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  1. Ansel Adams and Godfre Leung: AA Volume 4
  2. Julian Yi-Zhong Hou: Grass Drama & Selected Works
  3. Mikrokosmos: Another time, this time, one time
  4. Jen Reimer and Magnus Tiesenhausen: A Tender Proposition in the Din
  5. David Shrigley: Goat Music
  6. Martin Creed: I Can’t Move (Vinyl)
  7. Holy Shit: Solid Rain
  8. LEVE 3
  9. LEVE 2
  10. Faye Mullen: a practice in falling
  11. New Fries: Fresh Face Forward
  12. Man
  13. Johnny Young / William Judge
  14. Fleshtone Auras/Dylan Nyoukis Split LP
  15. William Ashley Cooper: The Collected Works
  17. Jacob Whibley: endianness
  18. Jason Lazarus: Untitled (3/19/13 - 6/18/13)
  19. Cranfield and Slade: 12 Sun Songs
  20. John Oswald: prePlexure (David Bowie signature)
  21. John Oswald: prePlexure (Boy George signature)
  22. John Oswald: prePlexure (Bruce Springsteen signature)
  23. John Oswald: prePlexure (Cher signature)
  24. John Oswald: prePlexure
  25. Cecilia Berkovic: Album Art
  26. Greek Buck, Don Pyle, and Andrew Zealley: Messin with Greek Buck
  27. Aidan Baker, Eric Chenaux, Ryan Driver, and Josh Thorpe: Art Metronome 002
  28. TUSSEL: The Sound of White Columns
  29. Dave Allen: The Mirrored Catalogue D’Oiseaux
  30. Xuan Ye: Xi Xi
  31. Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective, Postcommodity, and Alex Waterman: In Memoriam...
  32. Rodney Graham, Jeff Wall, and Ian Wallace: UJ3RK5 Live from the Commodore Ballroom
  33. Michael Snow and Jesse Stewart: Live At The National Gallery
  34. LEVE 6
  35. Flint: Issue 1 (record)
  36. Alanis Obomsawin: Bush Lady (Vinyl)
  37. New Fries: MORE (Vinyl)
  38. Michael Snow: Questions & Answers
  39. LEVE 4
  40. Share-a-tories: New Forms of Violence
  41. mm: Selective Memory
  42. Lizard Kisses 7“
  43. Jump/Something Better to Do
  44. The Thing Quarterly - Issue 24: Rodarte
  45. Aulos’ Second Reed: Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides
  46. Michael Horwood: Musique Concrète Realizations
  47. Matthew ’Doc’ Dunn: Tecumseh
  48. Art Fag City/Paddy Johnson: The Sound of Art
  49. Steve Kado and Stephen Touchton: 7“ Steve Kado/Stephen Touchton, 2009
  50. Slap[unmodified]: Auto[repeat]
  51. David Tomas: Voice: D. Tomas
  52. Maurizio Cattelan: Toilet Paper: I Always Remember a Face, Especially When I’ve Sat on It