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Let's hope...

Tonik Wojtyra and Ann Dean
Art Metropole
128 × 48 cm

“In the fall of 2006, we were short staffed, Miles had cancer and Ann brought in a lined cue card on which she had written “Let’s hope…” in her great old-school handwriting. It was in a small black frame, and she placed it on a shelf in the kitchen at Art Metropole. It was there for about 2 weeks and then it disappeared. But her cursive traced itself on my imagination and became a recurring memory. Good art does that, yes? In the fall of 2007 Ann wanted one of my A+ Deluxe editions, and although she didn’t make me an offer on the spot I gave her the book anyway. Sometime after that I asked her if she’d lend me a hand (her hand literally) for a rainbow neon piece. She said sure, and we made it.” – Tonik Wojtyra. Edition of 10.

  1. Let’s hope...

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