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Dubious Pleasures

Rob Clutton
14 × 12.3 × 1 cm

This 2005 album from Toronto’s Rob Clutton features solo double bass compositions and improvisations.

From David Dacks of Exclaim: “On his solo acoustic bass disc, Dubious Pleasures, he sets out to create as diverse a set of approaches to his instrument as is possible. Each piece balances sonic innovation, improvisation, compositional intent and his unerring instinct for melodies, while throwing in the odd catchy hook… The CD remains low key (hey, it is solo bass) but it’s a very heartfelt statement and is very much in keeping with the adventurous and deeply bizarre spirit of the Rat Drifting label.”

Produced and Recorded by Eugene Martynec. Recorded at Automata Sonique in Toronto 2004. Additional Mastering by John Oswald at M Lab. Design by Lewis Nicholson. Photography by Rob Clutton. Made in Canada.

Track Listing:

1 Taken Over By The Hounds Of Reason 3:33
2 How Big Are The Dots 10:05
3 Formal Garden 6:09
4 Mr. Taciturn 1:52
5 Half Smile 3:48
6 Air 2:09
7 Cloak 2:40
8 Musicians And Animals 4:10
9 Pond 13:06

  1. Dubious Pleasures

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