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John Oswald
12.5 × 12.5 × 1 cm

An epic composition made up of only one note! The master of Plunderphonics, John Oswald, returns with a dense collage from a variety of source materials, all tethered to the core note of A natural.

From the liner notes:

“I usually already have an idea of the tangent I would like to take when I accept an invitation, and in this case it was the one-note idea. I was hoping to find an interesting way to follow a single specific pitch gradually through many states; it would be, in a sense, the morphing of a pitch through various instrumental, acoustic and electronic forms… Now when I say that aparanthesi is one note I mean that it is one specific pitch and manifestations of that pitch in the various audible octaves. For A there are ten audible octaves, from the lowest note on most pianos (A=27.5 Hz) to 5 octaves above A 440, which is 14,080 Hz. These ten manifestations of simple halvings and doublings of a set frequency are the entire harmonic content of aparanthesi — any deviations from this frequency gravitate back to it, by various means.” -Oswald

Liner notes contain an extended interview with Oswald as well as a French language description of the album: “An Aparanthetic Bio.”

Empreintes Digitales, Montreal, Canada

  1. Aparanthesi

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