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The Art Lodge Tapes: Albatross Note

Albatross Note
Evil Evil
14.1 × 12.4 cm

Internationally renowned for their visual art, The Art Lodge have had numerous solo exhibitions all over the world. Albatross Note’s singer, Marcel Dzama, is also known for the album art of other bands: including the video and album art for Beck’s Guero, as well as the cover of Reconstruction Site by the Weakerthans. The Art Lodge Tapes is a logical extension of the bizarre and fantastical visual art of the Royal Art Lodge.

Albatross Note is situated in the centre of Canada, in the city of Winnipeg. It is a city of extreme cold, where the temperature can plummet to as low as minus 55 degrees for weeks at a time. It was on a week like this that the songs of The Art Lodge Tapes were written and recorded. The group began as a Yoko Ono and Lee Hazelwood cover band with Marcel’s 10-year-old sister, Hollie Dzama, on vocals. This influence can still be heard in the music, which is a mix of honesty and unpretentiousness.

Long live Albatross Note.

1. Last Winter

2. Lotus Eater

3. Won’t You Go

4. In the Morning

5. In the Evening

6. Mother

7. White Lies

8. Race Track

9. Na Na Na

10. I Stole Your Pants

11. Gerauseh Music

  1. The Art Lodge Tapes

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