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  1. Greatest Hits - Christof Migone (CD)
  2. Crazy Music​/​Philip Corner​/​1990
  3. Five Men Singing
  4. The Hidden Cameras: AGE CD
  6. Paul Dutton: Mouth Pieces: Solo Soundsinging
  7. Paul Dutton: Oralizations
  8. John Oswald: Plunderphonics
  9. Gravitons: Raw Reads
  10. Mani Mazinani: On Wu-Tang Forever
  11. Francisco López: Köllt/Kulu
  12. The Allison Cameron Band
  13. Jay Isaac: Deep Hole
  14. Jay Isaac and Lorenz Peter: Bay of Creatures
  15. Feuermusik: No Contest
  16. Canaille: Potential Things
  17. AA Bronson and Andrew Zealley: AA Bronson Healer
  18. Bold Saber: Memory Foam
  19. Bold Saber: tea time
  20. Cal Crawford: sitting on theories on the frontier of extension
  21. Jonathan Parent: littérature
  22. Diane Borsato and Ryan Driver: Untitled Scores
  23. Brian Joseph Davis: The Definitive Host: Audio CD and booklet
  24. Brian Joseph Davis: Original Soundtrack: Audio CD
  25. Albatross Note: The Art Lodge Tapes
  26. Stands for ICPMABOYC
  27. Black Sun Productions: Dies Juvenalis
  28. Knurl: Sublaxation
  29. Disguises: WEAPONIZER
  30. Tovah Olson on Beniffer
  31. ID M Theft Able: The Xylophoning of Dirges
  32. Charles Balls and Jacob Horwood: split album
  33. 13 Moons and Disguises: split album
  34. Charles Balls and Crank Sturgeon: dwarfed genitalia community players
  35. Eve Egoyan: New Music For Piano: thethingsinbetween
  36. Eve Egoyan: Asking
  37. Eve Egoyan: WU
  38. Daniel Olson: Die Alte Tante
  39. Christian Calon and Chantal Dumas: Radio Roadmovies
  40. Paul Collins and JJ Palix: Collins & Palix: Wipe Out!
  41. Free Market Karaoke CD
  42. Rob Clutton: Dubious Pleasures
  43. The Hidden Cameras : Ecce Homo
  44. Ken Buera and Don Simmons: EMMAX : birthday song
  45. Eric Chenaux and Ryan Driver: The Guayaveras
  46. Eric Chenaux, Ryan Driver, and Doug Tielli: L’histoire du chapeau
  47. Kronos Quartet Performs Philip Glass
  48. Don Pyle and Andrew Zealley: Proteus
  49. Laurie Anderson: Home of the Brave
  50. George Walker: Acrophony Instrumentation
  51. Kelly Mark: Band - Debut Album
  52. Thom Kubli: labortag
  53. Alejandra and Aeron: Porto (folklore fragments volume 2)
  54. Andrew Deutsch, Tetsu Inoue, and Stephen Vitiello: Humming Bird Feeder, Ver0.2
  55. Coil: A Guide For Beginners/A Guide For Finishers (Russian 2CD set)
  56. Black Sun Productions: Astral Walk
  57. John Oswald: Plunderphonic - Plexure
  58. Eric Doeringer: CD 2002
  59. Labia Minora: ANGELBLOOD
  60. Michael McCormack: Busy Signals
  61. Never Mind the Pollocks, Here’s The Histrionics
  62. 40 Years and One: Philip Corner Plays the Piano
  63. Jackson MacLow: Open Secrets
  64. Alan Licht: A New York Minute
  65. John Oswald: Aparanthesi
  66. Maura Doyle: ZOOM cd (with bumper sticker)
  67. CCMC and Christian Marclay: CCMC + Christian Marclay
  68. Kelly Mark: I Really Should
  69. John Oswald: Grayfolded - Oswald, John
  70. CCMC Play at Double Double
  71. K48: Starship Couterforce, issue No. 7
  72. Slap[unmodified]: Auto[repeat]
  73. Untitled
  74. Daniel Olson: Sad Clown Music
  75. Neil Wiernik: Coffee grounds, piano wires and broken hearts. - Wiernik, Neil
  76. Brian Eno: Thursday Afternoon
  77. Coil: Gold is the Metal with the Broadest Shoulders
  78. Coil ANS
  79. Muntadas: Stadium