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Launch for Raven Chacon's For Zitkála-Šá


Recent Arrivals

  1. Adrian Stimson: Maanipokaa’iini
  2. Amy Ching-Yan Lam: Looty Goes to Heaven
  3. A Treaty Guide for Torontonians (2nd Edition)
  4. Max Haiven and Cassie Thornton: The Hologram
  5. Max Haiven and Angela Mitropoulos: Pandemonium
  6. A Documentary HerStory of Women Artists in Revolution
  7. Colette Whiten: Seducing the Receiver
  8. Cathy Park Hong: Minor Feelings: An Asian American Reckoning
  9. Laura Margaret Ramsey: Data Data
  10. Dana Claxton: The Sioux Project—Tatanka Oyate
  11. Folio Series: Institutions by Artists, Volume Two
  12. Aki Onda: Nam June’s Spirit Was Speaking To Me
  13. Laura Margaret Ramsey: Byte
  14. Diane Borsato and Amish Morrell: Outdoor School
  15. Whitney Mallett and Kawai Shen: Smutburger Editions Vol 2
  16. Lawrence Weiner: As Often As Not
  17. Hank Bull: Me/You
  18. Lynn Bannon, Adad Hannah, and Lindsey V. Sharman: Adad Hannah
  19. Shumon Basar, Douglas Coupland, and Hans Ulrich Obrist: Age of Earthquakes
  20. Lauren Fournier: Autotheory as Feminist Practice in Art, Writing, and Criticism
  21. Claire Christie and Douglas Stone: Douglas Stone
  22. Kodwo Eshun and Dan Graham: Dan Graham: Rock My Religion
  23. Raven Chacon: For Zitkála-Šá
  24. Jason Baerg: Tawâskweyâw ᑕᐋᐧᐢᑫᐧᔮᐤ / A Path or Gap Among the Trees
  25. Rodney Graham and  Shepherd Steiner: Rodney Graham: Phonokinetoscope
  26. Anna Dezeuze and Thomas Hirschhorn: Thomas Hirschhorn: Deleuze Monument
  27. Colin Campbell and Jon Davies: More Voice-Over: Colin Campbell Writings
  28. Stefanie Hessler: Prospecting Ocean
  29. SF Ho: George, the Parasite
  30. Emelie Chhangur, Ryan Doherty, Derek Liddington , and Fabien Maltais-Bayda: Derek Liddington: the body will always bend before it breaks, the tower will always break before it bends the tower will always break before it bends, the body will always bend before it breaks
  31. James Baldwin: The Fire Next Time
  32. Border Crossings Issue No. 159: Human/Nature
  33. Shannon Anderson, Janice Kerbel, Adriana Kuiper, Liz Magor, and Samuel Roy-Bois: Burrow
  34. Shary Boyle and Emily Vey Duke: The Illuminations Project
  35. Brené Brown  and Tarana Burke: You Are Your Best Thing: Vulnerability, Shame Resilience, and the Black Experience
  36. Michael Dumontier and Micah Lexier: Call Ampersand Response
  37. Adam Liam Rose: Between the Bars
  38. Zinnia Naqvi: Dear Nani (Special Edition)
  39. Carol Anne Hilton: Indigenomics: Taking a Seat at the Economic Table
  40.  Luis Camnitzer: One Number is Worth One Word
  41. Neue Slowenische Kunst: NSK from Kapital to Capital
  42. Panya Clark Espinal: The Visitor
  43. Grant Arnold and Dana Claxton: Dana Claxton
  44. Ashley Bedet and Fionn Duffy: A Three-Body Problem
  45. Beverly Buchanan and Amelia Groom: Beverly Buchanan: Marsh Ruins
  46. Mark Cheetham: Landscape Into Eco Art
  47. Afterall Issue 43
  48. Eda Ataergin, Brittany Cox, Hayley Raymond, Freya Selander, and Jenneen Shortreed: Tabs Presents: A Curated Cultural History of the Tower Automotive Building
  49. Afterall Issue 40