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Jonathan Parent
squint fucker press
14.2 × 12.5 cm

Jonathan Parant has documented the spectral voices which emerge from things when we listen to them with fascination. His pieces indicate that there’s always a type of murmur which obligates us to remain attentive to what could happen, of what has happened, or what will never happen. Because the moment of listening inscribes us in the interstices of time. Therefore, let us not try to comprehend these little sound objects, but listen to them, “lean in their direction”, travel to nowhere with them.

Each cover has a unique burn mark on it.

Edition of 500. From Squint Fucker Press – Squint00E

Track Listing:

1 Untitled 3:43
2 Untitled 3:59
3 Untitled 4:46
4 Untitled 14:07
5 Untitled 8:16
6 Untitled 5:49
7 Untitled 5:46
8 Untitled 8:22

  1. littérature

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