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  1. Endre Tót: Gladness and Rain [English Translation]
  2. Randy Lee Cutler: Invisible Forces
  3. Kristel Jax and Tasman Richardson: Hum - Drone Listening Walks Vector Festival
  4. Kristel Jax and Tasman Richardson: Hum - Drone Listening Walks Spring
  5. Kristel Jax and Tasman Richardson: Hum - Drone Listening Walks Winter
  6. Kristel Jax and Tasman Richardson: Hum - Drone Listening Walks Charlottetown
  7. Eunice Luk: Seed to (small) flower
  8. Son Ni : Eternal Sunset
  9. Alicia Nauta: Alicia’s Klassic Kool Shoppe part 3
  10. Laura Margaret Ramsey: Data Data
  11. Be Oakley : Manifesto, Profit-For-Survival
  12. Be Oakley : i am your worst fear i am your best fantasy / BEST GAY AMERICANS
  13. Noah LeBien: Cumflower
  14. Adam Liam Rose: Between the Bars
  15. Be Oakley : Radical Softness as a Boundless Form of Resistance Reader
  16. Chad Kouri: Phases of a Slinky
  17. Dillon Nusca and Kris Trofimova: Pluto: Issue 2
  18. Luís Alegre: The bullshit you don’t know and know you don’t know
  19. Bia Bittencourt: Transa
  20. Daniel Escamilla: La FIFA en vacaciones
  21. Flag Over Valencia
  22. Alice Zukofsky: Fish Fowl Flood Mud: Think of the Storm
  23. Jennifer Morton: Act 3: Constructed Serendipity
  24. Sarah Haug: Silky Nipple Fluffy Butt
  25. #12
  26. Tiziana La Melia and Colin Miner: Untitled
  27. Derek Coulombe: CUTTERS CABIN
  28. Jeremy Jams: A Catalogue of Blue Chairs
  29. Claire Nereim: Tic Toc
  30. Emily Shanahan: The Tick vs. The Hum
  31. Jeremy Jams: Facing Fictitious Fiction
  32. Mark G. MacKinnon: Adapted Remnant Groundslab Transfer Drawings 2009-2015
  33. Rachel Howe: You Can Change Your Mind
  34. Marina Roy: Emblem (death drive)
  35. Aaron Carpenter: Egg Flag
  36. Lorna Brown: Study for a Swallowtail Catastrophe
  37. Cider House Rules
  38. Félicia Atkinson and Bartolomé Sanson: The Last Frontier
  39. Jesse Harris : Calendar
  40. Steve Kado: 2003 (#4)
  41. Some Things 2
  42. Jennifer West: Spirals of Time
  43. David Semeniuk: Every Liquor Store in Red Deer
  44. Iris Häussler: Joseph Wagenbach: Liebe macht machen überleben, Love makes making survive
  45. Nick Kline and Kegan McFadden: he,
  46. Hanna Hur: Get Well Soon
  47. is this the right word?
  48. Florian Pétigny: You’re In
  49. Megan Major: Dirty Snow
  50. SPRTS Issue #2 (July 2014)
  51. SPRTS Issue #1 (June 2014)
  52. Eunice Luk: Daily List No. 1
  53. Party’s Over by Eva Weinmayr
  54. Arshdeep Kang: jugaad is...
  55. IONE, Pauline Oliveros, Public Recordings, and Christopher Willes: Resonance Gathering
  56. Darian Razdar: COUNTER-MAP
  57. Eunice Luk and Kitsutsuki Shiro: Yuyari Yuyari
  58. Momoe Narazaki: Koyake
  59. Act Natural
  60. Alicia Nauta: A Moth Exits
  61. Alicia Nauta: The Pattern
  62. Be Oakley : Queer Accomplices: This is not another photo of a gay male body
  63. C. Klockner: KY
  64. Be Oakley : Imperfect Archiving, Archiving as Pratice: For a Love of Softness
  65. Coyote Park: Behind Shut Eyes QTBIPOC Dream Anthology
  66. Neve Dickson: Every One Is An Island
  67. Anna May Henry: Lucky Elephant Limited Edition Risograph Print
  68. Eli Horn and Donato Mancini: Hardours
  69. Pau Tiu: COPY PASTE
  70. Panayiotis Terzis: Spectrum Test
  71. Panayiotis Terzis: Megalith 4
  72. Fertile Window
  73. Kelly Jazvac and Kirsty Robertson: Plastiglomerates Poster (Kelly Jazvac) / Plastiglomerates Poster (Kirsty Robertson)
  74. Patricia Corcoran, Durable Good, Jonathan Griffin, Kelly Jazvac, Kelly Jazvac, and Kirsty Robertson: Kelly Jazvac; Plastiglomerates
  75. Juan Narowé: Argos
  76. Paul Loubet: O Sobrevivente
  77. Bia Bittencourt: Amizade
  79. Winston Hacking: Flayed Mainframe
  80. geetha thurairajah: To Shape a Sword
  81. A Theory of the Manifesto or a Manifesto for Manifestos
  82. Bruno Latour: An Attempt at a “Compositionist Manifesto“
  83. Nirvana Paz: The Court
  84. Monica Moraru: Midnight & Noon
  85. Eli Howey: Endless Vibrations Parallel Frequencies
  86. Eli Howey: Forming 1
  87. Antoni Oko: #3
  88. Antoni Oko: #15
  89. Double D’s: Metro Milan
  90. Dominic Fortunato: Units & Increments
  91. Bradley Kerl: 54 Nudes
  92. Modern Laundry
  93. Michael Dopp
  94. Travis Diehl: Spiralogues
  95. David Horovitz: Sad, Depressed People
  96. Ana Benaroya: Sunday Styles
  97. Tim Lahan: Anywhere
  98. Benjamin Rawson: If Jerry Can, Then Jerry Should Part 2
  99. Simon Landrein and Bas van de Poel: The Day the Internet Went Down
  100. Liana Jegers: Small Beer
  101. Nathaniel Russell: These Are the Ways in Which I Have Tried To Tell You
  102. Clay Hickson: Work It
  103. Clay Hickson: Vignettes
  104. Justin Gordon: Hot Mess
  105. an archeology of attention
  106. Theory Boner 2
  107. Isometric Risograph Calendar
  108. Michael Comeau: Hellberta
  109. Juliana Neufeld: New Growth
  110. Alicia Nauta: Alicia’s Klassic Kool Shoppe
  111. Phil Woollam: Very Nice
  112. Paul Windle: Cars with Stuff on Top
  113. Chris Duncan: Moon
  114. Suzanna Zak: Sun + Soil / Moon + Dirt
  115. Keith Jones and Seth Scriver: Perish Plains Vol. 3
  116. Justin Gordon: Paperback Museum
  117. Double D’s
  118. IDYEAHS Disposable Bag
  119. Marc Bell: Boutique Mag #1
  120. The One on this Page? Or the One on this Page?
  121. Laurie Kang: Entangles
  123. The Tattooed Dragon Meets the Wolfman
  124. Philip Woollam: Object Desire
  125. Pat Perry: Drawings about Black Holes
  126. Cabin Time: Green River
  127. Jordan Knecht: Ignoring the Path
  128. Joe Silveira: SO SO TIRED