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  1. Border Crossings Issue No. 147
  2. Lex Brown: Consciousness
  3. Phile Magazine Issue No. 3
  4. Liz Bowen: Sugarblood
  5. Pizza is God
  6. Billy-Ray Belcourt, Mike Bourscheid, Justine A. Chambers, Noa Giniger, Vanessa Kwan, Kimberly Phillips, and Ginger Brooks Takahashi: Unwilling (A Companion)
  7. Rental Bod
  8. Syphon 5.1
  9. Christine Shaw and Etienne Turpin: The Work of Wind: Land
  10. Sculpting Cinema
  11. Jessa Fuller and Alex Fuller: Red, Green or Christmas
  12. Be Oakley : This is not another photo essay
  13. Sol Lewitt: Sol LeWitt’s Sentences on Conceptual Art: Manuscript and Draft Materials 1968–69
  14. Birthe Piontek: Abendlied
  15. Demolish Impossible to Keep
  16. Jason Koxvold: Calle Tredici Martiri
  17. María Tanaut: Women’s Hands in My Family Album
  18. Genevieve Allison and Elliot Ross: American Backyard
  19. Border Crossings Issue 150
  20. Fan Wu: Mourning Anthology
  21. Dirty Looks Volume 4
  22. Peter Hadfield  and Cameron McKague: Drought
  23. THE FUNAMBULIST 22/// MARCH-APRIL 2019: Publishing the Struggle
  24. Manuel Arturo Abreu and Rafaela Dražić: Incalculable Loss
  25. $5 Handshake: Art on Treaty 8 Territory