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  1. Gene Booth and Jack Henrie Fisher: Dum Ditty Dum #2
  2. Dilian and Adriana Lara: L’art de l’o(a)ccident
  3. Simone Schmidt: Audible Songs from Rockwood
  4. Protocol Warum: Care Not Care
  5. Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective, Postcommodity, and Alex Waterman: in memoriam...
  6. Fred Moten: In The Break
  7. Robert Dayton: NEW HORIZZZONS SPECTRUM (on the)
  8. Fito Conesa: Suite for ordinary Machinery
  9. Brad Elterman: No Dogs on Beach
  10. John Cage: Diary
  11. Kim Gordon: Girl in a Band
  12. Björk
  13. Art or Sound
  14. Steve Kado: 2003 (#4)