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O hopeful Yearmaker
New Moon – Fundraiser Party
Cyberfeminism Index – Book Launch + Conversation with Mindy Seu and Skawennati
Book Launch: Immuatable: Designing History by Chris Lee


Recent Arrivals

  1. Heads On Platters (Undetectable III) LP
  2. SICK Magazine Issue 3
  3. SICK Magazine Issue 2
  4. SICK Magazine Issue 5
  5. Royal Road Test
  6. Ashley Culver: One Hundred Aloe Plants
  7. Immutable: Designing History
  8. Adriano Pedrosa and Tomás Toledo: Afro-Atlantic Histories
  9. Mina Stone: Cooking for Artists
  10. Amy Ching-Yan Lam: Looty Goes to Heaven
  11. Hito Steyerl: Duty Free Art
  12. Eunice Luk: Dark Blue Line
  13. Autobiography: Thomas Hirschhorn
  14. Navigation Beyond Vision
  15. The Nerves
  16. Mindy Seu: Cyberfeminism Index
  17. I Like Your Work: Art and Etiquette
  18. Piero Heliczer, Benjamin Thorel, and Sophie Vinet: Piero Heliczer
  19. General Idea: Ecce Homo
  20. Sam Cotter: An End
  21. Feral Hues: A Guide To Painting With Weeds
  22. Autobiography: Claudia Comte
  23. Franco Leidi: Return
  25. Lex Morgan Lancaster: Dragging Away: Queer Abstraction in Contemporary Art
  26. Dr. No
  27. Letticia Cosbert Miller: Swimming up a Dark Tunnel
  28. David Shrigley: This Is A Paper Trinket For You To Wear
  29. Raven Chacon: For Zitkála-Šá (Special Edition)
  30. Autobiography: Jacopo Benassi
  31. Eva Chu, Eveline Lam, Amy Yan, and Linda Zhang: Reimagining Chinatown: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction
  32. David Shrigley: I’ve Done Everything Mug
  33. Various Small Fires and Milk
  34. Nour Bishouty: Carnelian
  35. Claire Finch: Chapter 15: I lie on the floor
  36. Liisa-Rávná Finbog and Katya García-Antón: Čatnosat. The Sámi Pavilion, Indigenous Art, Knowledge and Sovereignty
  37. The System of Landor’s Cottage
  38. Thirty Four Parking Lots
  39. Danah Abdulla: Designerly Ways of Knowing: a working inventory of things a designer should know
  40. Object Lessons: Eight Nova Scotia Sculptors
  41. Border Crossings Issue 162: Painting
  42. Unter den Linden / Under Lime Trees
  43. Jesse Birch and Will Holder: The Mill
  44. Some Los Angeles Apartments
  45. Brad Haylock and Megan Patty: Art Writing in Crisis
  46. Dionne Brand: A Map to the Door of No Return: Notes to Belonging
  47. Nour Bishouty: Site
  48. Vegetation under Power: Heat! Breath! Growth!
  49. Mary Kavanagh - Daughters of Uranium
  50. Laura Aldridge: Things That Soak You