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  1. Jeremy Jams: Facing Fictitious Fiction
  2. Travis Diehl: Spiralogues
  3. Iain Baxter: Reflected Vancouver Landscapes 1978
  4. Claire Nereim: Tic Toc
  5. Hoyong Son: Plants
  6. Hillel Roman: Universal
  7. Ken Kagami: Freaky Dog and Freaky Boy
  8. Milkweed Issue 02
  9. Jeremy Jams: A Catalogue of Blue Chairs
  10. Bill Burns: Hans Ulrich Obrist Hear Us
  11. Eloisa Aquino: The Life & Times of Butch Dykes: Brazilian Singers
  12. Clay Hickson: Vignettes
  13. E. Stephanian: Orphan.
  14. Justin Gordon: Home Recording
  15. Emily Smit-Dicks and Josh Thorpe: The Unexpected
  16. Double D’s: Metro Milan
  17. Cabinet 58: Theft
  18. Prefix Photo Issue 33
  19. Dino Matt: Every One of these is a Thought
  20. Ryan Foerster: Shoot the Lobster
  21. Excerpts from an incomplete collection of the publications of Nathaniel Russell 1999-2014 - Special Edition
  22. Ana Benaroya: Sunday Styles
  23. Zin Taylor: Void Flowers
  24. Duncan MacDonald: Little Revolutions
  25. Eloisa Aquino: Madame Satã