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Remembering Garry Neill Kennedy
Art Metropole's New Location at 896 College St
Fogo Island Arts & Art Metropole present: Schools of Thought, an online talk by Minh Nguyen
45 Years: Art Metropole at Art Basel 2021


Recent Arrivals

  1. Brad Haylock and Megan Patty: Art Writing in Crisis
  2. Paul Wong: Occupying Chinatown
  3. A Bookshop, A Bar, A Stage, A Window, A Book
  4. Mary Kavanagh - Daughters of Uranium
  5. Lynn Bannon, Adad Hannah, and Lindsey V. Sharman: Adad Hannah
  6. Pope.L: My Kingdom for a Title
  7. Amy Ching-Yan Lam: The Four Onions
  8. Nick Aikens and Elizabeth Robles: The Place is Here
  9. FAR-NEAR Volume Two: Taste-Distaste
  10. Afterall Issue 45
  11. Richard Ibghy & Marilou Lemmens: The Power Given to Abstractions that Make Us Stupid
  12. FAR-NEAR Volume Three: Devotion
  13. David Shrigley: Goat Music
  14. Bloordale Beach Holiday Postcard - Chanukah
  15. Maggie Groat: ALMANAC
  16. Afterall Issue 42
  17. Afterall Issue 46
  18. Guillaume Blondiau, Candystore, Selin Daval, Charlie Engman, Cary Fagan, Michael Feswick, Andrea Flockhart, Benjamin Frederickson, Natasha Gornik, Hudson Hayden, Kickfan, Koomah, Sholem Krishtalka, Marisa Miller, Ninamounah, Robert Anthony O’Halloran, Mark Peckmezian, and Mar: Phile Magazine Issue No. 4
  19. An-My Lê: On Contested Terrain
  20. Derek Sullivan: Evidence of the Avant Garde Ex-Library
  21. Henriette Gunkel and Ayesha Hameed: Visual Cultures as Time Travel
  22. Related Tactics: SHELF LIFE
  23. FAR-NEAR Volume One: Movement
  24. Maria Lind, Lawen Mohtadi, and Katarina Taikon: The Day I Am Free/Katitzi
  25. Emelie Chhangur, Ryan Doherty, Derek Liddington , and Fabien Maltais-Bayda: Derek Liddington
  26. Philip Monk: Is Toronto Burning?
  27. Catherine Pawson and John Pawson: Home Farm Cooking
  28. Kwame Brathwaite: Black Is Beautiful
  29. Erika DeFreitas: very strongly may be sincerely fainting
  30. Ben Kinmont and Ian Wilson: Project Series: Ian Wilson
  31. Will Munro: History, Glamour, Magic
  32. Phile Magazine Issue No. 5
  33. Lee Lozano: Notebooks 1967-70
  34. The Long Now: Public Studio
  35. General Idea and Philip Monk: Glamour Is Theft: A User’s Guide to General Idea 1969-1978
  36. Afterall Issue 44
  37. C Magazine Issue 150: Maps
  38. Robert Fones: I am an Art Metropole Dog
  39. Sojourner Truth: Ain’t I a Woman?
  40. Afterall Issue 47
  41. David Maroto: The Artist’s Novel – Part 1: A New Medium
  42. jadda tsui: forest, spring flower
  43. Tom Lloyd: Black Art Notes
  44. Marcia Crosby, Sara Diamond, Stan Douglas, Maria Insell, Robert Linsley, Robin Peck, Nancy Shaw, Keith Wallace, Scott Watson, Carol Williams, and William Wood: Vancouver Anthology
  45. Jörg Heiser: Double Lives in Art and Pop Music
  46. Afterall Issue 41
  47. Emelie Chhangur and Philip Monk: Migrating the Margins
  48. Colin Campbell and Jon Davies: More Voice-Over: Colin Campbell Writings
  49. David Reinfurt: A New Program for Graphic Design
  50. Charmaine A. Nelson: Slavery, Geography and Empire in Nineteenth-Century Marine Landscapes of Montreal and Jamaica