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Book Launch – Andrew James Paterson: Never Enough Night
Book/Multiple Launch: A Cyberarchaeology of Checkpoints and EveryLetterCyborg Bites
Café Sprinkle 3: Workshop + Readings


Recent Arrivals

  1. Katherine Adams, Zdenka Badovinac, Stephanie Bailey, Pietro Bianchi, Iago Bojczuk, Manuel Borja-Villel, Nathan Brown, Valentin Diaconov, Sonia D’Alto, Aziba Ekio, Octavian Esanu, Kim Förster, Yuriko Furuhata, Boris Groys, Gracie Hadland, Angela Harutyunyan, Jörg Heiser, and S: e-flux Index #1
  2. Tanya Bailey: Vividly Diverse Haikus
  3. Cheryl Sourkes: #whatev
  4. General Idea’s Fin de Siécle
  5. Jan Peacock: Signed Wallpapers Posters
  6. Bruce LaBruce: Circle Jerk (2009) – Unsigned, Unnumbered Set of 16 Posters
  7. Monica Tap: Signed Wallpapers Poster
  8. Adriano Pedrosa and Tomás Toledo: Afro-Atlantic Histories
  9. Jay Isaac and Tony Romano: Hunter and Cook 06
  10. Philip-Lorca DiCorcia: Streetwork 1993-1997
  11. Hai-Hsin Huang: In The Park 在公園
  12. Scott Anderson, Sally McKay, and Catherine Osborne: Lola No. 9 Summer 2001
  13. Gordon Lebredt: Nonworks 1975-2008
  14. Sally McKay: Wallpaper
  15. Richard Bolton: The Contest of Meaning: Critical Histories of Photography
  16. Raven Chacon, Jeff Khonsary, and Jonathan Middleton: For Zitkála-Šá (Special Edition)
  17. Jan Wade: Soul Power
  18. Victor Flores Olea: Los Encuentros
  19. Tasman Richardson: Objects In Mirror
  20. Josiah McElheny
  21. Son Ni : ISBN 978-986-97269-4-8
  22. Martin Wong: Footprints, Poems, and Leaves
  23. Valérie Blass
  24. Irene Bindi, Stephen Broomer, and Rhayne Vermette: Exovede in the Darkroom: The Films of Rhayne Vermette
  25. Lawrence Weiner and Rachel Whiteread: Parkett No. 42
  26. Lawrence Weiner: Wallpaper
  27. Tom Sherman: Marshall Needles Mosquitoes
  28. Liam Gillick
  29. Joseph Beuys: Graphic Works
  30. Germaine Koh: Territory
  31. A Week at a glance/Micah Lexier
  32. Immutable: Designing History
  33. Jacques Henri Lartigue: Les Femmes aux Cigarettes
  34. Robin Collyer and Philip Fry: Robin Collyer
  35. Chris Gilmour: Pussy Galore
  36. Thomas Demand
  37. Wayne Baerwaldt, George Bures Miller, and Janet Cardiff: The Paradise Institute
  38. Nadia Belerique, Tom Engels, Ruba Katrib, Nicolaus Schafhausen, Claire Shea, and Studio Markus Weisbeck: Nadia Belerique: Body In Trouble
  39. Robert J. Kett: Prospects Beyond Futures—Counterculture White Meets Red Power
  40. John Baldessari: Wallpapers Poster
  41. Eldon Garnet: Saved & Drowned
  42. Ben Schwartz and Ben Schwartz: UNLICENSED: Bootlegging As Creative Practice
  43. Betty Goodwin and Yolande Racine: Betty Goodwin
  44. C Magazine Issue 156
  45. Greg Girard: Phantom Shanghai
  46. Thomas Henrickson and Martha Henrickson: Awakenings
  47. Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain: 30th Anniversary
  48. David Askevold: Wallpaper
  49. Dan Graham: Nuggets: New and Old Writing on Art, Architecture, and Culture
  50. Ellie Irons: Feral Hues: A Guide To Painting With Weeds