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  1. Hank Bull: Me/You
  2. Nour Bishouty: Site
  3. Nour Bishouty: Carnelian
  4. Nour Bishouty: Ricochet
  5. Nour Bishouty: Urn
  7. David Hartt: Slavery, Geography and Empire In Nineteenth-Century Marine Landscapes of Montréal and Jamaica by Charmaine A. Nelson (poster)
  8. Dodie Bellamy and Kota Ezawa: Behind Your Stumbling
  9. Nour Bishouty and Jacob Korczynski: 1—130
  10. Martin Creed: I Can’t Move (Vinyl)
  11. Fan Wu: Mourning Anthology
  12. Divya Mehra: As a “Dilemma“ We’re Seen as Enormous (Tokens are Currency)
  13. Raymond Boisjoly: Lucky Lager scan and Indian colours
  14. Excerpts from an incomplete collection of the publications of Nathaniel Russell 1999-2014 - Special Edition
  15. Excerpts from an incomplete collection of the publications of Nathaniel Russell 1999-2014, Regular Edition
  16. A Pining
  17. Francisco López: 1980-82
  18. Matthew Lutz-Kinoy: Cliff Bitch
  19. Kay Rosen: Love Letter
  20. Luis Jacob: Album IV
  21. Tom Dean: Cock Photos - Framed Artist Proof Set
  22. Tom Dean and Matthias Hermann: Feeling Good About Myself
  23. ECKHAUS LATTA: Vulnerability Beach Bag
  24. Ian Wallace: At Work (Or Gallery 1983)
  25. Seth Fluker: Dressed for Space - SPECIAL EDITIONIncludes signed artists print
  26. Seth Fluker: Dressed For Space
  27. Nathan Isberg: A Manifesto for Sincere Loss
  28. Art Metropole Poster Series 2014: Nina Koennemann
  29. Jimmy Limit: JIMMY LIMIT Packing Tape
  30. Geoffrey Farmer: THIS ROOM IS NOT IN USE (As of October 24th, 2013) - framed
  31. Geoffrey Farmer: THIS ROOM IS NOT IN USE. (As of October 24th, 2013) - unframed
  32. Bernadette Corporation, Claire Fontaine, and Masanao Hirayama: AM Poster Series 2013, Mylar Edition Set includes Bernadette Corporation, Claire Fontaine, Masanao Hirayama
  33. Bernadette Corporation, Claire Fontaine, and Masanao Hirayama: AM Poster Series 2013, Litho Edition Set includes Bernadette Corporation, Claire Fontaine, Masanao Hirayama
  34. AM Poster Series 2013: Claire Fontaine, Litho Offset
  35. AM Poster Series 2013: Bernadette Corporation, Litho Offset
  36. agent.NASDAQ aka Reinhold Grether ,  Edward Poitras , Zeigam Azizov, Isabelle De Baets, Karl Beveridge, Chris Burden, Heather Cassils, Maurizio Cattelan, Carole Condé, Jane Crawford, Wim Delvoye, Maria Eichhorn, Hu Fang, Gerald Ferguson, Elizabeth Ferrell, and Andrea Fraser: Commerce By Artists
  37. Aidan Baker, Eric Chenaux, Ryan Driver, and Josh Thorpe: Art Metronome 002
  38. Peaches Grillz
  39. Bruce LaBruce: L.A. Zombie, Lobby Card Series
  40. Kids on TV and Times Neue Roman: Art Metronome 001
  41. Bill Burns, Seth Scriver, and Derek Sullivan: AM Gift Box
  42. Micah Lexier: Twelve of One
  43. Dan Graham, Pavilions: a guide
  44. untitled (signed Jonathan Monk shopping bag)
  45. Terence Koh: A Beaver Tail (bookwork)
  46. Terence Koh: A Beaver Tail
  47. James Carl, FASTWÜRMS, Jill Henderson, and David Shrigly: ABC.....WITH LOVE (TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL)
  48. Cecilia Berkovic, Stephen Ellwood, Nestor Kruger, and Yoko Ono: Advertising By Artists, full set
  49. Jeremy Laing: Bed of Nails
  50. Derek Sullivan: Law & Order (February 2007 - April 2007)
  51. Steve Reinke: The Hundred Videos
  52. Steve Reinke: My Rectum is Not a Grave (Notes to a Film Industry in Crisis)
  53. Bondage No. 1 Bootleg
  54. Ripped & Torn 6 Bootleg
  55. Ripped & Torn Magazine 4 Bootleg
  56. Public Workshop-Ultra Red
  57. Jean-Christophe Ammann, Museum of Conceptual Art, Michael Asher, AA Bronson, Marcel Broodthaers, Benjamin Buchloh, Daniel Buren, Marcel Duchamp, Robert Filliou, Vera Frenkel, Peggy Gale, General Idea, Walter Grasskamp, Walter Grasskamp, Hans Haacke, Image Bank, and Donald Ju: Museums By Artists
  58. Miguel Jacob and Luis Jacob: HOUSEHOLD FAME
  59. Dave Allen: song drawings / paintings 1996 - 2005 (Bootleg Series #4)
  60. Jeremy Deller: deFILE Volume 1 Issue 2
  61. Daniel Olson: The Outline of History
  62. Instant Coffee and Takuji Kogo: Instant Coffee Year of Love / *Candy Factory Projects
  63. Maura Doyle: The Mail Order Catalogue #9 - The Add-On Edition
  64. CCMC and Christian Marclay: CCMC + Christian Marclay
  65. Video Re/View: The (best) Source for Critical Writings on Canadian Artist’s Video
  66. Video by Artists 2
  68. Micah Lexier: Managing Documents 1967-1974
  69. AA Bronson, Richard Prince, and Lawrence Weiner: Learn to Read Art
  70. AA Bronson, Peggy Gale, Maurizio Nannucci, Michael Snow, and Lawrence Weiner: Snow, Weiner, Nannucci
  71. Paulette Phillips: Activating the Archive 5: The Mississippi Tapes
  72. Tom Sherman: Activating the Archive 1: From a Resevoir of Predictions
  73. John Orentlicher and Lisa Steele: Activating the Archive 3: Finding the DIFFEREN(t)CE
  74. Garry Neill Kennedy: AM Catalogue no.19, 1997
  75. Jean Gagnon: Pornography in the Urban World
  76. Hamish Fulton: Ajawaan
  77. Ian Hamilton Finlay: Poster for “Bicentennial Proposal: The French War: The War of the Letter“
  78. Martin Creed: I Can’t Move
  79. Daniel Buren: AM Catalogue 10, 1983
  80. Art Metropole Tote - Ken Kagami Sad Poop with Fly (Gold)
  81. Michael Snow: The Last LP (2018 Reissue)
  82. Joseph del Pesco and Marlo Yarlo: The Museum Took a Few Minutes to Collect Itself
  83. AM Poster Series 2016: Raymond Boisjoly (Framed)
  84. Sara Cwynar: Bags on Bags
  85. Jonathan Monk: Finger Food
  86. Michael Maranda: Un coup de dés jamais n’abolira le hasard: Livre
  88. Work
  89. MATTHIAS HERRMANN: Hotel_Tricks (special edition)
  90. MATTHIAS HERRMANN: Hotel_Tricks
  91. Stephen Ellwood: UNTITLED (THIS IS WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE LIKE THIS Launch Poster)
  92. A Book About What’s More To Life Than Books
  93. M/L Artspace: I Went To Art Basel and All I Got Was This Mermaid Bag
  94. ECKHAUS LATTA: Vulnerability Beach Bag (special hand-woven backpack edition)
  95. Anne-Lise Coste: You are not alone
  96. Maggie Groat: The Lake
  97. Walter Scott: Wendy Critical Reader
  98. Free Chelsea Manning Tote Bags
  99. AM Poster Series 2013: Claire Fontaine, Mylar print
  100. Andrew Norman Wilson: ScanOps (special edition)
  101. Andrew Norman Wilson: ScanOps (regular edition)
  102. Allen Ruppersberg: Poster Remainders: Who Remembers Where They Are From?, 2012
  103. Sebastian Butt: “Call Me Flexible“ Special Edition tote
  104. General Idea: Menage a Trois
  105. Lex Vaughn: Art Metronome Temp Tatts
  106. Kids on TV and Times Neue Roman: Art Metronome Record Release Concert Ticket
  107. David Horvitz: Rarely Seen Bas Jan Ader Film
  108. Nestor Kruger: Something, somewhat, somehow
  109. Ann Dean and Tonik Wojtyra: Let’s hope...
  110. Miles Collyer: GOIN’ POSTAL
  111. General Idea and George Saia: Shoe Journal: by George Saia, a General Idea production
  112. Jon Sasaki: I’VE PAID MY DUES
  113. Lucy Pullen: Infinite Outfit
  114. Matthias Hermann: Hotel_Tricks
  115. Crash and Burn News, May 28, 1977 Bootleg
  116. Crash ’n’ Burn News Number 3 Bootleg
  117. Crash and Burn Newsletter No. 1 Bootleg
  118. The Getting into the Spirits Cocktail Book from the 1984 Miss General Idea Pavilion (hardcover) - General Idea,
  119. Colin Campbell and Lisa Steele: Acquired Tastes
  120. Alan Belcher: Kill Me
  121. Brian Jungen
  122. Damian Moppett: Hollis Frampton as Self Portrait
  123. Honey, I Rearranged the Collection
  124. Tim Guest: Books by Artists
  125. Sound By Artists
  126. AM Trade Catalogue: 1985
  127. AM Catalogue 9, 1981
  128. AM Catalogue no.8: 1980
  129. AM Catalogue 7: 1979
  130. Supplement to AM Catalogue no.5: 1978
  131. AM Catalogue 1, 1974
  132. Vincent Trasov: My Five Years in a Nutshell - Trasov, Vincent
  133. Daniel Reeves: Sabda - Reeves, Daniel
  134. Jan Peacock: Wallace and Theresa
  135. Noel Harding: Retrospective 1973-1983
  136. General Idea: Test Tube
  137. General Idea: Shut The Fuck Up
  138. Ant Farm: Cadillac Ranch/Media Burn
  139. Lisa Steele: The Ballad of Dan Peoples
  140. Ian Murray: AM Catalogue no. 12, 1986
  141. Mariko Mori: Initiation
  142. Garry Neill Kennedy: Seizures Wallpaper
  143. Jenny Holzer: AM Catalogue no.13, 1989
  144. Jorge Zontal: AM Catalogue no.18: 1996
  145. The Getting into the Spirits Cocktail Book from the 1984 Miss General Idea Pavilion
  146. Hans-Peter Feldmann: AM Catalogue 21, 1999
  147. Colin Campbell: Invention Video
  148. Colin Campbell: Invention Video - Campbell, Colin
  149. Mel Bochner: Working Drawings and Other Visible Things - Bochner, Mel