New Poetry Titles for August 2016

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  1. Tim Lahan: Anywhere
  2. Jeremy Jams: A Catalogue of Blue Chairs
  3. Elizabeth Hall: I Have Devoted My Life to the Clitoris
  4. Mark G. MacKinnon: Adapted Remnant Groudslab Transfer Drawings 2009-2015
  5. Eloisa Aquino: Pajubá
  6. Border Crossings Issue No. 137
  7. Paul Buonaguro: Undead
  8. Hanne Darboven: Boundless
  9. Chris Dorley-Brown: The Longest Way Round
  10. Liana Jegers: Small Beer
  11. E. Stephanian: Orphan.
  12. Jason Roberts Dobrin: Los Angeles Photo Book
  13. New Poetry Titles for August 2016
  14. Martine Derks and Xavier Fernandez: Everybody’s Card
  15. Hans Peter Feldmann: Bilder / Pictures
  16. Zin Taylor: Void Flowers
  17. Rohan Hutchinson: Elemental
  18. To look at the sea is to become what one is: An Etel Adnan Reader
  19. Cabinet Issue 59
  20. Prism of Reality #4
  21. Anne Moeglin-Delcroix: Ambulo Ergo Sum
  22. Bill Burns: Hans Ulrich Obrist Hear Us
  23. Ryan Foerster: Untitled (October 2012)
  24. Protruders Song Book
  25. Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib: The Crown Ain’t Worth Much