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Exhibition Notes: Entering the Landscape

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Sarah Nesbitt and Jenifer Papararo
Plug In Editions
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exhibition catalogue

Featuring extended curatorial essays by Sarah Nesbitt and Jenifer Papararo, an artist insert by A.K. Burns, and over 30 colour images, this special publication marks the first in Plug In’s Exhibition Notes series.

Entering the Landscape, which featured artists Pia Arke (1958-2007), Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory, Jaime Black, Lori Blondeau, A.K. Burns, The Ephemerals, Melissa General, Rebecca Horn, Katherine Hubbard, Maria Hupfield, Simone Jones, Tau Lewis, Amy Malbeuf, Meryl McMaster, Ana Mendieta, Natalie Purschwitz, Dominique Rey, Jamie Ross, Xaviera Simmons, Ming Wong, and Alize Zorlutuna, is an exciting exhibition to begin this series, marking the first collaboration between curators Jenifer Papararo and Sarah Nesbitt, and participating in a long and nuanced history of artists addressing bodies in the land.

  1. Exhibition Notes: Entering the Landscape