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  1. Passages
  2. QUEER Mugs
  3. Ben Freedman: Golem Chachkies
  4. Anna Kovler: Porcelain Plum Figurine(s)
  5. Maximilian Suillerot Wilke: Olympic Medal of the Sex Magick Warriors
  6. Natalie King: The Joyous Dance of the Queer Fashion BBs
  7. Sami Alwani	: Christmastime is Here
  8. geetha thurairajah: Cutting Corners
  9. Rirkrit Tiravanija: Fear Eats the Soul
  10. Lawrence Weiner: As Often As Not
  11. Stabile Ashtray
  12. Love Zipper Pull
  13. Salish Jewellery - Large Earrings
  14. Offerings in Exchange for Safe Passage
  15. Symbolon
  17. Shari Kasman: Galleria Mall Button
  18. Shari Kasman: Galleria Mall Snowmen Postcard
  19. Shari Kasman: Galleria Mall Santa Postcard
  20. Shari Kasman: Galleria Mall Sandwiches at El Amigo Postcard
  21. Anna Banana: BANANAPOST
  22. James Prez: Lady Liberty
  23. James Prez: Portraits / Altered
  24. Jessica Baldanza: FASS-GUT
  25. Victoria Wells: Soap for Men
  26. Sam Cotter: An End
  27. Alejandro Tamayo: The Book of the Present Moment (And its Near Past)
  28. Myung-Sun Kim: Time Being
  29. Derya Akay: Gift Wrap
  30. Myung-Sun Kim: Time Being
  31. Myung-Sun Kim: Time Being
  32. Soap Work #001b
  33. Philip Ocampo: Souvenir Sculptures (Berlin): cup + coaster
  34. Rosa Aiello: Inferno Tiles
  35. Basil AlZeri: Balzeri by BALZERI Hairy Wrapping Paper
  36. Maya Ben David: Preggy Anthro Plane
  37. Erica Conly and Sean Procyk: Litebloc 10
  39. Francisco-Fernando Granados: towards a minor abstraction
  40. Sidney Masuga: Web of Day
  41. Robert Anthony O’Halloran: Soap Work #082-088
  42. Derek Sullivan: Souvenir Vase Bookmark Ornament
  43. Marlo Yarlo: Just Relax
  45. Marlo Yarlo: Woman Accidentally Joins Search Party Looking For Herself (Bumper Sticker)
  46. ReBaie by Rebée: FEET BY THE FOOT
  48. Myung-Sun Kim: Time Being
  49. Lindsay Lawson: NO
  50. Tom Lecuyer: Caught in a fence
  51. Monica Moraru: Midnight & Noon
  52. Susan For Susan Inc.: 710
  53. Susan For Susan Inc.: 591
  54. Robert Anthony O’Halloran: Soap Work #024
  55. Robert Anthony O’Halloran: Soap Work #025
  56. Polina Teif: P.O.P Series (Ripped)
  57. Polina Teif: P.O.P Series (Blank)
  58. Jacqueline Lachance: End of the University!
  59. Jacqueline Lachance: Access to Information (circle patch)
  60. Jacqueline Lachance: Humanity won’t be happy…
  61. Jacqueline Lachance: Humanity won’t be happy… (spiral patch)
  62. Mary Tremonte: Queer Scout Merit Badge Set
  63. RAY ~ RAY Backpack
  64. Katie Bethune-Leamen: Tiny silver hat (best for placing atop something that could really use it or deserves it perhaps--also they fit quite well on a fingertip)
  65. Katie Bethune-Leamen: A bar of Dr. Bronner’s soap (lavender scent)—ALL-ONE! (Guest Soap Size)
  66. Katie Bethune-Leamen: A bar of Dr. Bronner’s soap (lavender scent)—ALL-ONE!
  67. Kara Hamilton: fragile get out the vote pin 07
  68. Kara Hamilton: fragile get out the vote pin 04
  69. Kara Hamilton: fragile get out the vote pin 02
  70. ReBaie by Rebée: Beached Body Pillow (Venti)
  71. ReBaie by Rebée: Modern cutie patch
  72. ReBaie by Rebée: Sleepy Time T
  73. Kelly Jazvac: Supports for jewelry you already own - Necklace (Large)
  74. Kelly Jazvac: Supports for jewelry you already own - Ring (Medium)
  75. Kelly Jazvac: Supports for jewelry you already own - Earring (Small)
  76. Étienne Tremblay-Tardif	: Bookworms - Médailles commémoratives (1867-1929)
  77. Étienne Tremblay-Tardif	: Bookworms
  78. Étienne Tremblay-Tardif	: Bookworms
  79. Étienne Tremblay-Tardif	: Ent’deux joints
  80. Alex Morrison: DunLurnin, DunCarin, DunLivin (Small)
  81. Alex Morrison: DunLurnin, DunCarin, DunLivin (Medium)
  82. Kara Hamilton: Placeholder 03
  83. Jesse Harris : Pop Up Pop Cap
  84. Shari Kasman: Galleria Gumball Machines Postcard
  85. Ryan Gander: The Thing Quarterly Issue 9
  86. Still Life
  87. Tom Lecuyer: Black Lithograph Print
  88. Tom Lecuyer: Untitled Print
  89. Sarah Nasby: Squiggle Pendant
  90. Dean Drever: Heads or Tails
  91. Dean Drever: Peace Puck
  92. Dean Drever: Fuckle
  93. Jesse Harris : Buttons
  94. Jesse Harris : Typo Nudes
  95. How to Get Rich
  96. Lili Huston-Herterich: Cyanotype J Cloth with Unique Silver Gelatin Print
  97. Sophy Naess: Soap of bold, free speech παρρησία
  98. Jesse Harris : Calendar
  99. Jesse Huisken: Superimposition 1
  100. Matthew Lutz-Kinoy: Cliff Bitch
  101. No Theory No Cry Porcelain Cards
  102. Iris Häussler: Joseph Wagenbach: Liebe macht machen überleben, Love makes making survive
  103. Somewhere in Between
  104. Anthony Cooper: Pillows (multi stack)
  105. Sara Cwynar and Tibi Tibi Neuspiel: Existential Cereal
  106. Watch Wyoscan 0.5 Hz
  107. Seth Scriver: Opposites Attract
  108. Denise St Marie: Small Sign Series 14 (aka Visual In-formation)
  109. Cale Weir  and Inez Genereux: Capital Redemption: The Conceptual Rewards Card
  110. Micheal Morris: Bauhaus Primary Colours
  111. Brad Phillips: Still Life With Hard Feelings
  112. Denise St Marie and Timothy Walker: Small Sign Series 02 (Meander)
  113. Maurizio Nannucci: Von Heir Aus Noch Viel Weiter pin
  114. M/M (Paris) Temporary Tattoos
  115. Balint Zsako: Series One
  116. Marlo Yarlo: Pleasure Until Forever Mousepads
  117. Sandy Plotnikoff: Blank Disc II
  118. Alynne Lavigne: Luxury Lanyard Clips
  119. Joar Nango and Silje Figenschou Thoresen: The Indigenuity Project
  120. Standard Form Editions Wrapping Paper
  121. Katie Bethune-Leaman: tiny hat (A tiny hat from a large hat.)
  122. Jenine Marsh: Conductive Stretch
  123. Michelle Kurancid: Freed from the Known (unbound)
  124. Eunice Luk: Daily List No. 1
  125. Shane Krepakevich: Jump Rope for & and +
  126. Luxury Lanyards
  127. Melissa Luk: Mask notebook (large)
  128. Jesse Harris : Backpatch for Art Metropole
  129. Sarah Nasby: Italicized Post-It Notes
  130. Louis M Schmidt: Move Along People Nothing to Feel Here Box Set
  131. Steve Kado: Six of One Half a Dozen of the Other
  132. Anuta Skrypnychenko: Battery Operated Candles with Melted Wax
  133. Michelle Kurancid: Cross Country Cane
  134. Michael Morris: City de Luxe Postcard Set
  135. Shane Krepakevich: Bookmark for Solder & Sons
  136. Jules Francisco: Untitled (wall hanging)
  137. Gwen MacGregor and Sandra Rechico: You Are Here
  138. Erica Brisson: Local Colour Postcards
  139. Jp King: These Eight Collages Tell A Nice Story
  140. Shane Krepakevich: The Gendai Tote Bag
  141. Miles Stemp: Speaker Box
  142. VSVSVS: Lighter Boxes
  143. Shane Krepakevich: Lemon Envelopes
  144. Jennie Suddick and Cole Swanson: Canadian Parliamentary Cats Commemorative Coin
  145. Kerri Reid: Souvenirs, Salt & Pepper (Iceland)
  146. Miyo Takeda: Counterfeit ’No Frills’ shopping bag
  147. Pascal Paquette: Magnetized spray bomb nozzles
  148. Ben Kinmont: Prospectus: Artists´edition
  149. FASTWURMS: Mousepads
  150. VSVSVS: Accidental Ashtrays
  151. Sylvia Nan Cheng: For Those Who Wish To Flaunt It
  152. John Marriott: ’Why’ cup
  153. John Marriott: Rustic Futurist: Pine Fresh cellphone tower
  154. Jay Isaac: Dream Girls 1-4
  155. Sandy Plotnikoff: Blank CD
  156. Julius P Manapul: Shirts & Ties
  157. Xan Hawes: Deluxe Pegboard Coasters
  158. Julie Voyce: Thanks Milton
  159. Marc Losier: Foucault Artist Postage Stamps
  160. Daisuke Takeya: Daichi Capsule
  161. Sebastian Butt: Cheetoh with Snow
  162. Multiple Bookmark Multiple
  163. Kerri Reid: Drips (Porcelain)
  164. Jacob Whibley: Maker’s Medallion
  165. Maura Doyle: Handmade coins and tickets
  166. Mani Mazinani: Button
  167. Mani Mazinani: A-Z Again
  168. Life
  169. Onya Hogan-Finlay: Hankie
  170. Sebastian Butt: Cheetohs Revised
  171. Earl Miller: Living Well
  172. Miriam Grenville: Money For Buying Other People’s Art (set)
  173. Miriam Grenville: Money For Buying Other People’s Art
  174. Vivian Chan Simao: Perfect
  175. Holly Jane Ward: spherical polyhedron study
  176. Mimi Paige (Miss General Idea): Colours of the Spectrum
  177. Everybody Deserves Love, Even You
  178. FASTWURMS: Hourglass
  179. Sandy Plotnikoff: Goodwill Breadclip Earrings
  180. Jon Sasaki: Improved Wire Puzzle; Easy to Join, Easy to Separate
  181. Dax Morrison: Map to the Stars (Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver) , 2007
  182. Dax Morrison: antiparticle to worrywart, 2008
  183. John Marriott: Burnable Contemporary Art Gallery
  184. John McLachlin: My Advice to the Ugandan Parliament and others
  185. John McLachlin: Homme Fatal (redux)
  186. Karen Kraven: Small Shipping Requirements
  187. Barbara Balfour: This Book
  188. Adam David Brown: silence
  189. Danielle Greer: Slideviewer
  190. Tom Dean: Mercy Blanket
  191. Luis Jacob: Coalescent One
  192. Katie Bethune-Leamen: Raku poo
  193. Katie Bethune-Leamen: Porcelain poo
  194. ArtStars*: *snap*
  195. Barbara Balfour: Happy Holidays stress ball
  196. Kat Citroen: The Pieta
  197. Kat Citroen: Madonna with Rye
  198. Daniel Olson: Freudian Slip-On
  199. Karen Kraven: Aspiration Kite #1,
  200. Eric Doeringer: Gilbert & George
  201. Richard Prince
  202. Eric Doeringer: Art Basel VIP Cards
  203. Antonia Hirsch: World Flag
  204. Birdhead Retrievability Frame for Polaroid
  205. Paul Kneale: Studio wall time-capsule (II) 2008/2009
  206. Xan Hawes: Desk Feng Shui
  207. Hold Your Breath Like A Pearl Diver, Nelson Mandela Quotations, Calamari Recipes, ““The Metamorphosis““ & Identify Poisonous Mushrooms Page-A-Day 2009 Calendar - Lam, Amy
  208. Dusty Peas: A Journey Through Time & Shapes (print/sculpture)
  209. Thesis Sahib: Graffiti Disguise
  210. Michael Snow: Condimental Shifts
  211. Xan Hawes: The Perfect Shelf
  212. Luis Jacob: Adamant (pendant)
  213. Zin Taylor: Knife
  214. Lesbian.mbox
  215. Alec Finlay: Mesostic herbarium label
  216. P.G. THING CO. (Paige Gratland): Celebrity Lezbian Fist, ’Phranc’
  217. P.G. THING CO. (Paige Gratland): Celebrity Lezbian Fist, ’Cathy Opie’
  218. P.G. THING CO. (Paige Gratland): Celebrity Lezbian Fist, ’Jack Halberstam’
  219. P.G. THING CO. (Paige Gratland): Celebrity Lezbian Fist, ’Cheryl Dunye’
  220. P.G. THING CO. (Paige Gratland): Celebrity Lezbian Fist ’Savoy ’Kapow’ Howe’
  221. Sandy Saad: Sexy Sweeteners
  222. Stefan Gec: The Moving of Prometheus [Medal]
  223. Andrew Waite: Ornament
  224. Emily Hogg: Habitat Restoration
  225. Andrew J. Paterson: MAILMALE
  226. Jacob Ireland: Handglass
  227. Jacob Ireland: Handflute
  228. Hannah Jickling and Helen Reed: V.L.P. Club: Lucky Lips
  229. Hannah Jickling and Helen Reed: Lucky Lips
  230. Julie Voyce: Yule Jules
  231. James Carl, Nestor Kruger, and Derek Sullivan: University of Guelph Artist Press, 2008 Portfolio: James Carl, Nestor Kruger, Derek Sullivan
  232. Barbara Balfour: 100 Things That Make Me Happy
  233. Sandy Saad: Warning
  234. John Marriott: Paint (t-shirt)
  235. Chrysanne Stathacos and Andrew Zealley: untitled (key chain)
  237. Meichen Waxer: Tight Nite
  238. Daniel Olson: Connie, Louise & Elizabeth
  239. Daniel Olson: Cultural Residue
  240. Gregory Reynolds: Wooden iPod
  241. Devon Knowles: Fifty Over Ten
  242. Steve Reinke: Flask
  243. Rick Myers: Index Debris
  244. Nadja Sayej: Anti-Game
  245. Micah Lexier: Wallpaper
  246. Futoshi Miyagi: Stranger #17
  247. Futoshi Miyagi: Stranger #23
  248. Stephanie Schairer: I’m Fickle Temporary Tattoos: Commitment Issues
  249. McCleave Gallery of Fine Art: Checkpoint: The McCleave Gallery Lineage Tour 2006
  250. Jerry Drozdowsky: Luigi Board
  251. Alissa Firth-Eagland: ALMANAC 1--A Miscellany of Popular Curiosities
  252. Ceramic Tile
  253. Tanya Read: The Essential Nobody
  254. Steph Rogerson: Glitter Winner
  255. moimoi design: Ethnographic Portrait of Canada
  256. Debra Pearlman: Pacifier Shopping Bags
  257. Patrick Mahon: AWG LOOT BAGS
  258. Patrick Mahon: Re-Entry Wallpaper
  259. RM Vaughan: Grade 8
  260. Lucy Pullen: Reflective Dust-jacket Notebook - Medium
  261. Lucy Pullen: Reflective Dust-jacket Notebook - Large
  262. Mario Scattoloni: Discs
  263. Julie Voyce: Angel and Devil
  264. Julie Voyce: 5x5 Images
  265. Julie Voyce: GTA Dolls
  266. Open Studio: Offical Playing Cards 2003
  267. Arise! (The Internationale)
  268. Christine Baigent: The Memory of Your Body Lingers: queen sheet set
  269. Daryl Vocat: A Sense Of Fair Play Promotes Allegiance
  270. John Marriott: Fall Guys Mobile
  271. Printer’s Devil
  272. Freda Guttman: Reading In The Ruins
  273. Miyo Takeda: Hot Tears : Bald Eagle
  274. Miyo Takeda: Hot Tears : Eagle
  275. Miyo Takeda: Hot Tears : Hawk
  276. Hannah Jickling and Valerie Salez: Snow Shoveling / Before & After Fridge Magnets
  277. Dave Allen: Stairway to Heaven/Highway to Hell
  278. Seth Scriver: Broken Window Stickers
  279. Neil M. Hennessy, Ian Hooper, Jason Le Heup, and Prize Budget for Boys: Pac-Mondrian : T-shirt
  280. Neil M. Hennessy, Ian Hooper, Jason Le Heup, and Prize Budget for Boys: Pac-Mondrian : Postcard
  281. Maurizio Nannucci: Découvrir Différentes Directions
  282. Lucy Pullen: Instructional Video for Ash Holes
  283. Monica Tap: Wallpaper
  284. Sally McKay: Wallpaper
  285. Garry Neill Kennedy: Wallpaper
  286. Janet Greer: Wallpaper
  287. Gerald Ferguson: Wallpaper
  288. Katie Bush: Wallpaper
  289. David Askevold: Wallpaper
  290. Andy Patton: Hitler Poster
  291. John Marriott: Think Back
  292. Luis Jacob: Sets of Drawing from 99:12-15
  293. Luis Jacob: BILTS Book: 99-22
  294. Tom Dean: My Broken Heart: Globe and Mail, March 8 1999
  295. Legal Tender: Image Bank Annual Report
  296. ECKHAUS LATTA: Vulnerability Beach Bag
  297. Ian Wallace: At Work (Or Gallery 1983)
  298. Åbäke: All The Knives, Any printed story on request
  299. Masanao Hirayama: 5182 (paper wallet)
  300. Paul Goodrich: Delray Open Archive
  301. Jimmy Limit: JIMMY LIMIT Packing Tape
  302. Geoffrey Farmer: THIS ROOM IS NOT IN USE (As of October 24th, 2013) - framed
  303. Claes Oldenburg: Raw Notes
  304. Robin Cameron: T-R-U-T-H
  305. Ron Benner: Oil Consuming Bacterium - Chakrabarty/General Electric
  306. Rick Fischer: Nipple Works
  307. Jeremy Laing: Funnel Jabot
  308. Peaches Grillz
  309. Bruce LaBruce: L.A. Zombie, Lobby Card Series
  310. John Marriott: Art Mutters
  311. John Marriott: No Security button
  312. Bill Burns, Seth Scriver, and Derek Sullivan: AM Gift Box
  313. Bill Burns: Prison Tower Plans, Prison Cell Plans and the Songs of Guantanamo Bay
  314. Micah Lexier: Twelve of One
  315. Lavarius: Toronto Insane Asylum
  316. Maura Doyle: Dear Universe
  317. untitled (signed Jonathan Monk shopping bag)
  318. Klaus Staeck: Grosser Postkartenkarten
  319. Sam Rees: Animals in Their Own Fluids
  321. Terence Koh: A Beaver Tail
  322. Lorna Mills: Bedside Reading
  323. Daryl Vocat: Scout Kiss button
  324. Miguel Jacob and Luis Jacob: HOUSEHOLD FAME
  325. Rob Clarke: Construction
  326. Rob Clarke: Lesson
  327. Rob Clarke: Cosmonaut
  328. Jody Boehnert: Boycott Middle America: Sheela No. 1 Rock Goddess
  329. Jody Boehnert: Bone-She
  330. Jody Boehnert: Girly Pictures 1 from The Female Factory
  331. Olivia Shao: Depthless Canvas Bag
  332. Robert Fones: Buttons
  333. James Carl: t-shirt
  334. John Baldessari, Cindy Bernard, and James Welling: Photo Edition
  335. Andrew McLaren: Killing Time
  336. Douglas Gordon: Glasses (set of 4 gin glasses)
  337. Ted Purves: Contributions to Knowledge no.4-5
  338. Kelly Wood: The Continuous Garbage Project 1998-2003
  339. Sally McKay: How It All Began
  340. Sally McKay: Selections from the First NA Enc. of Knowledge: v.2
  341. Sally McKay: Nightmare
  342. Sally McKay: The First N.A. Ency. of All Knowledge
  343. Sally McKay: Warning
  344. Barbara Balfour: Loofa Suit Serving Pattern: 1992
  345. Garry Neill Kennedy: Seizures Wallpaper
  346. Group Material: Paris, Milan, NY, Tokyo, Beverly Hills
  347. John Dowd: JDFC 1975 Mickey and Pluto Button
  348. Ron Siu: Midnight Clarity
  349. Lucas Regazzi: Lightbox, xo
  350. Karl LaRocca: Un Jeu Sans Regles
  351. Sara Kay Maston, Veronique Sunatori, XVK, and Xuan Ye: XVK 30% 80% Sweet Tee (Baby Pink)
  352. Isla de la fantasia
  353. Craters
  354. Winter Garden (Window Clings)
  355. Shari Kasman: Galleria Mall Magnet
  356. Shari Kasman: Galleria Mall Arcade Games Postcard
  357. Nasya Wong: SAS Idea Pin
  358. Lee Henderson: To Conjure From Vapour
  359. James Prez: Good Nite Irene
  360. James Prez: Dios
  361. James Prez: Greetings from New York City
  362. James Prez: Ab Ex
  363. James Prez: Paper Collages Left Overs
  364. James Prez: Tarfitti
  365. James Prez: Blackfish
  366. James Prez: Carnimals
  367. James Prez: Dumbo
  368. James Prez: Tie One On
  369. James Prez: Greetings from Tampa
  370. James Prez: Card Bored
  371. James Prez: Atta Boy
  372. Gwynne Johnson: Milk Moons
  373. Jessica Baldanza: FASS-GUT: set of 3
  374. Philip Ocampo: Souvenir Sculptures (Berlin): postcard
  375. Vida Beyer: Dance Like You’ve Never Been Hurt, Love Like You Don’t Need The Money, Work Like No One’s Watching
  376. Vida Beyer: We are all Limited People
  377. Connor Crawford: Wall Coffee
  378. Patrick Cruz: Colocasia esculenta
  379. Janis Demkiw: LCBO Wine Tote (leather replica & variations)
  380. Mike Goldby: Money Wallet
  381. Kara Hamilton: monument
  382. Alicia Nauta: Winter Solstice Pillowcases
  383. Rajni Perera: Original Objects
  384. Celia Perrin Sidarous: Leena’s rock, a pillow
  385. Chloe Seibert: 2018 Efficiency Calendar
  386. Brittany Shepherd: Still Life
  387. Beth Stuart: Macaroni Necklace
  388. Shellie Zhang: I Can’t Believe It’s MSG! & MSG Recipe Cards
  389. Vida Beyer: Dance Like You’ve Never Been Hurt, Love Like You Don’t Need The Money, Work Like No One’s Watching
  390. Vida Beyer: We are all Limited People
  391. Lindsay Lawson: Fetching Stick
  392. Lindsay Lawson: Knetmasse
  393. Lindsay Lawson: Maxima Clam Shell
  394. Lindsay Lawson: Süddeutsche Zeitung
  395. Lindsay Lawson: Untitled Earrings
  396. Susan For Susan Inc.: 950
  397. Robert Anthony O’Halloran: Soap Work #022
  398. The Thing Quarterly - Issue 32: Experimental Jetset
  399. Eli Howey: Never Leave Sweater
  400. Polina Teif: Walls Prevent Intimacy
  401. Polina Teif: P.O.P Series (Queen of Canada)
  402. Erica Prince: Container
  403. Erica Prince: Container
  404. Erica Prince: Container
  405. Erica Prince: Container
  406. Jacqueline Lachance: Work is the blackmail of survival
  407. Jacqueline Lachance: Work is the blackmail of survival (circle patch)
  408. Jacqueline Lachance: The time for art is over…
  409. Jacqueline Lachance: The time for art is over… (circle patch)
  410. Jacqueline Lachance: Dream Baby Dream
  411. Jacqueline Lachance: Access to Information
  412. Tucker Nichols: ’Bugs In My Lap’ Napkins
  413. Tucker Nichols: ’Suggested Topics of Conversation’ Napkins
  414. Tucker Nichols: ’What Not to Talk About’ Napkins
  415. Mary Tremonte: Queer Scout Badge
  416. RAY ~ RAY Shopping Bag
  417. Katie Bethune-Leamen: Soul gripping crappy plastic children’s charms purchased at greater cost than was felt to be acceptable, cast in sterling silver: SHINY!!! being a shorthand for a feeling
  418. The Thing Quarterly - Issue 31: Ken Kagami
  419. Kara Hamilton: fragile get out the vote pin 08
  420. Kara Hamilton: fragile get out the vote pin 06
  421. Kara Hamilton: fragile get out the vote pin 05
  422. Kara Hamilton: fragile get out the vote pin 03
  423. Kara Hamilton: fragile get out the vote pin 01
  424. Shoelaces by Ken Kagami
  425. Hoyong Son: Plants
  426. ReBaie by Rebée: Beached Body Pillow (Grande)
  427. ReBaie by Rebée: Beached Body Pillow (Tall)
  428. Alex Morrison: DunLurnin, DunCarin, DunLivin (Large)
  429. Kara Hamilton: Placeholder 05
  430. Kara Hamilton: Placeholder 04
  431. Kara Hamilton: Placeholder 02
  432. Kara Hamilton: Placeholder 01
  433. Paradox
  434. Fence Tote
  435. Michael Brewer: Barbed Wire
  436. Jesse Harris : Six Pack
  437. Eunice Luk: Line
  438. Eunice Luk: White Flower
  439. Shari Kasman: Galleria Mall Postcard
  440. Tom Lecuyer: Face + Hand
  441. Tom Lecuyer: Untitled Print
  442. David Horovitz: Sad, Depressed People
  443. The Centre for Land Use Interpretation: CLUI Mug
  444. PIONEER 10
  445. Bill Burns: Art World Bobblehead Doll Set
  446. CCOOLL Mug
  447. The Thing Quarterly - Issue 27: Michelle Grabner
  448. Jason Fulford and Tamara Shopsin: The Thing Quarterly - Issue 28: Jason Fulford & Tamara Shopsin
  449. Marshall McLuhan: Distant Early Warning
  450. Chris Lux: The Witch, The Black Cat, and The Floating Cloth (after Paul-Élie Ranson) (SAF)
  451. Champagne Flutes
  452. Collage Postcards
  453. Julia Dault: Time After Time
  454. Tal R: Haute Couture
  455. Joshua Abelow: Self-Portrait
  456. Tauba Auerbach: The Familiar Stranger
  459. Sweet Dreams
  460. 4 Pc Face 2
  461. 4 Pc Face 1
  462. Live Nudes
  463. Everyday Confusion
  464. Picassso Skates
  465. Jamiyla Lowe: Beware of the Beast
  466. Jp King: Journal of Disposability & Ex-Possession
  467. IDYEAHS Disposable Bag
  469. Gabriel Orozco: The Thing Quarterly - Issue 26
  470. Eunice Luk: White Line
  471. Eunice Luk: Half the Time
  472. Eunice Luk: Blue Bananas
  473. Steve Kado: Unitasking
  474. Seed Saver
  475. Untitled (Poodle)
  476. Leah James: Ceramic Necklace
  477. Ceramic Puzzle
  478. Muses Volume 4
  479. Ceramic Vase
  480. Ceramic Vase
  481. The Center for Land Use Interpretation Mug
  482. Jon Sasaki: In a real dark night of the soul it is always three o’clock in the morning
  483. Jonathan Monk: Finger Food
  484. Larry David Sunburn Beach Towel
  485. David Horvitz: A Trip to the Spiral Jetty from Riverside, California, circa 2002-2004
  486. Art Cards
  487. The Thing Quarterly - Issue 24: Rodarte
  488. Visionaire No. 64: Art, Baldessari Blue Edition
  489. Visionaire No. 63: Forever
  490. John Baldesarri: Visionaire 64 Art: Five Baldessari Shapes - Red
  491. Eunice Luk: Daily List No. 2
  492. Morten Søndergaard: Wordpharmacy
  493. Antifoto-Manifesto
  494. Emily Grove: 8/11 Postcard
  495. Denise St Marie and Timothy Walker: Small Sign Series 26 (talk 2 strangers)
  496. Denise St Marie and Timothy Walker: Small Sign Series 24 (street art is sanctioned)
  497. Sheilah Wilson: Body Transformation Towers Postcard Set
  498. Maggie Groat: Lake Ontario from Scarborough Bluffs, Fall, 2011
  499. Lawrence Weiner: Ever So Much - Mai Cosi Tanto pin
  500. Philip Woollam: Variations
  501. Philip Woollam: Crossways
  502. Philip Woollam: Untitled (jugs)
  503. Eunice Luk: it’s only five after ten
  504. Standard Form Editions Greeting Card
  505. Sam Cotter: …but eat the poor first
  506. Basil AlZeri: BALZERI HAIRY BAGS
  507. G Douglas Barrett: Two Transcriptions/Ode to Schoenberg
  508. Etienne Turpin: Stainless (set of four prints)
  509. Hazel Meyer: The One About Baby
  510. Jim Verburg: Untitled (Impression)
  511. Alynne Lavigne: Luxury Lanyards
  512. Dalet, Chapter 24
  513. Ladies Invitational Deadbeat Society: Lazy Lady Iron On Patch
  514. Sarah Nasby: Italicized Graph Paper
  515. Sarah Nasby: Italicized Lined Paper
  516. Jesse Harris : Please Reproduce and Distribute at Will
  517. Marlo Yarlo: Pleasure Until Forever Night-Glow Patches
  518. Katie Bethune-Leaman: ALL-ONE!: An Alluminum Bar of Dr. Bronner’s Soap (matte version)
  519. Masanao Hirayama: Card Game (4999)
  520. Table of Recall | Aurelien Froment
  521. Diana Lynn VanderMeulen: Findings/Treasures
  522. Lucy Lippard: 4,492,040
  523. Anuta Skrypnychenko: Nailash
  524. Arabella Campbell: Building Postcards
  525. Andrea Pinheiro : Bomb Book
  526. Carlos Granados-Ocon: Series 08: Item 01: Outside
  527. Michelle Kurancid: Cast Iron Skillet Handheld Mirror
  528. Maggie Groat and Jimmy Limit: Free the Creek (& Other Proclamations)
  529. Stefan Powell: Tube Balls
  530. Hank Bull: Horizon Studies
  531. Annie Dunning: CN Tower Smog
  532. Andrew Norman Wilson: ScanOps: The Inland Printer (152)
  533. Micah Lexier: Envelope sculpture (Star)
  534. Nathalie Quagliotto: The Marble iPods
  535. Micah Lexier: Envelope sculpture (Hex)
  536. Micah Lexier: This Box, The Piece of Paper
  537. Anna Linder: I Samernas Rike
  538. Robert Dayton: The Canadian Romantic Winking Pic
  539. Jp King: JP KING: Single Bills
  540. Ryan Clyaton: Dimples pennies
  541. VSVSVS: Mix Tapes
  542. Miles Stemp: Burnt Matches
  543. Miles Stemp: Wall Effects
  544. Laura Simon: Multiples (cause there are two of them!)
  545. Wallis Cheung: A Dozen Doughnuts
  546. James Gardner: Shrooms
  547. VSVSVS: Artist Colours
  548. VSVSVS: Art Platters
  549. VSVSVS Rolling Papers
  550. Ryan Clyaton: Tree of Knowledge
  551. Tibi Tibi Neuspiel and Geoffrey Pugen: Tie-break Wheaties boxes
  552. Lili Huston-Herterich: 3 Cyanotype J Cloths for Everyday Use
  553. Charlie Murray: Particle Painting
  554. Maryse Larivière: Quignon
  555. Andrew Norman Wilson: Wohlgemeynte Gedanken über den Dannemar - 281
  556. Andrew Norman Wilson: The Jolly Beggar - 12
  557. Andrew Norman Wilson: The Inland Printer - 164
  558. Andrew Norman Wilson: The Inland Printer - 152
  559. Andrew Norman Wilson: Mechanick dyalling: teaching any man, to draw a true sundyal on any given plane, however scituated - 59
  560. Andrew Norman Wilson: Our Wonderful Progress - 515
  561. Micah Adams: Deer Glitches
  562. Andrea Sala: Indiani (2010)
  563. Lena Henke: Soil III (2010)
  564. Derek Sullivan and Christy Thompson: Lamps
  565. Per-Oskar Leu: Whatever Happens, I Love You (2010)
  566. Patrick Tuttofuoco: David Hasselhoff
  567. Martin Soto Climent: Dolcce Dolcce!
  568. Eloise Hawser: Untitled
  569. Simon Starling: Musselled Moore (Reclining Figure, 1950)
  570. Robin Cameron: Foucault Pencil
  571. Tracy Ma: Cute Things HK
  572. Tracy Ma: Comfort Artifact
  573. Jonathan Monk: SUNDAY #011: & opened by you
  574. Jonathan Monk: Meeting #13
  575. Stephen F. Fisher: Terraforming Kit, Premium Topographical Crumpling Paper and Asteroid Kit, Premium Paper for Creating Celestial Bodies
  576. Sylvia Nan Cheng: Hey Check Out My Breasts
  577. Sandy Plotnikoff: What Would Do? Card
  578. Sandy Plotnikoff: What Would Do? Card
  579. David Hockney: Artist Book Sandwiches (Beuys, van Gogh, Picasso)
  580. Fuck Death Foundation: Fuck Death Mug (White)
  581. John Marriott: Re-tredz: re-use foot coasters
  582. Xan Hawes: Double Hanger
  583. Naomi Yasui: A Form & Method of Perfecting Pots
  584. Ulysses Castellanos: Alien 3
  585. Charlie Murray: Real Fake Plant
  586. Liz Knox: Cheese Slice Coasters
  587. Katie Bethune-Leamen: Really, it’s a lot bigger, a lot heavier, and a lot darker #06
  588. Katie Bethune-Leamen: Amantia Pantherina Mushrooms
  589. Stephen Wicks: Ten Foot Towel
  590. Janis Demkiw: Double U Turn Hexagon Necklace
  591. Janis Demkiw: Double U Turn Octagon Necklace
  592. Janis Demkiw: Double U Turn Pentagon Necklace
  593. Janis Demkiw: Double U Turn Triangle Bracelet (The Sasaki)
  594. Stephen Ellwood: Untitled
  595. AA Bronson: We Are the Revolution
  596. Kaleena Stasiak: Postcards
  597. Mystery Film - King, Matt
  598. Miniature Pet Cloud - King, Matt
  599. Best Wishes
  600. Derek Sullivan and Christy Thompson: Untitled Pendants,Fall 2010
  601. Designer Slippers
  602. Bootlegged Bootleg T-shirt
  603. Taped Cassette
  604. Wood Pin
  605. Pascal Paquette: Bricks
  606. Daryl Vocat: In the Night No One Can Spy
  607. Tibi Tibi Neuspiel: Charlie Rose Interviewing Martin Amis on Sweatpants
  608. Read & Write: The Pencil Project
  609. Tibi Tibi Neuspiel: Processed Cheese Maps on Toast
  610. Sandy Plotnikoff: Holidays Canceled Billboard Postcard
  611. Sandy Plotnikoff: Holidays Canceled Postcard
  612. Derek Sullivan and Christy Thompson: Untitled Pendants,Fall
  613. Standard Form: Foil Stamping Tests
  614. Hubert Damisch and Ken Lum: Ultimo Bagaglio
  615. Laurel Woodcock: done
  616. Kevin Rodgers: Hyde Park
  617. Maura Doyle: Untitled (yoga positions)
  618. done - Woodcock, Laurel
  619. FASTWURMS: Honest Ed’s Pins
  620. Kerri Reid: Copies of a Gum Wrapper
  621. Jennifer Rose Sciarrino: 22k Faux Fools Gold
  622. Jennifer Rose Sciarrino: 22k Faux Fools Gold
  623. Jennifer Rose Sciarrino: 22k Faux Fools Gold
  624. Julie Voyce: Star on Tree, 2007
  625. Dax Morrison: (brutal truth), 2010
  626. Dax Morrison: 43°55’12.94”N  79°30’40.41”W, 2010
  627. Instant Coffee Flag #1, 2004
  628. Instant Coffee: Afghan Sticks, 2007
  629. Fuck Death Foundation: Aeolian Fuck Death
  630. Jamie Q: Magnets
  631. Robert Dayton: Button Manifesto
  632. Emily Hogg: Fridge Fridge Magnet
  633. Kelly Mark: No Tofu / No Yoga Mat (zippo)
  634. John Marriott: Dream a little Dream
  635. Tibi Tibi Neuspiel: Desert Island Toast
  636. Anna May Henry: Stormy Weather Collage Kit
  637. Patrick Lee Henderson: Irony is Over (After Lennon & Ono)
  638. Anitra Hamilton: Christmas Kills
  639. Tom Dean: Mercy Cup
  640. Lyndsey Cope: Popcorn, Marfa (exploding popcorn is the cause of the Marfa Mystery Lights)
  641. Jules Francisco: 23 karat gold leafed cock
  642. Liz Knox: Gifts for the Gloomy
  643. Christine Baigent: Feeling great about myself
  644. Eli Langer: marvellex
  645. David Horovitz: Untitled (from the the Lizard’s Point)
  646. Lyndsey Cope: Sandy T-shirt
  647. Miyo Takeda: 20 sided pizza
  648. Hockey Whistle - O’Regan, John
  649. John Marriott: Let me get this straight
  650. Eric Doeringer: “Raymond Pettibon“ Bootleg
  651. David Shrigley
  652. On Kawara
  653. Jeff Wall
  654. Eric Doeringer: Donald Judd
  655. Anitra Hamilton: Olympic Rings (red wine) - Hamilton, Anitra
  656. Anitra Hamilton: Olympic Rings (coffee) - Hamilton, Anitra
  657. Sebastian Butt: Cheetohs - Butt, Sebastian
  658. Jennifer Murphy: Golden Coal
  659. We Will Shoot You - Birdhead,
  660. Sandy Plotnikoff: Bread Clip Earrings - Plotnikoff, Sandy
  661. Yuula Benivolski: Jewish Rock Band Tee
  662. Sebastian Butt: The Acorn & The Worm (special edition) - Butt, Sebastian
  663. Data Distribution Probe of the McCleave 1 Space Mission
  664. Peter Hobbs: Queer Spirits Sigil Patch - Hobbs, Peter
  665. Peter Hobbs: Faggot Patch - Hobbs, Peter
  666. James Carl: Thing’s End
  667. Rob Labossiere: Risky Business
  668. Chantal Tardiff: Aluminum Cracker Packages
  669. Carl David Rutton: No World Order
  670. Liz Garlicki: I’m #2
  671. Fuck Death Foundation: Forever Name Badge
  672. P.G. THING CO. (Paige Gratland): Celebrity Lezbian Fist, ’Eileen Myles’
  673. Robert Hengeveld: Cup
  674. Caitlin Livingston: Titties
  675. Joseph Lammirato: Ten Postcards From Here
  676. Fourteen Coasters
  677. Bill Burns: Safety Gear for Small Animals Hard Hat
  678. TradeMarc [Marc Larre]: NEW YORK CITY SOUVENIR
  679. Johan Lundh: Conversation Piece
  680. Peter Gazendam: Touch of Evil (Black Peter)
  681. Laura Belem: Untitled Love Story
  682. Shannon Partridge: Bananas
  683. Christine Baigent: im a big boy now bucket
  684. Christine Baigent: im a big boy now
  685. Anne Fauteux: REMONTANT
  686. Jennifer Rose Sciarrino: Etiquette Softeners
  687. Jon Sasaki: Sorry, no one gets their wish
  688. Catherine Heard: Jouissance
  689. Catherine Heard: Wisdom
  690. Slavs and Tatars: Stolen Letterheads
  691. Mitch Robertson: S + P 100, 26 piece set
  692. Mitch Robertson: S + P 100, one pair
  693. Bernhard Cella: Found Photographs
  694. Tonik Wojtyra: I GOT AN A+ IN ART (BUTTON), yellow
  695. Paul Collins: Etude de Perspective
  696. Mitch Robertson: Blue Troll Head
  697. Instant Coffee flask
  698. Peter Trepanier: Together forever
  699. Peter Trepanier: A temporary industry of People Who Knew Her has grown up
  700. Jaime Sin: sterling silver olive sword
  701. Jaime Sin: 14kt game coins
  702. Jaime Sin: 14kt pop tabs
  703. Tonik Wojtyra: The Investor Jester
  704. Maura Doyle: Bones
  705. Annie Dunning: Pinecone
  706. Lyndsey Cope: untitled (brooch)
  707. Amy Lam: My Resume
  708. Gregory Reynolds: Wooden Blackberry
  709. Devon Knowles: Twenty-five Over Five
  710. Tonik Wojtyra: Wheat Rice Millet Barley Rye Corn Oats (The Seven Grains)
  711. Rick Myers: Bite Marks on Paper
  712. Rick Myers: Latex REC: U
  713. Rick Myers: Glass REC: Way
  714. Mark Sutherland: A Theory of Cinema
  715. Mark Sutherland: Hard Drive (12 Computer-Generted Poems)
  716. Jo Cook: Your Chemical Body
  717. Nadja Sayej: The Contextualist
  718. Nadja Sayej: Double Dare
  719. Tonik Wojtyra: This Is A Safety Pin
  720. Futoshi Miyagi: Stranger #40
  721. Futoshi Miyagi: Stranger #35
  722. Futoshi Miyagi: Stranger #32
  723. Futoshi Miyagi: Stranger #13
  724. Futoshi Miyagi: Stranger #7
  725. Stephanie Schairer: I’m Fickle Temporary Tattoos: Monogamous for 24 hours
  726. Gabriel Temme: Bob Ball
  727. Tasman Richardson: RGB Super Villians
  728. Toilet Paper: Skinny Men & Women - Morrison, James
  729. James Morrison: Toilet Paper: Sharing Ladies
  730. James Morrison: Paper Towel: Home Is Where The Heart Is - Morrison, James
  731. Shannon Gerard: Year
  732. Shannon Gerard: Day
  733. Emily Hogg: Hudson’s Bay Chemise (Lacoste Multistripe)
  734. Emily Hogg: Lacoste Quotation
  735. Emily Hogg: Lacoste Adidas
  736. Derek Sullivan: Statements--Lawrence Weiner
  737. Cafe Nil glasses
  738. Cafe Nil Matches
  739. Classical Thunder - Original Artworks by the Y.P.F
  740. Adam David Brown: Transparency
  741. Not Gay As In Happy, But Queer As In Fuck You. - Vocat, Daryl
  742. Daryl Vocat: Out of the Closets and into the Libraries T-shirt - Vocat, Daryl
  743. Jessica Thompson: Walking Machine - Thompson, Jessica
  744. Leviathan Bookmark - Fones, Robert
  745. 2““ Aluminum Quote - Woodcock, Laurel
  746. David Shrigley: Swan T-Shirt
  747. Cuntroll Pads
  748. Shannon Partridge: Pipe Cleaner Whole Egg - partridge, shannon
  749. Miyo Takeda: Tooth Pin - Takeda, Miyo
  750. John #2 - Sepuya, Paul Mpagi
  751. Paul Mpagi Sepuya: John #1 - Sepuya, Paul Mpagi
  752. Aquiles Ascencion and Jill Henderson: 1,2,3 Horizontal Dude; long sleeve - Henderson, Jill
  753. 1,2,3 Horizontal Dude - Henderson, Jill
  754. Aquiles Ascencion and Jill Henderson: The Singles Club - Henderson, Jill
  755. Aquiles Ascencion and Jill Henderson: Belly Monster t-shirt - Henderson, Jill
  756. John Marriott: Pupa T-shirt - Marriott, John
  757. Steph Rogerson: bathrooms are for lovers
  758. Steph Rogerson: I (heart) Poland - rogerson, steph
  759. i’m not pussy whipped, i’m cunt smart- rogerson, steph
  760. Liss Platt: Sweet Dream; single
  761. Cobweb hanky / Glamour catcher - Harwood, Andrew
  762. General Idea’s Putti - General Idea,
  763. Fiona Smyth: Lukkie Trolls
  764. Lucy Pullen: Reflective Dust-jacket Notebook - Small
  765. Stephen Ellwood: An Unknown Origin
  766. Stephen Ellwood: A Face Buried, Behind
  767. Stephen Ellwood: A Pale Fire
  768. Paul Mpagi Sepuya: Woodrow
  769. Paul Mpagi Sepuya: Carl, turned
  770. Paul Mpagi Sepuya: Avi
  771. Paul Mpagi Sepuya: Amorous Subject (self-portrait, March 2005)
  772. Paul Mpagi Sepuya: Jason II (leaning back)
  773. Paul Mpagi Sepuya: Nico, turned
  774. Paul Mpagi Sepuya: Nico dyptic #2
  775. Paul Mpagi Sepuya: Nico dyptic #1
  776. Bill Burns: Safety Gear for Small Animals Safety Gloves
  777. Open Studio: 2nd Edition Playing Cards.
  778. Zin Taylor: Time Machine
  779. Christine Baigent: The Memory of Your Body Lingers: pillow case set
  780. Bill Burns: Safety Gear for Small Animals Plate
  781. Bill Burns: Songs of Birds Wearing Safety Gear Calendar
  782. Paul Mpagi Sepuya: Bedroom Portraits
  783. Paul Mpagi Sepuya: Beloved Object. an excerpt, part 1.
  784. Paul Mpagi Sepuya: Nico (Beloved Object)
  785. Paul Mpagi Sepuya: Brooks (Beloved Object)
  786. Nadja Sayej: Dictionary Piece - Sayej, Nadja
  787. Michael Buckland: Together Again - Buckland, Michael
  788. Cobweb hanky / Glamour catcher - Harwood, Andrew
  789. Jon Sasaki: Festive Foam - Sasaki, Jon
  790. Randy Gledhill: Pere Ubu Apres Jarry
  791. Janice Gurney: Portrait of the Person Before Me - Gurney, Janice
  792. you pay but you don’t agree with the price
  793. The Armoury of the Miss General Idea Pavillion: Standards
  794. Snaps Magnet - Baggy  - Plotnikoff, Sandy
  795. Sandy Plotnikoff: Snaps Pack - Plotnikoff, Sandy
  796. Sandy Plotnikoff: Snaps Red Bandage - Plotnikoff, Sandy
  797. Sandy Plotnikoff: Snaps Pin - Light Reflective - Plotnikoff, Sandy
  798. Katie Bethune-Leamen: Roy & Monticore: Scene from the attack - Bethune-Leamen, Katie
  799. Paper Towel: Let’s Eat Our Arms - Morrison, James
  800. Derek Sullivan: untitled
  801. Paige Gratland: The Sontag
  802. Underpants (““Unicorn““, ““Rush““, ““Twisted Sister““, ““Embroidered Skull““). Each sold separately. - Munro, Will
  803. Daryl Vocat: A Real Example of Teamwork (Blood Pact) T-Shirt
  804. Daryl Vocat: Take part in a world of brotherhood (Skull flag) -T-Shirt
  805. Daryl Vocat: Quentin Crisp Has A Posse (patch)
  806. Out Of The Closets And Into the Libraries (patch) - Vocat, Daryl
  807. Kirsten Klockner: Die for Life
  808. Germaine Koh: Placebo (Toronto)
  809. Michael Buckland: Tools
  810. Sandy Plotnikoff: Snaps Pin - with extra snap
  811. James Carl: X-ing
  812. Maurizio Nannucci: There’s No Reason To Believe That Art Exists
  813. Bat Plate - Dzama, Marcel
  814. Lee Bul: Amateurs Snowglobe
  815. Candyass: Be Nice to me I like kitsch
  816. Candyass: Famous Jewish Baseball Players
  817. Candyass: RU Depressed?
  818. Candyass: Don’t Hate Me Because I’m An Art Student
  819. Candyass: I Will Make A Cubist Painting
  820. Official Candyass Kay Rosen Fan Club
  821. Candyass Kitchen Plates
  822. Lawrence Weiner: 8:15, The Hiroshima Watch - Guilleminot, Marie-Ange..
  823. Anitra Hamilton: Untitled: Purple Heart T-Shirt
  824. General Idea: Der Standard Kultur
  825. General Idea: Cocktail Cards
  826. Jan Peacock: Wallpaper
  827. Wallpaper - Baldessari, John
  828. Daniel Olson: Index-Cards
  829. Daniel Olson: A Sad and Beautiful World
  830. Tune in a Bucket (large version) - Olson, Daniel..
  831. Placebos - Olson, Daniel..
  832. Nestor Kruger: From Infinite To
  833. Jamelie Hassan: The Puzzle
  834. General Idea: Jockey Short Shopping Bag
  835. Lorri Millan: One Gay City
  836. James Carl: Sealed Water Flat
  837. White Walls
  838. AUDIO ARTS - Reading at Coracle Press 2. Jonathan Williams
  839. AUDIO ARTS - Reading at Coracle Press 3: Thomas A. Clark
  840. AUDIO ARTS - Reading at Coracle Press 5: Glen Baxter
  841. AUDIO ARTS - Reading at Coracle Press 1: Thomas Meyer
  842. JUNK MAIL
  843. Masanao Hirayama: Special Wallet -5307
  844. M/L Artspace: I Went To Art Basel and All I Got Was This Mermaid Bag
  845. ECKHAUS LATTA: Vulnerability Beach Bag (special hand-woven backpack edition)
  846. Anne-Lise Coste: You are not alone
  847. Masanao Hirayama: 5185 (Tote Bag)
  848. Walter Scott: Wendy Critical Reader
  849. Nieves Puzzle
  850. Smudge Studio: Repository: A Typological Guide to America’s Ephemeral Nuclear Infrastructure
  851. Paper Rehabilitation Project and  I.T.U.: Paper Rehabilitation Project, Series #2
  852. R.H. Quaytman: Dalet, Chapter 24
  853. The Thing Issue 20: Tauba Auerbach
  854. Free Chelsea Manning back patch
  855. Free Chelsea Manning Tote Bags
  856. David Horvitz: (an explanation for a disappearance in Winschoten)
  857. Andrew Norman Wilson: ScanOps (special edition)
  858. Andrew Norman Wilson: ScanOps (regular edition)
  859. EVDW: Souvenir l&ll
  860. Christian Holstad: Fellow Travelers
  861. Garry Neill Kennedy: Somalia
  862. Anitra Hamilton: Cherry Bomb.
  863. General Idea (Middelburg tile)
  864. Passion Over Reason, 1991/2010 General Idea Crest
  865. Cartouché, 1988/2010. General Idea Crest
  866. Lucre, 1989/2010. General Idea Crest
  867. Eye of the Beholder, 1989/2010. General Idea Crest
  868. Post Mortem, 1988/2010. General Idea Crest
  869. Pheonix with a P, 1988/2010.General Idea Crest
  870. Ouroboros, 1988/2010. General Idea Crest
  871. Le Fin, 1988/2010. General Idea Crest
  872. Down the Drink, 1988/2010. General Idea Crest
  873. General Idea Crests Full Set of 10
  874. Michael Morris and Vincent Trasov: Morris/Trasov, Hand of the Spirit edition
  875. Tom of Finland: Tom’s Men
  876. Sebastian Butt: “Call Me Flexible“ Special Edition tote
  877. Walking Woman
  878. Yoko Ono: A Box of Smile
  879. Barbara Klunder: Little Tiny Postcards
  880. BUTT Beach Towel Summer 2010
  881. General Idea: Magic Palette
  882. John Marriott: I Cannot Confirm button
  883. John Marriott: For Your Security
  884. Marla Hlady: Unlevel
  885. Robert Fones: I am an Art Metropole Dog
  886. Micah Lexier and Mary Lum: Paris/New York/Toronto
  887. Micah Lexier and Mary Lum: MML
  888. Micah Lexier and Derek Sullivan: untitled, two-part multiple
  889. Joseph Lammirato: Point of Interest
  890. General Idea: Ouroboros
  891. Aislinn Thomas: hearts for sleeves
  892. Josh Thorpe: Sticks for Edward Day for Art Met
  893. Mieko Shiomi: Water Music
  894. Ben Vautier: Dirty Water
  895. Yoko Ono: Imagine Peace [set of 24 buttons]
  896. Mike Billington: Man With Banana Prosthetic
  897. Ann Dean and Tonik Wojtyra: Let’s hope...
  898. Liam Gillick’s Southbank, 2007
  899. Mark Gonzales: The Mini Big Kahuna
  900. Jon Sasaki: I’VE PAID MY DUES
  901. Micah Lexier: Lives & Works (First Fax Test)
  902. General Idea: Phoenix with a P
  903. FM3: Buddha Machine
  904. David Shrigley: Swan Edition
  905. Kelly Mark: I Really Should; Shopping Bags
  906. Terence Koh: Koh + 50 Most Beautiful Boy
  907. Relax (chiarenza & hauser & co): “you pay but you don’t agree with the price“
  908. Not gay as in happy, but queer as in fuck you,
  909. Slip Mats (signed)
  910. Tanya Mars: Tyranny of Bliss Series- Sins
  911. Jannis Kounellis espresso cup collection
  912. Michelango Pistoletto: Love Difference espresso cup
  913. Trudie Cheng: “It Could Happen To You Too“ Series Embroidered Dinner Napkins
  914. Catherine Stinson: The Maggie
  915. Manuel Stagars: Treasures and Adventures
  916. Eric Doeringer: Christopher Wool
  917. Eric Doeringer: Richard Artschwager
  918. Rita Godlevskis: SECRETS ShotBox Postcard Set
  919. Yann Serandour: BHKW
  920. Marc Bijl: Freedom Fighter - Bijl, Marc
  921. John Baldessari: Tips for Artists Who Want to Sell
  922. Damian Moppett: Hollis Frampton as Self Portrait
  923. David Shrigley: Heroin/Cocaine Salt and Pepper Shakers
  924. Lawrence Weiner: Selected Affinities
  925. AA Bronson: Felix, June 5, 1994
  926. Candyass and Larry Miller: Artist Cups
  927. George Maciunas: Burglary Fluxkit
  928. Yoko Ono: War is over: Postcard from War Zones
  929. Kelly Mark: Wallpaper
  930. Carolee Schneemann: ABC
  931. Barbara Bloom: A Birthday Party for Everything
  932. Barbara  Kruger: I Shop Therefore I Am: Framed Bag
  933. Joe Scanlan: Catalyst
  934. Donald Rance: Soft Passages: the Green Archive
  935. Richard Prince: Learn to Read Art Shopping Bag - Prince, Richard
  936. Richard Prince: Learn to Read Art Shopping Bag - Prince, Richard
  937. A.R. Penck: Postkarten
  938. Yoko Ono: Fly - Ono, Yoko
  939. Yoko Ono: Fly
  940. Daniel Olson: Cultural Residue - Olson, Daniel
  941. Claes Oldenburg: Geometric Mouse: Scale D
  942. Colleen Nicholson: 2000 safe(s)
  943. Takashi Maramaki: S.M. Pko2 Mega-Mix
  944. Sally McKay: The End of The World
  945. Les Levine: What Can the Federal Government
  946. Jeff Koons: Balloon Dog
  947. Milan Knizak: Necklace
  948. Mauriccio Kagel: Saiten Sprung: Escapade of Strings
  949. Jenny Holzer: Condoms
  950. Jenny Holzer: Wooden Postcard: Turn Soft
  951. Jenny Holzer: Wooden Postcard: Money Creates Taste
  952. Jenny Holzer: Wooden Postcard: Lack of Charisma
  953. Jenny Holzer: Wooden Postcard: In a Dream
  954. Jenny Holzer: Stamp: Words Tend to Be
  955. Jenny Holzer: Stamp: Much was Decided
  956. Jenny Holzer: Stamp: Money Creates Taste
  957. Jenny Holzer: Stamp: Lack of Charisma
  958. Jenny Holzer: Stamp: Confusing Yourself
  959. Jenny Holzer: Stamp: Any Surplus is Immoral
  960. Jenny Holzer: Rubber Stamp: Set of 6
  961. Dick Higgins: This Is Not An Artwork By Me
  962. Keith Haring: Inflatable Baby
  963. A Power Tool from the Guerrilla Girls
  964. Rodney Graham: Champagne Glasses
  965. Dan Graham: ONE
  966. General Idea: When the Fur Flies
  967. General Idea: Post Mortem
  968. General Idea: Phoenix with a P
  969. General Idea: Passion over Reason
  970. General Idea: Ouroboros
  971. General Idea: Down the Drink
  972. General Idea: Cartouche
  973. Generic - General Idea
  974. General Idea’s Putti
  975. General Idea: AIDS
  976. David Askevold: Wallpapers Poster
  977. Tom Dean: Varieties of Hell
  978. Moyra Davey: Copperhead
  979. Katie Bush: Sunset in Key Largo
  980. Katie Bush: Blow Me Candles
  981. Katie Bush: Small Pussy Stickers
  982. Katie Bush: Now is the Time
  983. Bill Burns: How to Help Animals Escape form Natural History
  984. Ursula Burghardt: Tied-up Mug
  985. Michael Buckland: I Heart Conceptual Art (wristwatch)
  986. Peter Bowyer: Storage
  987. Joseph Beuys: Filzpostkarte
  988. Joseph Beuys: Holzpostkarte
  989. Ingrid Baxter and Iain Baxter: Eunuchversity
  990. Ingrid Baxter and Iain Baxter: Business Card, 1966: N.E. Thing Co.