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  1. Renat’s Left Hand: Love Letter to Nova Scotia
  2. Renat’s Left Hand: Twelve Thousand Six Hundred and Eighty Six
  3. Renat’s Left Hand: Cafe 24-hour Loneliness
  4. Renat’s Left Hand: Twenty Eight Poems
  5. Ruaridh Law and Matt Nish-Lapidus: A Sea of Cogs
  6. Anne Turyn: Top Stories
  7. John Nyman: Your Very Own
  8. Andy Patton: Little Testament
  9. Noah LeBien: Cumflower
  10. jadda tsui: forest, spring flower
  11. Amy Ching-Yan Lam: The Four Onions
  12. Ashley Bedet and Fionn Duffy: A Three-Body Problem
  13. Matt Nish-Lapidus: Work, Life, Balance
  14. Liz Kotz and Eileen Myles: The New Fuck You
  15. Pranav Behari , Peter Cox, Jason De Haan, Miruna Dragan, Toni Hafkenscheid, and Clint Roenisch: Herein Lie the Sleep Sick
  16. Lex Brown: Consciousness
  17. Marcel Alcalá: Puro Silencio
  18. Lisa Robertson: Proverbs of a She-Dandy
  19. Fan Wu: Mourning Anthology
  20. Cody Caetano: Pleasure Dome Poems
  21. Prathna Lor: 7, 2
  22. Liz Bowen: Sugarblood
  23. Andrew J Paterson: malemail
  24. Maryse Larivière: Hummzinger
  25. Anahita Jamali Rad: for love and autonomy
  26. Danielle LaFrance: Friendly + Fire
  27. Steve Kado: Brian
  28. Jasmine Reimer: Small Obstructions
  29. the rou of alch
  30. New Poetry Titles for August 2016
  31. Jennifer Tamayo: Red Missed Aches Read Missed Aches Red Mistakes Read Mistakes
  32. Dolores Dorantes: Style
  33. (parenthetical)
  34. The 4 Poets Issue 4
  35. DIS_appointment
  36. Boy
  37. Paul Buonaguro: Undead
  38. Manuel Saiz: Tit for Tat
  39. Amy Blaxland, Ashley Opheim, Lena Suksi, and Stephen Thomas: The Four Poets: Volume 3
  40. Laura Broadbent: Interviews
  41. Secret Life
  42. Suzanna Zak: Lyrics of the Golden West
  43. Due to Injuries...
  44. Roni Horn: Hack Wit
  45. Movements and Centres
  46. The Bells
  47. Félicia Atkinson: A book stands un-open, like a silent and neat empty bed
  48. The Four Poets, No.2
  49. Provence Summer Reader
  50. Carousel Magazine
  51. Francesco Pedraglio: A man in a room spray-painting a fly… (or at least trying to…)
  52. Hanna Hur: Get Well Soon
  53. Brian Boigan: We Have Impact
  54. Lisa Robertson: Cinema of the Present
  55. Kevin Spenst: RETRACTABLE
  56. Tanya Lukin Linklater: Slow Scrape
  57. Coyote Park: Behind Shut Eyes QTBIPOC Dream Anthology
  58. Benjamin de Boer and Xuan Ye: W.Y.S.I.W.I.G (book)
  59. Kimberly Drew and Jenna Wortham: Black Futures
  60. Lisa Robertson’s Magenta Soul Whip
  61. Shannon Webb-Campbell: I Am a Body of Land
  62. Rowan Lynch: Tie It Off & Count Again
  63. Rental Bod
  64. Manuel Arturo Abreu and Rafaela Dražić: Incalculable Loss
  65. Cool Customer
  66. Aitch Alberto: I Hate This About Me
  67. Dolores Dorantes and Zoe Leonard: El Rio / The River
  68. Pandora’s Poem - A Promise
  69. Grayson James: My Friend August
  70. Tiziana La Melia: Oral Like Cloaks, Dialect
  71. Patricia No and Megan Stockton: would you call it a place
  72. Bardia Sinaee: Salamander Festival
  73. Kade L. Twist: Marginal Equity
  74. Leanne Betasamosake Simpson: This Accident of Being Lost
  75. Aaron Friend Lettner: Doorways
  76. Jacquelyn Ross: Mayonnaise
  77. Walter Benjamin and Carl Skoggard: Sonnets
  78. Bunny Rogers: Cunny Poems Vol. 1
  79. Hanne Lippard: This Embodiment
  80. Alex Turgeon: Love Poems for Ceres
  81. Juliana Huxtable: Mucus In My Pineal Gland
  82. Eli Howey: Endless Vibrations Parallel Frequencies
  83. Jacquelyn Ross: Mayonnaise
  84. Noah Gano: Plus or Minus
  85. Fan Wu: Himalayan Musk Rambler
  86. Monitored Properties
  87. Lisa Robertson: 3 Summers
  88. Danez Smith: Black Movie
  89. Amy Berkowitz: Tender Points
  90. Fred Moten: The Service Porch
  91. Fan Wu: Hoarfrost & Solace
  92. Spectral Reveries
  93. Etel Adnan: The Arab Apocalypse
  94. To look at the sea is to become what one is: An Etel Adnan Reader
  95. Etel Adnan: Night
  96. Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib: The Crown Ain’t Worth Much
  97. Elizabeth Hall: I Have Devoted My Life to the Clitoris
  98. Emily Smit-Dicks and Josh Thorpe: The Unexpected
  99. Secret Behavior: Issue 03 - Exhibitionism
  100. Letters: Michael Morris and Concrete Poetry
  101. (parenthetical)
  102. Gustave Morin: Clean Sails
  103. Gustave Morin: Zoot Suitcase
  104. Lawrence Weiner: Green as well as Blue as well as Red
  105. Emmett Williams: Soldier
  106. (parenthetical)
  107. Kenneth Goldsmith: Capital
  108. Oscar D’Artois: Teen Surf Goth
  109. John Cage: Diary
  110. Deana Uribe: Lick a Pill
  111. Milkweed
  112. Carousel 35
  113. Suzanna Zak: Sun + Soil / Moon + Dirt
  114. Hansjörg Mayer: Typo
  115. Double D’s
  116. Cortney Cassidy: Internet
  117. Maryse Larivière: Where Wild Flowers Grow
  118. Ashley Opheim: I Am Here
  119. Ali Pinkney: Tampion
  120. Sophia Katz: The Title of This Book is an Inside Joke
  121. Marie Darsigny: A Little Death Around the Heart
  122. Sara Sutterlin: I Wanted To Be The Knife
  123. Jay Winston Ritchie: How to Appear Perfectly Indifferent While Crying on the Inside
  124. Julian Flavin: Something Happened to Me
  125. Roland Pemberton: Magnetic Days
  126. Jason Harvey: Human Toilet
  127. 1
  128. Natalie Czech: I can not repeat what I hear
  129. Fear of Language
  130. Peacocks with Hiccups
  131. Yvonne Rainer: Poems
  132. Hannah Buonaguro: Time that Does Not Tick
  133. Esopus 21
  134. Apology Magazine, Issue 3, Winter 2014
  135. David Robilliard: The Yes No Quality of Dreams
  136. World 3
  137. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Selected Lyrics
  138. Matthew Rana: The Theory of the Square
  139. Morten Søndergaard: Wordpharmacy
  140. Faye Coral Johnson: Humm. Buzz. Drone.