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sitting on theories on the frontier of extension

Cal Crawford
squint fucker press
13 × 13 cm

Here Crawford examines the impossibilities of holding still. For ‘sitting on theories on the frontier on extension ‘, his first full length solo CD, he generated sounds by sitting on top of a bundle of blankets with a microphone rolled up into its center. This one hour process was his starting point. He did further recordings by putting pressure on various types of microphones: in water, clothing, skin, etc. Pressure was also created by heat with boiling water. The title “sitting on theories on the frontier on extension” refers to Crawford’s attempts to create a spatially extended recording from acts that lacked a movement through space and instead focused on increasing the distance of/inside specific points, pressure points.

Edition of 500.

Track Listing:

1 Untitled 16:00
2 Untitled 4:20
3 Untitled 15:30
4 Untitled 7:55
5 Untitled 4:38
6 Untitled 7:10
7 Untitled 8:58
8 Untitled 1:39
9 Untitled 6:59

  1. sitting on theories on the frontier of extension

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