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Café Sprinkle 3: Workshop + Readings
Art Metropole at the NY Art Book Fair 2024
Blair Swann Appointed to Executive Director
Art Metropole at the 52nd ARLIS/NA Conference


Recent Arrivals

  1. General Idea: High Profile (Signed)
  2. G.B. Jones (Signed)
  3. Border Crossings Issue No.164
  4. Isa Genzken and Andre Rottman: Fuck the Bauhaus
  5. Roger Bywater and Jack Pierson: Tomorrow’s Man 4
  6. Marina Roy: Queuejumping
  7. Manufactured Landscapes: The Photographs of Edward Burtynsky
  8. Robin Collyer and Philip Fry: Robin Collyer
  9. Bruce LaBruce: Circle Jerk (2009) – Unsigned, Unnumbered Set of 16 Posters
  10. Ellie Irons: Feral Hues: A Guide To Painting With Weeds
  11. Vincent Trasov: Mr. Peanut Drawings
  12. Olafur Eliasson: Surroundings Surrounded: Essays on Space and Science
  13. Adriano Pedrosa and Tomás Toledo: Afro-Atlantic Histories
  14. Jay Isaac and Tony Romano: Hunter and Cook 02
  15. Toba Khedoori and Collier Schorr: Toba Khedoori
  16. Nadia Belerique, Tom Engels, Ruba Katrib, Nicolaus Schafhausen, Claire Shea, and Studio Markus Weisbeck: Nadia Belerique: Body In Trouble
  17. Minerals Issue #4
  18. Amy Ching-Yan Lam: Baby Book
  19. Itsuko Hasegawa and Kozo Kadowaki: Itsuko Hasegawa with Kozo Kadowaki and others—Meanwhile in Japan
  20. Lawrence Weiner: Coming and Going/Venant Et Partant
  21. Kelly Mark: Signed Wallpapers Poster
  22. Provocations on Media Architecture
  23. The System of Landor’s Cottage
  24. William Anastasi: A Retrospective
  25. Micah Lexier: One, and Two, and More Than Two
  26. Lucy Pullen: Signed Wallpapers Poster
  27. James Elkins: Photography Theory
  28. I See / You Mean
  29. Maureen Gruben: QULLIQ
  30. Kota Ezawa: Odessa Staircase Redux
  31. Jan Peacock: Wallpaper
  32. Lou Sheppard: Rights of Passage
  33. Be Oakley , Morgan Bassichis, Riel Bellow, Gregg Bordowitz, Alexander Chee, Malik Gaines, Alexa Mishell Guillen, Guadalupe Maravilla, Lucas Michael, and A.L. Steiner: Textdemic | A Retrospective on Jenny Holzer’s Laments
  34. Monica Tap: Wallpaper
  35. Draw it with your Eyes Closed
  36. Victor Flores Olea: Los Encuentros
  37. niya-nikāwiy-nōhkom-nicāpān-nitāniskotāpān
  38. Valérie Blass: Valerie Blass
  39. Christopher D’Arcangelo, Yana Foqué, and Isabelle Sully: Christopher D’Arcangelo
  40. Chris Gilmour: Pussy Galore
  41. Thomas Hirschhorn: Jumbo Spoons and Big Cake
  42. A Week at a glance/Micah Lexier
  43. Margaret Priest: To View From Here
  44. Etang Chen: A Cut of Etang
  45. Pippa Garner: Better Living Catalog
  46. Thomas Henrickson and Martha Henrickson: Awakenings
  47. Mercedes Villalba: REVOLT, Fervent Friends
  48. The Vermin: Issue 01
  49. Larry Mitchell , Ned Asta, Morgan Bassichis, and Tourmaline: The Faggots & Their Friends Between Revolutions
  50. The April Memo: A Cultural Notebook