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  1. Mark Dion: The Pest Edition: European Gypsy Moth
  2. $5 Handshake: Art on Treaty 8 Territory
  3. Mark Dion: The Pest Edition: Emerald Ash Borer
  4. Afterimage Vol. 45, No. 6
  5. Shane Rocheleau: The Reflection in the Pool
  6. Mark Dion: The Pest Edition: European Elm Bark Beetle
  7. Jason Koxvold: Calle Tredici Martiri
  8. Billy-Ray Belcourt, Mike Bourscheid, Justine A. Chambers, Noa Giniger, and Ginger Brooks Takahashi: Unwilling (A Companion)
  9. Dirty Looks Volume 3
  10. Cool Customer
  11. Cody Caetano: Pleasure Dome Poems
  12. Liz Bowen: Sugarblood
  13. Genevieve Allison and Elliot Ross: American Backyard
  14. Francesco Spampinato: Can You Hear Me? Music Labels by Visual Artists
  15. Anastasia Kolas: Nacre Journal Issue 1: We Regret To Inform You
  16. Bon! Bon!
  17. Cyanotype Bookmarks
  18. Syphon 5.1
  19. Mark Dion: The Pest Edition: Hemlock Woolly Adelgid
  20. Dirty Looks Volume 4
  21. David Severn: Whitby Goth Weekend
  22. Oscar Wilde: The Critic As Artist
  23. Rachel Corbett, Rainer Ganahl, and Liam Gillick: Manhattan Marxism
  24. Kirsty Robertson: Tear Gas Epiphanies
  25. Birthe Piontek: Abendlied