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  1. An-ism-ist, Oscar Arriola, Tanner Barkin, Peter Miles Bergman, Mac Blackout, Vincent Comparetto, Izzy Jarvis, Heather Link-Bergman, bunny M, Josué Pellot, CHema Skandal, Otto Splotch, and Ravi Zupa: Raw Fury #5
  2. Oscar Arriola, Molly Bounds, Vincent Comparetto, Eric Von Haynes, James Jankowiak, Kashink, Ken R. Klopack, Scot Lefavor, Heather Link-Bergman, bunny M, Lisa Pangborn, Johnny Sampson, and Edgar Serrano: Raw Fury #4
  3. I Never Promised You A Fifth Wheel
  4. Delilah Rosier  and Fraser Wright: Drawings by Delilah Rosier and Fraser Wright
  5. cherry kutti: BIG FAN Zine
  6. Ari Perezdiez: La Bola De Cristal #2
  7. Ari Perezdiez: La Bola De Cristal #1
  8. Desearch Repartment
  9. Jason Roberts Dobrin: Shopping
  10. Excerpts from an incomplete collection of the publications of Nathaniel Russell 1999-2014 - Special Edition
  11. Excerpts from an incomplete collection of the publications of Nathaniel Russell 1999-2014, Regular Edition
  12. Bruno Ceschel: Self Publish, Be Happy
  13. Raw Fury #5 Artist Edition
  14. Kristian Henson, Briar Levit, Ian Lynam, Gabriel Melcher, Anthony Pappalardo, Nate Pyper, Ali Qadeer, Gabe Rodriguez, Walter Schreifels, Kathleen Sleboda, and Christopher Sleboda: Hardcore Fanzine
  15. Taehee Whang: Cicada Soup
  16. Helen Reed: Art Criticism & Other Short Stories #3
  17. Susan Cianciolo: The Kits Book
  18. geetha thurairajah: To Shape a Sword
  19. Ari Perezdiez: La Bola de Cristal #3
  21. No! To Rape Culture: Indigenize Hardcore & Punk
  22. Small Bikes Big Trees
  24. Ari Perezdiez: Everything Is Nothing & Literally Whatevrr
  25. Heidi Cho: A Safe Haven
  26. Kuk & Parfyme
  27. Mickey Lee Everett: Trees
  28. Travis Diehl: Spiralogues
  29. Davida Nemeroff: Villa Horsa
  30. Theory Boner 2
  31. PPP - The Zines of Paper Rad
  32. Noah Lyon: WEIRDOS
  33. Jesse Harris : Jailbird Rock
  34. Gwen Allen: Artists’ Magazines
  35. IDYEAHS Disposable Bag