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Call for Applications: The Islands Arts Writing Residency
Scapegoat Issue 11, LIFE
Launch + Discussion — The HIV Howler: Transmitting Art and Activism
The Table x Art Metropole at Art Toronto 2018
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  1. Pau Tiu: COPY PASTE
  2. Phile Magazine Issue No. 2
  3. Chanel Von Habsburg-Lothringen: Deadstock
  4. Border Crossings Issue No. 145
  5. Luis Molina-Pantin: Orange Monochrome
  6. Jenine Marsh: Ecstatic Essays No. 04: The Mastication of Alina Szapocznikow
  7. Border Crossings Issue No. 147
  8. Cristian Ordóñez: A Way to Disconnect and Connect
  9. Issues Magazine - Winter 2018
  10. C Magazine 139
  11. Prefix Photo Issue 37
  12. Terremoto Issue 11: Curators on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
  13. Birds & Bees
  14. Philip Ocampo and Kris Trofimova: Pluto: Issue 1
  15. Shari Kasman: Galleria: The Mall That Time Forgot
  16. Stephen Harper: A Good Stress
  17. Periodico
  18. James Prez: Lady Liberty
  19. Grete Neseblod: The True Meaning of S.M.H.
  20. Zhao Xiaomeng: Bicycles in Beijing, Now
  21. Patricia Corcoran, Durable Good, Jonathan Griffin, Kelly Jazvac, Kelly Jazvac, and Kirsty Robertson: Kelly Jazvac; Plastiglomerates
  22. Seth Fluker: Broken Clouds
  23. Dillon Nusca and Kris Trofimova: Pluto: Issue 2
  24. Zoë Dodd and Alexander McClelland: Thoughts on an anarchist response to Hepatitis C & HIV
  25. Sky Goodden: Momus: A Return to Art Criticism