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Raw Reads

13 × 13 × 0.5 cm

Born internationally and found everywhere, Gravitons are a musical duo pairing Jill L Aston on guitar and Mani Mazinani on drums. Gravitons think with vigour on structural elements of music, with a continuity that incites/invites focus. Raw Reads, their debut full length (released in 2007 on Free Market Records) was described as “explosive and meditative at the same time”. Each plastic jewel case package was hand-sprayed in three colours by Gravitons.

From Kevin Hainey of Weird Canada:

“Released spray painted in immaculate CDR format way back in the glorious and fruitful days of Toronto’s converging avant-garde and noise scenes circa 2007, Raw Reads showcases Gravitons at the pinnacle of their intent — scorching free noise guitar that can’t settle on a fret, let alone a board, blistering out of Jill Aston’s petite and pummelling hands, and free jazz drums that dance and kick and roll and crash without ever settling down on any grooves, from the gifted mind and soul of Mani Mazinani.

Gravitons have been a long running staple of Toronto’s chin scratcher scene, despite their relatively sporadic quietness on the assault front these days (Mani and Jill were recently married, by way of congratulations… so they’ve got other things in life and art going on, let me assure you). The two 30-minute runs headlong into the sun documented upon Raw Reads, however, can stand as undying testament to what Gravitons have accomplished and will undoubtedly fire up again when they feel the need. Until then, there is lots from these two cats on their Free Market Records website for you to collect and enjoy.”

Numbered edition of 100

  1. Raw Reads

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