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Remembering Garry Neill Kennedy
Art Metropole's New Location at 896 College St
Fogo Island Arts & Art Metropole present: Schools of Thought, an online talk by Minh Nguyen
45 Years: Art Metropole at Art Basel 2021


Recent Arrivals

  1. Paul Wong: Occupying Chinatown
  2. A Bookshop, A Bar, A Stage, A Window, A Book
  3. Mary Kavanagh - Daughters of Uranium
  4. Lynn Bannon, Adad Hannah, and Lindsey V. Sharman: Adad Hannah
  5. Jennifer Rose Sciarrino: Ruffled Follicles and a Tangled Tongue
  6. Sophia Yadong Hao: Of Other Spaces
  7. Robert Fones: I am an Art Metropole Dog
  8. Jesse Birch and Will Holder: The Mill
  9. Kirsten Grimstad and Susan Rennie: The New Woman’s Survival Catalog
  10. Afterall Issue 45
  11. EMILIA-AMALIA Set of 5 Chapbooks: More Dust in Our Houses Less Dust on Our Brains
  12. David Shrigley: Goat Music
  13. Christine Davis and Cason Sharpe: Smutburger Editions Vol 1
  14. Jörg Heiser: Double Lives in Art and Pop Music
  15. Ben Kinmont and Ian Wilson: Project Series: Ian Wilson
  16. Kwame Brathwaite: Black Is Beautiful
  17. Maggie Groat: ALMANAC
  18. FAR-NEAR Volume One: Movement
  19. Kim Gordon and Branden W. Joseph: Is It My Body?
  20. Keith Haring: Manhattan Penis Drawings for Ken Hicks
  21. Afterall Issue 41
  22. Emelie Chhangur, Ryan Doherty, Derek Liddington , and Fabien Maltais-Bayda: Derek Liddington
  23. Will Munro: History, Glamour, Magic
  24. FAR-NEAR Volume Three: Devotion
  25. Ingo Niermann: Solution 295-304: Mare Amoris
  26. Derek Sullivan: Evidence of the Avant Garde Ex-Library
  27. Afterall Issue 44
  28. Jacquelyn Ross: Young Adult // Issue No. 02
  29. Amy Ching-Yan Lam: The Four Onions
  30. Ken Lum: Everything is Relevant
  31. Philip Monk: Is Toronto Burning?
  32. Anti-Shows: APTART 1982–84
  33. WRITTEN ON THE WIND. Lawrence Weiner Drawings
  34. David Reinfurt: A New Program for Graphic Design
  35. Merce Cunningham: Changes
  36. John Akomfrah and Johanne Løgstrup: Co-existence of Times – A Conversation with John Akomfrah
  37. Roxane Bovet and Laurent Schmid: A-sides
  38. Emelie Chhangur and Philip Monk: Migrating the Margins
  39. FAR-NEAR Volume Two: Taste-Distaste
  40. Lee Lozano: Notebooks 1967-70
  41. Afterall Issue 43
  42. Paul Chan: 2000 Words
  43. Afterall Issue 48
  44. Godzilla: Asian American Arts Network 1990-2001
  45. General Idea and Philip Monk: Glamour Is Theft: A User’s Guide to General Idea 1969-1978
  46. Sara Cwynar: Glass Life
  47. Garry Neill Kennedy: The Last Art College
  48. Eva Ebersberger and Daniela Zyman: Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary: The Commissions Book
  49. Maria Lind: Seven Years
  50. Jennifer Liese: Social Medium: Artists Writing 2000-2015