework Studies
  9. Book Andy Capp Variations
  10. Ephemera BOOKBLOCK
  11. Ephemera Art Metropole at The New York Art Book Fair
  12. Ephemera Art Metropole at Art|41|Basel
  13. Ephemera Book launch for No One Helped Me
  14. Ephemera Art Metropole "Direct Ask" to Members
  15. Ephemera Art Metropole "Direct Ask" to Members
  16. Ephemera Illustrated Dictionary of Received Ideas
  17. Ephemera Olympic Item Blast in connection with the Vancouver Winter Olympics
  18. Ephemera 22 Clear Cases for Peaches Grillz
  19. Book The Garden
  20. Book Photographs
  21.  The pleasure is back
  22.  Filmstrip From Wavelength
  23. Periodical Wear
  1. Ephemera 9th Annual Gifts by Artists exhibition and sale
  2. Book Album IV
  3. Book Dying Birds
  4. Periodical Provence Issue O
  5. Book The Strangeness of this Idea
  6. Book A Post-Olympic Beijing Mini-Marathon
  7. Periodical BTFA No. 1, Cruising Notes
  8. Book The Accidental Egyptian and Occidental Arrangements
  9. Ephemera Art Metropole Events & Publications – Winter 2010
  10. Book The Illustrated Dictionary of Received ideas
  11. Audio Recording Art Metronome 001
  12. Ephemera Way Up, Way Down. Titles V.
  13. Ephemera The Mayor David Miller's Arts Awards Luncheon
  14. Ephemera New Item Blast
  15. Ephemera Advertising by Artists
  16. Ephemera Re-examined Classics
  17.  A Brief History: expo cum retail store
  18. Audio Recording Wormhole Trip: Music for Time-Space Travel
  19. Book The Four Walls
  20.  Electric Mountains
  21. Book Snake Mountain Second Edition
  22. Photograph For a Brief Time Only...
  23. Book People's Monthly: the official newsletter of RMB City
  24. Ephemera CN Tower Liquidation
  25. Ephemera Advertising by Artists: AM Archive
  26.  Planet Porn Portfolio
  27. Book One Day of the Artist's Life
  28.  The Colossus of Memnon #2
  29. Book A Boy Named Karlheinz Stockhausen
  30. Book Youth League
  31. Book You are either with us or you can kiss our ass
  32. Book The Thing
  33. Book Sixteen Artist's Books
  1. Ephemera Art Metropole at Art Basel Miami Beach
  2. Ephemera 8th Annual Gifts by Artists exhibition and sale.
  3. Ephemera 8th Annual Gifts by Artists exhibition and sale
  4. Book Dan Graham Pavilions: A Guide
  5. Book Keywords School-Venice: Handbook of Exercises
  6. Book Trash: A Queer Film Classic
  7. Book The Incredible Journey that is Conciousness
  8. Book Farewell to Romance
  9. Book MTL Art Map
  10.  This Book
  11. Book Garden of Mirrored Flowers
  12. Video Rarely Seen Bas Jan Ader Film
  13.  Golden Coal
  14. Book Master Q's Guide to Virtual Feng Shui
  15. Book Woman with a Camera (35 mm)
  16. Book Do You Know What: A Survey 1990-2008
  17. Book Anna Livia
  18.  Everything is Possible, Nothing is Easy.
  19. Book Thyme Balm Live $3
  20. Book Looking back at Art Basel, Photographs
  21. Book Chronology
  22. Periodical Provence Issue R
  23. Book Lana
  24. Ephemera Art Metropole at the NY Art Book Fair.
  25. Ephemera Canadian Youth
  26. Ephemera Book Launch for Livre: Un coup de jamais n'abolira le hazard
  27. Ephemera Back To School Sale
  28. Ephemera Girls Girls Girls
  29. Ephemera Whatever: Art-on-Whatever
  30. Ephemera From The Archives, Yesterday's Papers
  31. Periodical Butt #23
  32. Ephemera Borderline Case
  33. Book Free Drawings
  34. Ephemera PEACE!
  35. Ephemera The Landscape
  36. Ephemera Book launch for Mal Armé (Letterdrop III)
  37. Ephemera Lost & Found: Art addressing absence and discovery
  38. Ephemera New Queer Voice
  39. Ephemera Book launch for 0800.0FAUNA0FLORA
  40. Ephemera Alternate Realities: A Selection of Artist Books
  41. Ephemera ABC...with love (too cool for school)
  42. Ephemera Everyone Gets Lighter
  43. Ephemera Art Metropole Remembers David Askevold 1940 – 2008
  44. Ephemera New Publication: Goin' Postal
  45. Mixed Media Untitled (from the Lizard's Point) David Horvitz
  46. Book Foerster 4 1/2
  47. Print Free Drawings 3
  48. Ephemera Art Metropole Shop Mailer. A Run for Your Money.
  49. Book Journey
  50.  Postal Art
  51.  Sandy Gold Chain
  52. Book Agency: Art and Advertising
  53. Video General idea: Art, Aids, and the Fin de Siecle
  54. Ephemera Art Metropole business cards, 788 King St.
  55. Periodical Artists & Activists 4: Critical Art Ensemble MYTHIC WEAPONS AND STATE PROPAGANDA
  56. Periodical Kunsthaefte. No. 18
  57. Ephemera Art Metropole at ARLIS / NA 2008 Conference, Denver USA. -
  58.  Nation of Debt (NoD)
  59. Periodical Artists & Activists 1: Red76 NO ONE TOUCHES ME. I AM INVISIBLE
  60.  Dollar Store: Rorsarch Bird
  61. Book Dictionary of Keywords
  63.  Dollar Store: Bird Trophy
  64. Periodical Artists & Activists 5: Ultra-red 10 PRELIMINARY THESES ON MILITANT SOUND INVESTIGATION
  65. Book Do it (Chinese edition)
  66. Book Artists & Activists 3: Dyke Action Machine! Artists & Activists
  67. Book Common Threads
  68. Book What Makes You So Special..?
  69.  Untitled
  70. Ephemera DADDY Magazine tote bag
  71. Book A Treatise on Tibet by Michel Foucault
  72.  Smokey
  73. Periodical Artists & Activists 6: The Centre for Tactical Magic
  74. Book Art Metropole shop/catalogue mailer with current edition and publication info
  1. Ephemera 7th Annual Gifts by Artists exhibition and sale.
  2. Ephemera FWD Edition launch for The Quiet Americans
  3. Ephemera Art Metropole at Art Basel Miami Beach
  4. Book To Say the Very Least
  5. Book Do you know how bad I want to use the force?
  7. Ephemera Terence Koh: THE WHOLE FAMILY
  8. Book A Beaver Tail (bookwork)
  9. Book Ian Wilson: The Discussions
  10. Ephemera Borderline Case
  11. Ephemera I GOT AN A+ IN ART (BUTTON)
  12. Ephemera CABINET Magazine (Issue 29, Spring 2008 [March-June])
  13. Book Artists & Activists 2: Raqs Media Collective: The Surface of Each Day: Questions for Cosmonauts
  14.  Dollar Store: Marble Sculpture
  15. Book AIDS. A Reader
  16. Book Art Metropole Catalogue 2008
  17. Book Child Eater No.1
  18. Ephemera 1334 Words for 1334 Students
  19. Book Pavilion to the Heart's Insight (vol. 1)
  20. Book Untitled [Media Guru 003]
  21.  ABC...with love (too cool for school)
  23. Book Livre: Un coup de dés jamais n'abolira le hazard
  24. Book Landscape Manuel #1
  25. Periodical DADDY No. 6
  26. Audio Recording Art Calls
  27. Book Page 22: Half Folded Library
  28. Book Culture Out of Context
  29.  MML
  30. Book A Beaver Tail
  31. Book Landscape Manual #3
  32. Book Two-Day Hangover
  33. Book The Whole Family: Terence Koh
  34. Ephemera Art Metropole at Hotel Canzine 2007 at the Gladstone Hotel,
  35. Ephemera Goin' Postal
  36. Ephemera Art Metropole at the New York Art Book Fair
  37. Ephemera Launch for Standard From Press
  38. Ephemera Back To School Sale
  39. Periodical Profane Existence #54 Fall 2007
  40. Ephemera Paste-Up
  41. Ephemera Launch of The Northside Vol. II
  42. Ephemera The Northside installation
  43. Periodical They Shoot Homos Don't They? No. 04
  44. Ephemera Art Metropole at Art 38 Basel
  45. Ephemera Bed of Nails
  47. Ephemera Prints to Books from NSCAD to Cape Dorset
  48. Ephemera Art Metropole: 30 Good Years
  49. Book Two fields of wheat seeded with a poppy-poem
  50. Audio Recording 379 Adelaide West: A 2-CD 1980's Voicespondence Compilation
  51. Ephemera INFINITE OUTLET
  52. Book Performance, [Performance] and Performers Volume 2
  53. Audio Recording Toronto Life Square
  54. Book Instilled and Lost
  55. Book God and Dirty Blind God
  56. Audio Recording Japan Japan
  57. Sculpture Inert Publication
  58. Book Performance, [Performance] and Performers Volume 1
  59. Periodical Pinups Issue No.1 to 6
  60. Audio Recording Warfare vs. Welfare
  61. Book Nu
  62. Ephemera Skulptur Projekte Munster 2007-2017
  63. Book W Magazine Appropriated
  64. Ephemera Peace Ball
  65. Audio Recording Clive Robertson: Popular Songs
  1. Ephemera Nature: This Is A Recording
  2. Video Media Guru 004: Masturbating in the Fatherland
  3. Ephemera Lezzie Vuitton
  4. Book Alone At Home
  5. Book Nook
  6. Ephemera Michel Foucault Letters research and correspondence
  7. Book For the Love of God: The Making of The Diamond Skull
  8. Video My Rectum is Not a Grave (Notes to a Film Industry in Crisis)
  9. Book Lynn Valley 2: Kleenex Mathematics
  10. Book The Sole Proprietor and Other Stories
  11.  MML
  12. Ephemera Art Metropole Audio Catalogue
  13. Book Zheng Guogu: Jumping out of Three Dimensions, Staying outside Five Elements
  14. Periodical DADDY No. 4
  15. Video The Hundred Videos
  16. Print Fundraising Edition
  17. Book Lynn Valley 3, The reasons why I am Here is why I am here
  18. Periodical Cross of Empire (Greetings From LA)
  19.  I've Paid My Dues
  20. Ephemera Art Metropole Wholesale Catalogue
  21. Ephemera Nuit Blanche Invitation
  22. Ephemera TICK TOCK
  23. Ephemera Punk Til You Puke
  24. Periodical fillip 4 Vol. 2 No. 1
  25. Ephemera They Shoot Homos Don't They?
  26. Ephemera Get Your Lit Out – A Night of Readings
  27. Ephemera Birgit
  28. Ephemera Orientalism & Ephemera
  29. Ephemera Onestar Stopby Hans Schabus
  30. Ephemera Storefront: Artist multiples from the library collection
  31. Print Hotel_Tricks, Mattias Herrmann
  32.  Untitled
  33. Print Newsprint Series
  35. Ephemera The Return of Postmodernism
  36. Ephemera Newsprint works (three works)
  37. Book Die Kunst des Verweilens
  38. Ephemera The Somnus Collect Spring 2007
  39. Book How to Travel with a Watermelon
  40.  X-mas
  41.  New Kids on the Block Cards Photocopy
  42. Book New Arcades (Survival Club, Sensation Fair and Cool Shanshui)
  1. Book Leisure Grammar
  2.  Stabile Ashtray
  4. Periodical SHOOT No.5
  5.  Walking Woman Shopping Bag
  6. Book Lynn Valley
  7. Audio Recording Nature: This Is A Recording
  8. Periodical SHOOT No.6
  9. Ephemera I AM A BOYBAND
  10. Ephemera Art Metropole. Wholesale Catalogue 2006.
  11. Book Forecast
  12. Ephemera A Wacky Limited Edition Print
  13. Ephemera AM. Back to School Sale
  14. Ephemera AM. Back to School Sale.
  15. Ephemera Household Fame
  16. Book Art Metropole at Basel Art Fair 36, Basel
  17. Book Sixty-nine (69)
  18. Ephemera Distance Learning
  19. Ephemera HALOS: David Buchan and Robert Flack exhibition.
  20. Book Sixty-nine (69)
  21. Ephemera Slipmats - Christian Marclay
  22.  Wino Spirits
  23. Book The Book of Shrigley
  24. Book ed. Artists Books, revisited
  25. Book All Demons' Day: A Vision Quest Venture
  26. Book Nevers-Hiroshima
  27. Book Jay Isaac
  28.  Strangers vol.1 #1-12
  1. Ephemera Sculpture, A Journey to the Circumference of the Earth
  2. Ephemera 5th Annual Gifts by Artists
  3. Ephemera The Atlas of Nowhere
  4. Ephemera Pac-Mondrian Postcard Portfolio
  5. Periodical SHOOT No.4
  6.  Strangers vol.1 #1-12
  7. Periodical SHOOT this is a magazine No.1
  8.  Strangers vol.2 #13-24
  9. Periodical SHOOT This is No.2
  10. Book The Making of Americans
  11. Book Turnout
  12. Book Song Drawings/ Paintings 1996-2005
  13. Periodical SHOOT No.3
  14. Book Terence Koh: Gone, Yet Still
  15. Book Coordinated attack, wave upon wave
  17. Ephemera The Outline of History
  18. Ephemera 8 x 10"" (Underwear)
  19. Ephemera 8 x 10" (Newspaper)
  20. Ephemera 8 x 10"" (Tape)
  21. Ephemera 8 x 10"" (Nipples)
  22. Ephemera 8 x 10" (Secession)
  23. Ephemera 8 x 10"" (Gum)
  24. Ephemera Publishing launch of Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane's deFILE magazine (Fall 2004, Issue #2) and Daniel Olson's The Outline of History
  25. Ephemera EN/OF Collaborations between Contemporary Visual Artists and Experimental Musicians
  26. Ephemera Publish and be Damned
  27. Ephemera Art Metropole at Basel Art Fair 35, Basel
  28. Ephemera The Mail Order Catalogue # 9. The Add-on Edition 2004
  29. Ephemera Neither Either Nor Or
  30. Ephemera Death in the Studio: Studio Death Snapshots
  31. Ephemera Market Stall
  32. Ephemera Neither Either Nor Or
  33. Ephemera Not All At Once
  34. Book Art Metronome 01. An Evening of Performances by Musicians and Sound Artists
  35. Ephemera The World as I Found it
  36. Ephemera Rodney Graham at the Gladstone Hotel
  37. Ephemera The Hidden Cameras LP Launch
  38. Ephemera Tit Pin Project. An Onsite Performance Line Party
  39. Ephemera Stencils Just Seemed Like The Right Thing To Do
  40. Ephemera BLESS at home in Toronto
  41. Ephemera Market Stall
  42. Ephemera Reflective Dust-jacket from Bookcovers by artists, bookmark.
  43. Book Pocket Reference of Common Models
  44. Ephemera Art Metropole Business Card c. 2004
  1. Ephemera Art Metropole Annual Holiday Sale
  2. Ephemera 4th Annual Gifts by Artists
  3. Ephemera Fun with Art History
  4. Ephemera Recent Arrivals...
  5. Audio Recording Candy Factory Projects and Instant Coffee Year of Love.
  6. Book Holy Trip
  7. Ephemera Art Metropole. Retail Catalogue 26. June 2004.
  8. Book Multi-Landscape
  9.  I Heart Real Life
  10. Book Brian Jungen
  11. Audio Recording Yes Box
  12. Book The Prize Budget for Boys Present : The Spectacular Vernacular Revue
  13. Periodical deFILE (vol. #1, no. #2, fall 2004), "Selected Photographs from Folk Archive Issue
  14. Ephemera FADO Gala Performance Party
  15. Ephemera Golden Streams Artists' Collaboration and Exchange in the 1970s
  16. Ephemera Superart Market
  17. Ephemera Musco 1969-1997
  18. Ephemera A Text Book Case: Artists' Bookworks from the Art Metropole Collection
  19. Ephemera Back to School Sale
  20. Ephemera Wouldn't it be nice?
  21. Ephemera Passing Water
  22. Ephemera School of Serial Production #3
  23. Ephemera
  24. Ephemera Antigraphs, Ash Holes & Multiples
  25. Ephemera Instant Gratification
  26. Book Home Haircut aims to keep it all real
  27. Ephemera Soundcan
  28. Ephemera WVLNT (Wavelength For Those Who Don't Have The Time)
  29. Ephemera Candyass: The Multiples of Cary Leibowitz
  30. Ephemera Content 1.0. / Urban Fauna Information Station
  31. Ephemera L'Hotel Soficalle / The Whole Story
  32. Ephemera Somedays are better than others
  33. Ephemera Peace Event for John Lennon February 18 2003 by Yoko Ono
  34. Ephemera deFILE (vol. #1 issue #1, spring 2003), "The Trading Places Issue"
  35. Ephemera The Canada Council for the Arts 45th Anniversary Party Hat. Brought to you by the Art Metropole Correspondence School of Serial Production
  36. Ephemera School of Serial Production #2 event,"Art Met Sweatshop"
  37. Ephemera Magazines by Artists
  38. Ephemera Fluxus, Free-music and Pop Songs
  39. Book AA Bronson: Felix, June 5th, 1994
  40. Book Ready to change
  41. Ephemera Art Metropole, Lifetime Members`Dinner, I am AM, Take It To The Streets spray paint
  42. Ephemera Art Metropole business cards c. 2003
  43. Ephemera A Selection of Multiples Just In at Art Metropole
  44. Ephemera New Life After Fire (for Tom Thomson)
  1. Ephemera THIS IS the SALiVATION ARMY
  2. Ephemera Art Metropole Annual Holiday Sale
  3. Ephemera 3rd Annual Gifts by Artists
  4. Ephemera New Multiples Available at Art Metropole
  6. Ephemera Art Metropole. Retail Catalogue 25. June 2003
  7. Ephemera New Books at AM...
  8. Periodical deFILE (vol. #1 issue #1, spring 2003), ""The Trading Places Issue
  9. Periodical Self Portrait as Hollis Frampton/Hollis Frampton as Self Portrait
  10. Audio Recording New Life After Fire (for Tom Thomson)
  11. Book Danville Community Encyclopedia
  12. Ephemera Press contact list by zin
  13. Book Hotel_Diary
  14. Ephemera Twelve Multiples and an Artist's Book
  15. Film WVLNT (Wavelength For Those Who Don't Have The Time)
  16.  Social Pudding
  17. Ephemera AMTV
  18. Ephemera Art Metropole Business Card Project for Toronto International Art Fair 2002
  19. Ephemera CCMC + Christian Marclay
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