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Classical Thunder - Original Artworks by the Y.P.F

self published
Loose Paper In Hard Cover
30 × 30 cm

Fifteen artists currently make up Y.P.F. They are Emily Birnbaum, James Kerr, Jen Storey, Dessa, Danijela Pruginic, Eric Shinn, Fred Casia & Kristina Longtin, Adam Gorley, Milena Roglic, Tyson Bodnarchuk, Aaron McConomy, Neil Doshi and James Braithwaite. The works in this gorgeous set are a mix of mixed media incluing glicee on a magnet, laser prints, silkscreens, hand drawings and photocopying. All works are various sizes from delicate mixed media objects to beautifully created silkscreens, which are housed in a vintage hard cover record case. Highly recommended.

  1. Classical Thunder - Original Artworks by the Y.P.F

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