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Recent Arrivals

  1. Landscape of Moving Images
  2. Nicole Cartier Barrera and Nicole Cartier Barrera: A Guide for the Afflicted and Defiant
  3. Shari Kasman: Parkdale Provincial Park Postcard (Blue Pictograms)
  4. Shari Kasman: Parkdale Provincial Park Postcard (Three Signs)
  5. Franco Leidi: Return
  6. Kione Kochi : Speculative Histories and Possible Futures of an Artist-Run Centre
  7. Noah LeBien: Betraying Authority: Fragments on Queer Art
  8. Arjuna Routte-Prieur: Stapleton Studio
  9. Colin Campbell and Jon Davies: More Voice-Over: Colin Campbell Writings
  10. Lee Lozano: Notebooks 1967-70
  11. Roy Arden
  12. Suzanne Hudson and Agnes Martin: Agnes Martin: Night Sea
  13. Dressing Down
  14. Zdenka Badovinac: Unannounced Voices
  15. Colin Campbell, Jon Davies, John Greyson, and Francine Périnet: People Like Us: The Gossip of Colin Campbell
  16. Beatrice von Bismarck: The Curatorial Condition
  17. Cathy Park Hong: Minor Feelings: An Asian American Reckoning
  18. Cécile B. Evans, Cao Fei, Elsa Himmer, Lynn Hershmann Leeson, Shana Moulton, Heike Munder, Paul B. Preciado, Frances Stark, Wu Tsang, Anna Uddenberg, VNS Matrix, Yvonne Volkart, Joanna Walsh, Guan Xiao, and Anicka Yi: Producing Futures
  19. Momoe Narazaki: Koyake
  20. Yoko Ono: Franklin Summer
  21. Wayne Baerwaldt, Raymond Boisjoly, Brenda Draney, Brenda Draney, Jeff Funnell, Quyen Hoang, Glenn Ligon, Duane Linklater, Jude Norris, Naomi Potter, Krista Belle Stewart, Shauna Thompson, and Andrea Williamson: Wonder and Resonance: Fiction/Non-Fiction
  22. Autobiography: Koo Jeong A
  23. Nina Valerie Kolowratnik: The Language of Secret Proof
  24. Border Crossings Issue No. 159: Human/Nature
  26. Dana Claxton: The Sioux Project—Tatanka Oyate
  27. Rinaldo Walcott: On Property: Policing, Prisons, and the Call for Abolition
  28. Eunice Luk: White Line
  29. Rirkrit Tiravanija: ONCE UPON A TIME
  30. Hank Bull: Me/You
  31. Rodney Graham and  Shepherd Steiner: Rodney Graham: Phonokinetoscope
  32. Shumon Basar, Douglas Coupland, and Hans Ulrich Obrist: Age of Earthquakes
  33. Tsēmā Igharas, Jaimie Issac, and Erin Sutherland: Tsema Igharas
  34. ᕕᐃᑎᕋᐊ  ᒪᒍᓯᐊᓗ / Victoria Mamnguqsualuk and Charles Moore: Keeveeok Awake!
  35. Marina Roy: Queuejumping
  36. Carrie Mae Weems: Kitchen Table Series
  37. Kyrill Constantinides Tank: Janus Neinus Vielleichtus
  38. Gareth Long: Second, Third, Fourth
  39. Janet Hodgson: Here and There, Then and Now
  40. Andy Patton: A Certain Kind of Blue
  41. Robin Arsenault: Falling Off The Log
  42. Garry Neill Kennedy: The Last Art College
  43. Maria Patricia Abuel, Tiffany Schofield, and Shellie Zhang: Abundance
  44. Loretta Würtenberger: The Artist’s Estate
  45. Arnaud Gerspacher: The Owls Are Not What They Seem: Artist as Ethologist
  46. Sam Cotter: An End
  47. Allison Katz
  48. Raven Chacon: For Zitkála-Šá
  49. Katya García-Antón: Art And Solidarity Reader
  50. Craig Burnett and Philip Guston: Philip Guston: The Studio