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Book Launch, Reimagining Chinatown: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction
Book Launch: Critical Fictions
Book Launch for Silverfish 003: Hole
Book Launch: Schmaltz


Recent Arrivals

  1. Benny Nemer: I Don’t Know Where Paradise Is
  2. Ed Barcelon: Hardcore: Volume 2
  3. Ed Barcelon: Hardcore: Volume 1
  4. Beatrice von Bismarck: The Curatorial Condition
  5. G.B. Jones
  6. Transcultural Modernisms
  7. Franco Leidi: Return
  8. Eva Chu, Eveline Lam, Amy Yan, and Linda Zhang: Reimagining Chinatown: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction
  9. Kapwani Kiwanga: Off-Grid
  10. Sam Cotter: An End
  11. Soto Labor: Trompette
  12. Melissa General, Lisa Myers, and Erin Sutherland: Melissa General
  13. Supplement 7: Joar Nango—Uncle Doug’s Fishing Shack
  14. Brad Haylock and Megan Patty: Art Writing in Crisis
  15. Dirk Vis: Research For People Who (Think They) Would Rather Create 1.1
  16. Nour Bishouty: Urn
  17. Mary Heilmann: The All Night Movie
  18. Kione Kochi : Speculative Histories and Possible Futures of an Artist-Run Centre
  19. Rirkrit Tiravanija: ONCE UPON A TIME
  20. Loretta Würtenberger: The Artist’s Estate
  21. Immutable: Designing History
  22. WRITTEN ON THE WIND: Lawrence Weiner Drawings
  23. Exhibition as Social Intervention
  24. Krista Belle Stewart: A GUEST A HOST A GHOST
  25. General Idea (Signed Version)
  26. Alicia Nauta: Alicia’s Klassic Kool Shoppe part 3
  27. Jennifer Liese: Social Medium: Artists Writing 2000-2015
  28. Autobiography: Thomas Hirschhorn
  29. Sherian Mohammed Forster: wild wild west
  30. Benjamin H. Bratton: Dispute Plan to Prevent Future Luxury Constitution
  31. Dylan Robinson: Hungry Listening: Resonant Theory for Indigenous Sound Studies
  32. Eunice Luk: Dark Blue Line
  33. Paul Wong: Occupying Chinatown
  34. Nour Bishouty: Site
  35. Vanessa Maltese: Several Observations
  36. Lisette Smits: Master of Voice
  37. Adriano Pedrosa and Tomás Toledo: Afro-Atlantic Histories
  38. Laura Aldridge: Things That Soak You
  39. Autobiography: Claude Closky
  40. Jennifer Allora, Andrea Bowers, Guillermo Calzadilla, Elvira Dyangani Ose, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Joan Jonas, Stefan Kaegi, Philippe Rahm, and Lucy Raven: Resource Hungry: Our Cultured Landscape and its Ecological Impact
  41. Nour Bishouty: Ricochet
  42. Meichen Waxer: Greeting Card: An Idea of Love or at Least Desire
  43. Hito Steyerl: Duty Free Art
  44. Claire Finch: Chapter 15: I lie on the floor
  45. Mindy Seu: Cyberfeminism Index
  46. Border Crossings Issue 162: Painting
  47. Legacy Russell: Glitch Feminism
  48. Dionne Brand: A Map to the Door of No Return: Notes to Belonging
  49. Couzyn van Heuvelen: BAIT
  50. Tings Chak: Undocumented: The Architecture of Migrant Detention