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No Contest

Standard Form
13 × 13 × 0.3 cm

Feuermusik (pronounced FOY-er-mu-zik) is Jeremy Strachan (woodwinds) and Gus Weinkauf (percussion). This Toronto-based duo has been writing and performing since 2004. Their music may inaccurately be described as experimental or jazz or experimental jazz. Their first record, Goodbye, Lucille (2006, independent) features nine arrangements for various woodwind ensembles and percussion. Their second record, No Contest (2008, Standard Form) features eight arrangements for the same. Both releases are extensions of their live performances as a duo. Strachan and Weinkauf have been active as musicians in the Toronto area for the last decade, and count amongst their greatest influences the talented and inspiring musicians with whom they have played over the years.

Track Listing:

1 Litany Of Fervent Supplication 6:31
2 Full Of Grace 3:20
3 Nearness / Distance 7:55
4 Dreadnought 5:08
5 Belles 7:11
6 Now Here There 3:39
7 Holding – Sway 5:31
8 Nobody Knows De Trouble I See 6:56

  1. No Contest

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