New Poetry Titles for August 2016

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  1. Ryan Foerster: Untitled (October 2012)
  3. E. Stephanian: Orphan.
  4. Excerpts from an incomplete collection of the publications of Nathaniel Russell 1999-2014 - Special Edition
  5. Erin Whittier: Contemporary Glacial Theory
  6. Prefix Photo Issue 33
  7. Nathaniel Russell: These Are the Ways in Which I Have Tried To Tell You
  8. Tiziana La Melia and Colin Miner: Untitled
  9. Liana Jegers: Small Beer
  10. Elizabeth Hall: I Have Devoted My Life to the Clitoris
  11. Clay Hickson: Work It
  12. Tim Lahan: Anywhere
  13. Tiziana La Melia: Oral Like Cloaks, Dialect
  14. Anne Moeglin-Delcroix: Ambulo Ergo Sum
  15. Protruders Song Book
  16. Fan Wu: Hoarfrost & Solace
  17. Justin Gordon: Home Recording
  18. Little Brother Magazine No.6
  19. Ryan Foerster: Untitled (November 2013)
  20. Spectral Reveries
  21. Ana Benaroya: Sunday Styles
  22. Clay Hickson: Vignettes
  23. Parkett #98
  24. Jeremy Jams: Facing Fictitious Fiction
  25. Benjamin Rawson: If Jerry Can, Then Jerry Should Part 2