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Recent Arrivals

  1. General Idea: High Profile (Signed)
  2. G.B. Jones (Signed)
  3. Border Crossings Issue No.164
  4. Isa Genzken and Andre Rottman: Fuck the Bauhaus
  5. Roger Bywater and Jack Pierson: Tomorrow’s Man 4
  6. Patricia Pongracz and Larry Racioppo: The Word on the Street: The Photographs of Larry Racioppo
  7. Mary Warner Marien: Photography: A Cultural History
  8. William Anastasi: A Retrospective
  9. Ernesto Neto
  10. Marina Roy: Queuejumping
  11. Immutable: Designing History
  12. Ilya Kabakov, Richard Rhodes, and John Scott: Ilya Kabakov/John Scott
  13. Bruce LaBruce: Circle Jerk (2009) – Unsigned, Unnumbered Set of 16 Posters
  14. David Askevold: Wallpapers Poster
  15. Richard Serra: Sculpture
  16. Danny Lyon: The Bikeriders
  18. Ed Ruscha: Royal Road Test
  19. Valérie Blass
  20. Ed Ruscha: Various Small Fires and Milk
  21. Sensation: Young British Artists from the Saatchi Collection
  22. Tim Lee and Mark Soo: Modern Optical Experiments in Typography: Univers Ultra Light Oblique (1968)
  23. agent.NASDAQ aka Reinhold Grether ,  Edward Poitras , Zeigam Azizov, Isabelle De Baets, Karl Beveridge, Chris Burden, Heather Cassils, Maurizio Cattelan, Carole Condé, Jane Crawford, Wim Delvoye, Maria Eichhorn, Hu Fang, Gerald Ferguson, Elizabeth Ferrell, and Andrea Fraser: Commerce By Artists
  24. Hai-Hsin Huang: In The Park 在公園
  25. Lawrence Weiner: Flowed
  26. Greg Girard: Phantom Shanghai
  27. David Askevold: Signed Wallpapers Poster
  28. Anne-Marie Duguet, Jérôme Neutres, and Bill Viola: Bill Viola
  29. C Magazine Issue 156
  30. Germaine Koh: Territory
  31. Michael Fried: Why Photography Matters as Art as Never Before
  32. Peter Dykhuis: Giving Notice: Words on Walls
  33. Luc Jolivet: Out Of Office
  34. Kelly Mark: Wallpapers Poster
  35. Gordon Lebredt, Stephen Pina, and Richard Rhodes: Comedies of Objecthood
  36. Marie José Burki: Sans Attribut
  37. Double-Cross: The Hollywood Films of Douglas Gordon
  38. Joseph Beuys: Graphic Works
  39. AA Bronson and Keith Boadwee: PLAID
  40. Jan Debbaut, Marlene Dumas, and Selma Klein Essink: Miss Interpreted
  41. Lawrence Weiner: On The Rocks : Some Questions + 5 Answers Relative to Moved Pictures
  42. Nadia Belerique, Tom Engels, Ruba Katrib, Nicolaus Schafhausen, Claire Shea, and Studio Markus Weisbeck: Nadia Belerique: Body In Trouble
  43. Weegee’s New York: Photographs, 1935-1960
  44. Jennifer Liese: Social Medium: Artists Writing 2000-2015
  45. Hunter and Cook 08
  46. Philip Leonard Ocampo and Alana Traficante: O hopeful Yearmaker
  47. Rineke Dijkstra: Portraits
  48. Tim Carpenter: To Photograph Is to Learn How to Die
  49. Amy Ching-Yan Lam: Baby Book
  50. Draw it with your Eyes Closed