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  1. Lorna Brown: Beginning with the Seventies
  2. EMILIA-AMALIA Set of 5 Chapbooks: More Dust in Our Houses Less Dust on Our Brains
  3. Antonia Hirsch: Negative Space: Orbiting Inner and Outer Experience
  4. The HIV Howler: Transmitting Art and Activism, Issue 1: Criminalization-Medicalization
  5. Again and Again
  6. Maggie Groat: ALMANAC
  7. EMILIA-AMALIA Chapbook 5: Syllabus/Workbook
  8. Andreas Angelidakis, Kimberly R. Drew, and Juliana Huxtable: Facadomy Issue 1: Gender Talents
  9. Katharina Schendl: Notes on Contemporary Art in Kosovo
  10. Elizabeth Barrette, Benjamin de Boer, Marisha Laine, Rowan McCulloch, Stewart McMillian, Jesse Meredith, Alexander Millington, Josiah Osagie, Kelby Paquette-Anderson, Mariah A. Plant, Rena Polley, Jeannie Priscila , Renaissance, Sienna Sekand, Natalia Tcherniak, and Emmie T: Insahyt Catalog 700-779 V.3
  11. Benjamin de Boer and Sienna Sekand: Insahyt Catalog 700-779 V.2
  12. Insahyt Catalog 700-779 V.1
  13. Cool Customer
  14. Christine Shaw and Etienne Turpin: The Work of Wind: Land
  15. Sculpting Cinema
  16. The HIV Howler: Transmitting Art and Activism, Issue 3: Sex-Pleasure
  17. The HIV Howler: Transmitting Art and Activism, Issue 2: Mentor-Mother
  18. Erin Christovale and Amir George: Black Radical Imagination
  19. Felicity Tayler: The Grey Guide to Artist-Run Publishing & Circulation
  20. Fermenting Feminism
  21. Participation
  22. Ethics
  23. RANDY 2010-2013