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  1. Rodney Graham: Live From The Commodore Ballroom
  2. Andrew Zealley: Soft Subversions (2LP)
  3. Andrew Zealley: The Magic of the Think Machine Gods (LP)
  4. Peter Happel Christian, Godfre Leung, and Phillip Andrew Lewis: AA Volume 4
  5. Mikrokosmos: Another time, this time, one time
  6. Nic Wilson: An Essay On Silence
  7. Waterways: Four Saliva Studies/ Vito Acconci’s Undoing
  8. undo (Christof Migone / Alexandre St-Onge): de tournages
  9. Christof Migone: Fingering
  10. Greatest Hits - Christof Migone (LP)
  11. Greatest Hits - Christof Migone (CD)
  12. Christof Migone: Fin
  13. Christof Migone: Power Plant
  14. Christof Migone: Huronia
  15. Christof Migone: Scratch
  16. Christof Migone: Kunstradio
  17. Christof Migone: AVATAR
  18. Christof Migone: Silo City
  19. Jen Reimer and Magnus Tiesenhausen: A Tender Proposition to the Din
  20. David Shrigley: Goat Music
  21. Martin Creed: I Can’t Move (Vinyl)
  22. Rodney Graham, Jeff Wall, and Ian Wallace: UJ3RK5 Live from the Commodore Ballroom
  23. Nathan Ivanco: White Material
  24. East of Gage
  25. Nathan Ivanco: Dreary Architecture on Your Soul
  26. Protocol Warum: Care Not Care no. 6
  27. Holy Shit: Solid Rain
  28. Sophia Bartholomew and Two Left Footed Loucee and Delvis Cache: Two Left Footed Loucee and Delvis Cache
  29. LEVE 4
  30. LEVE 3
  31. LEVE 2
  32. Faye Mullen: a practice in falling
  33. seth graham: No. 00 in Clean Life
  34. Giant Claw: Deep Thoughts
  35. Pajjama: Karakasa
  36. CVN: Matters
  37. Charles Barabé: Les dernières confessions
  38. New Fries: Fresh Face Forward
  39. Five Men Singing
  40. Share-a-tories: New Forms of Violence
  41. mm: Selective Memory
  42. A Pining
  43. CCMC Play at Double Double
  44. Man
  45. New Fries and Old and Weird: Juice 7“
  46. Francisco López: 1980-82
  47. Johnny Young / William Judge
  48. Ear Rationelle
  49. Pyramid Island/Parallel Beaches
  50. Stardust Nigga
  51. Fleshtone Auras/Dylan Nyoukis Split LP
  52. William Ashley Cooper: The Collected Works
  53. Aulos’ Second Reed: Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides
  54. Hexzuul/Fog Spirits Split Casette
  55. M.Stacktor : DRILL
  56. Urban Refuse Group: U.R.G. 3 (COLLISION)
  57. Dreaming Like Mad With Dion McGregor (Yet More Outrageous Recordings of the World’s Most Renowned Sleeptalker)
  58. Justin Gordon and Justin Patterson: A Call With No Response
  59. Marc Bijl: The Nation has been flirting with forms of Götterdämmerung
  60. John Giorno in Florence
  61. Chris Duncan: OUT OF STEP
  63. Jacob Whibley: endianness
  64. The Hidden Cameras: Gay Goth Scene
  65. The Hidden Cameras: AGE CD
  66. The Hidden Cameras: AGE LP
  67. Carsten Nicolai - Zone
  68. P_LAB Times Square Webcam 3
  69. Paul Collins and J.J. Phalix: 7 Scories
  70. G Douglas Barrett: Two Transcriptions/Ode to Schoenberg
  71. Jason Lazarus: Untitled (3/19/13 - 6/18/13)
  72. Cranfield and Slade: 12 Sun Songs
  74. Stephanie Kiwitt: Capital Décor
  75. The Melvins: Sludge Glamorous
  76. Paul Dutton: Mouth Pieces: Solo Soundsinging
  77. Paul Dutton: Oralizations
  78. John Oswald: prePlexure (David Bowie signature)
  79. John Oswald: prePlexure
  80. John Oswald: Plunderphonics
  81. Gravitons: Raw Reads
  82. Mani Mazinani: On Wu-Tang Forever
  83. A Tasty Swarm of Small Signals
  84. Francisco López: Köllt/Kulu
  85. The Allison Cameron Band
  86. Jay Isaac: Deep Hole
  87. Jay Isaac and Lorenz Peter: Bay of Creatures
  88. Tony Romano: The Imagine Band
  89. Etaoin Shrdlu: Mating Calls
  90. Muskox: 5 Pieces
  91. Feuermusik: No Contest
  92. Rural Route #3, by Martin Clarke, 3“ CD
  93. Rural Route #2, by Kyle Bobby Dunn, 3“ CD
  94. Alex Durlak: Rural Route #4
  95. Canaille: Potential Things
  96. Tonik Wojtyra: Hush My Dear
  97. A discussion was held…
  98. Motëm and Errol Richardson: Mathemagical
  99. Isha Bohling, Daniel Jackson, Sheena Macrae, and John Wynne: Sound Proof 2
  100. AA Bronson and Andrew Zealley: AA Bronson Healer
  101. Bold Saber: Memory Foam
  102. Bold Saber: tea time
  103. Cal Crawford: sitting on theories on the frontier of extension
  104. Jonathan Parent: littérature
  106. Diane Borsato and Ryan Driver: Untitled Scores
  107. Brian Joseph Davis: The Definitive Host: Audio CD and booklet
  108. Brian Joseph Davis: Original Soundtrack: Audio CD
  109. Andrew Zealley: Electricity 13
  110. Albatross Note: The Art Lodge Tapes
  111. The Ceder Tavern Singers AKA Les Phonorealistes: We Are Making Art
  112. Slap[unmodified]: Auto[repeat]
  113. Stands for ICPMABOYC
  114. Jeremy Strachan: The Heart of the Matter
  115. Black Sun Productions: Dies Juvenalis
  116. Knurl: Sublaxation
  117. THAMES: Volume X
  118. Mabus: Kubla Khan
  119. Disguises: WEAPONIZER
  120. Women in Tragedy: Girl in the Grave
  121. gastric female reflex and Crank Sturgeon Live at Radio Central, Antwerp
  122. Massaccesi: Celebrating the Destruction of Artistic Integrity
  123. Brian Random’s Answering Machine Cassette Favorites Vol. 1
  124. Airport War and The New Humans: Wedding Album
  125. Cecilia Berkovic: Album Art
  126. Tovah Olson on Beniffer
  127. Failcox and Futurians: split cassette
  128. gastric female reflex: lovers in the midst of eating fries
  129. ID M Theft Able: The Xylophoning of Dirges
  130. Untitled
  131. Charles Balls and Jacob Horwood: split album
  132. 13 Moons and Disguises: split album
  133. Charles Balls and Crank Sturgeon: dwarfed genitalia community players
  134. vluba: The Green Lion Tapes Vol. 2
  135. Sindre Bjerga and Jan Iverson: adding fuel to the fire
  136. Brian Joseph Davis: Yesterduh
  137. Eve Egoyan: Erik Satie: Hidden Corners (Recoins)
  138. Eve Egoyan: New Music For Piano: thethingsinbetween
  139. Eve Egoyan: Asking
  140. Eve Egoyan: WU
  141. Tasman Richardson: Cancer Vanguard: The Blame Shifter
  142. Daniel Olson: Sad Clown Music
  143. Daniel Olson: Die Alte Tante
  144. Neil Wiernik: Naw: terrain vague
  145. Christian Calon and Chantal Dumas: Radio Roadmovies
  146. Tasman Richardson and theblameshifter: Theblameshifter - Someplace: The Remixes
  147. Rakett: Darling Don’t Leave Me All By Myself
  148. Greek Buck, Don Pyle, and Andrew Zealley: Messin with Greek Buck
  149. The Hidden Cameras: Learning The Lie 4-Track Demos LP
  150. Paul Collins and JJ Palix: Collins & Palix: Wipe Out!
  151. Free Market Karaoke CD
  152. Andrew Zealley: Empathetic Ear
  153. Andrew Zealley: This is True to Me
  154. Ryan Driver, Marcus Quin, and Doug Tielli: The Silt : Earlier Ways to Wander
  155. Rob Clutton: Dubious Pleasures
  156. The Hidden Cameras : Ecce Homo
  157. The Hidden Cameras: Hidden Cameras : Ban Marriage
  158. Ken Buera and Don Simmons: EMMAX : birthday song
  159. Ross Sinclair: The Real Life Rock Opera Volume 1
  160. Eric Chenaux and Ryan Driver: The Guayaveras
  161. Eric Chenaux, Ryan Driver, and Doug Tielli: L’histoire du chapeau
  162. Ryan Driver and Marcus Quin: Red Whistle
  163. Kronos Quartet Performs Philip Glass
  164. Don Pyle and Andrew Zealley: Proteus
  165. Holly Jane Ward: Folklore
  166. Laurie Anderson: Home of the Brave
  167. George Walker: Acrophony Instrumentation
  168. AUDIO ARTS - Reading at Coracle Press 4: Roy Fischer
  169. Aki Onda: DIARY
  170. Kelly Mark: Band - Debut Album
  171. Aidan Baker, Eric Chenaux, Ryan Driver, and Josh Thorpe: Art Metronome 002
  172. TUSSEL: The Sound of White Columns
  173. Thom Kubli: labortag
  174. Alejandra and Aeron: Porto (folklore fragments volume 2)
  175. Andrew Deutsch, Tetsu Inoue, and Stephen Vitiello: Humming Bird Feeder, Ver0.2
  176. Coil: A Guide For Beginners/A Guide For Finishers (Russian 2CD set)
  177. John Baldesarri: QSL Audio Publication
  178. Black Sun Productions: Astral Walk
  179. Andrew Zealley: The Quick and the Dead
  180. John Oswald: Plunderphonic - Plexure
  181. The Hidden Cameras : The Arms of his “ill“
  182. Labia Minora: ANGELBLOOD
  183. Never Mind the Pollocks, Here’s The Histrionics
  184. 40 Years and One: Philip Corner Plays the Piano
  185. Jackson MacLow: Open Secrets
  186. Alan Licht: A New York Minute
  187. John Oswald: Aparanthesi
  188. Maura Doyle: ZOOM cd (with bumper sticker)
  189. CCMC and Christian Marclay: CCMC + Christian Marclay
  190. Kelly Mark: I Really Should
  191. Sidney (DJ SID) Stucki: I Don’t Care For Pictures
  192. Michael Snow: Canadian Art Presents the Walking Woman
  193. Martin Creed: I Can’t Move
  194. Aki Onda: Nam June’s Spirit Was Speaking To Me
  195. Xuan Ye: Xi Xi
  196. Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective, Postcommodity, and Alex Waterman: In Memoriam...
  197. Michael Snow: The Last LP (2018 Reissue)
  198. Green Vibrations
  199. Michael Snow and Jesse Stewart: Live At The National Gallery
  200. LEVE 6
  201. Flint: Issue 1 (record)
  202. Leif Goldberg: Fruits of the Void
  203. Eunice Luk and Masahiro Takahashi: Music of inside the snail’s shell
  204. Alanis Obomsawin: Bush Lady (cassette)
  205. Alanis Obomsawin: Bush Lady (Vinyl)
  206. New Fries: MORE (Vinyl)
  207. Crazy Music​/​Philip Corner​/​1990
  208. Xuan Ye: Der Stromausfall / Cloudbursting
  209. Protruders Live Cassette
  210. NV: Binasu
  211. Lizard Kisses 7“
  212. Jump/Something Better to Do
  213. Calvin Johnson Mixtapes
  214. Altered VHS Memories
  215. Overraskelsen
  216. Fresh Face Forward
  217. Sounds Of Interrogation And Non-Compliance Found Recording
  218. Michael Horwood: Musique Concrète Realizations
  219. Man Made Hill: Puzzle Answers
  220. Eucalyptus: Fascination in Sound
  221. Matthew ’Doc’ Dunn: Tecumseh
  222. PANIC ENGINES: Ten Thousand Sleep in a Dry, Cracked Voice
  223. Th Wrbl r : Time Slips
  224. PANIC ENGINES: A Box on Angles, Thin Arms Extended Irons
  226. Justin Gradin and Justin Patterson: Jokes/Laughter
  227. Chris Duncan: SILO/CYMBAL/SYMBOL
  228. Joar Nango: Land &Language
  229. Boris Hegenbart: First / Dew, The Hikuioto Selection
  230. Scott Cazan: Swallow
  231. Ezra Buchla: At The Door
  232. A Dead Sentence Here and Abroad, Bernadette Corporation
  233. The Hidden Cameras: Gay Goth Scene by The Hidden Camera
  234. k nicol: a thousand times fuck off
  235. Bootleg Goopy Gyne & Bagha Byne Cassette
  236. Wet Dirt -Self Sabotage: The early year
  237. Cranfield and Slade: 10 Riot Songs
  238. Silvia Kolbowski: Dear Silvia... July 2009
  239. Maurizio Nannucci: Parole / mots / words / wörter
  240. Adam McEwen: Obituaries - McEwen, Adam
  241. John Oswald: prePlexure (Chuck D signature)
  242. John Oswald: prePlexure (Boy George signature)
  243. John Oswald: prePlexure (Bruce Springsteen signature)
  244. John Oswald: prePlexure (Cher signature)
  245. John Oswald: Grayfolded - Oswald, John
  246. Art Fag City/Paddy Johnson: The Sound of Art
  247. Art Fag City/Paddy Johnson: The Sound of Art
  248. CCMC Play at Double Double
  249. Kids on TV: Jeremy, mon ami
  250. Steve Kado: 2003
  251. Steve Kado and Stephen Touchton: 7“ Steve Kado/Stephen Touchton, 2009
  253. Times Neue Roman
  254. Simon Brown and Dylan Crichton: 99 fingers: Recordings 1997-2007 - Brown, Simon
  255. Andrew Zealley: School Test 23
  256. Joel Gibb, Jens Lekman, Vera November, and Taken By Trees: Four Songs by Arthur Russell
  258. The Hidden Cameras and Daryl Vocat: AWOO Vinyl - 2nd Limited Edition
  259. The Hidden Cameras and Will Munro: AWOO Vinyl - 1st Limited Edition
  260. Brian Kalet: The Journal of Popular Noise, Volume 1, Issues 1-3, Spring/Summer
  261. Kids on TV: Mixing Business with Pleasure
  262. gastric female reflex and Brian Ruryk: gastric female reflex/Brian Ruryk LP
  263. Ron Tran: The Peckers
  264. Anuta Skrypnychenko: Christmas Shopping Spirit
  265. Art Calls
  266. aUm Sahib: untitled
  267. gastric female reflex: page out of scatophilic locker room drama: “i consider myself rather likeable“...
  268. Sounds of Interrogation and Non-Compliance
  269. Sounds of Southern Alberta Hutterite Colonies circa 1981
  270. IGNATZ: “they are quiet as mice“
  271. nosejobs and anklesocks
  272. The Sounds of North American Adult Bookstores
  273. Eve Egoyan: The Art of Touching the Keyboard
  274. Weave: Eve Egoyan
  275. Daniel Olson: The Man Who Heard Too Much
  276. Neil Wiernik: Coffee grounds, piano wires and broken hearts. - Wiernik, Neil
  277. Brian Joseph Davis: Theodor Adorno, Minima Moralia: old school, new school, frankfurt school! - Davis, Brian Joseph
  278. Andrew Zealley: Taking Sides
  279. Eric Chenaux and Michelle McAdorey: Love Don’t Change
  280. Fifth Column 7“
  281. Brian Eno: Thursday Afternoon
  282. David Tomas: Voice: D. Tomas
  283. Yoko Ono: Starpeace
  284. Michael Snow: Jack and Mike: Incredible Drums and Duets
  285. League of Gentlemen: HEPTAPARAPARSHINOKH by the Leaugue of Gentleman
  286. Christian Vialard: Neukalm
  287. Maurizio Cattelan: Toilet Paper: I Always Remember a Face, Especially When I’ve Sat on It
  289. Momus: World Of Songs / British
  290. Daphne Oram: Oramics (Deluxe 4LP Gatefold Edition)
  291. Cavern of Anti-Matter: Blood-Drums
  292. Elise Florenty and Marcel Türkowsky: Kreisel Dreidel
  293. Music for Museums
  294. Muntadas: Himne dels Himnes (Anthem of Anthems)
  295. Daniel Olson: Cracked Bells & Washed Out Horns
  296. Joseph Beuys: SONNE STATT REAGAN
  297. brady cranfield and kevin hanley: Correlated Rotations
  298. Musick For Porn Volume 2 - Massimo&Pierce,
  299. The Hidden Cameras : The Arms of his ““ill““ - The Hidden Cameras,
  300. Coil; The Ape of Naples
  301. Black Sun Productions: Musick for Porn Vol. 1 & Vol. 2
  302. Courtesy - Allan Kaprow
  303. Vladislav Delay and Monolake: Audio Lab
  304. Stephan Mathieu: Die Entdeckung Des Wetters
  305. Mark Hamilton and Jim Lambie: VOIDOID 45 rpm LP
  306. Hanne Darboven: Opus 17a
  307. Coil: Gold is the Metal with the Broadest Shoulders
  308. Coil: Time Machines
  309. Coil ANS
  310. Ultra Red: A16 Ultra-red
  311. Terre Thaemiltz: Terre Thaemlitz : Soil
  312. Black Sun Productions: Toilet Chant
  313. Diana Burgoyne, Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Raymond Gervais, Nicole Gingras, Skoltz Kolgen, Erika Lincoln, Daniel Olson, Rober Racine, Jocelyn Robert, and Martin Tetreault: Frottements : objets et surfaces sonores / Frictions : Sound Objects and Surfaces
  314. John Armleder and Team404: Frozen Microwave Music CD - Armleder, John + Team404
  315. Eric Doeringer: CD 2002
  316. Mike Kelley: Silver Ball (Light and Color, Mostly)
  317. Mike Kelley and Jim Shaw: Destroy All Monsters - Radio Teardrop
  318. CCMC Volume 1
  319. Dave Allen: The Mirrored Catalogue D’Oiseaux
  320. Rohan Drape, Neil Kelly, Danius Kesmias, and Michael Stevenson: Slave Pianos: A Diagnosis, 1998-2001
  321. Nitsch Hermann: 7. Sinfonie
  322. Brian Eno: We Love You
  323. Steve Reich: Sextet Six Marimbas: CD
  324. Vito Acconci: Live To Air: Artists’ sound works box
  325. Gertrude Stein Readings
  326. Sidney (DJ SID) Stucki: Untitled
  327. Andrew J. Paterson: Symptoms of Whatever
  328. Paul Panhuysen: Maciunas Ensemble: Number Made Audible
  329. Hermann Nitsch: Musik der 60, Actin
  330. Hermann Nitsch: Orgelkonzert - Nitsch, Hermann
  331. Maurizio Nannucci: Keeping Time ZonaRadio
  332. Muntadas: Stadium
  333. Milan Knizak: Broken Music
  334. Martin Kippenberger: Greatest Hits
  335. Mike Kelley and Tony Oursler: Poetics CD - Kelley, Mike and Oursler,Tony
  336. Tony Oursler: Poetics CD
  337. Bernard Heidsieck: Vaduz
  338. Rodney Graham: Verwandlungsmusik Orchestral Highlights from Parsifal
  339. Malcolm Goldstein: Vision Soundings
  340. Henry Flynt: You Are My Everlovin: Celestial Power
  341. Philip Corner: Metal Meditations
  342. Janet Cardiff: The Missing Voice
  343. Vito Acconci: Photoworks, Videos Et Films Super 8 1969-72