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  1. Marshall McLuhan: COUNTERBLAST
  2. Randy Lee Cutler: Invisible Forces
  3. Elizabeth A. Povinelli: Routes/Worlds
  4. Boris Groys: Logic of the Collection
  5. Susan Schuppli: Material Witness: Media, Forensics, Evidence
  6. Be Oakley : Manifesto, Profit-For-Survival
  7. Reinhold Görling, Barbara Gronau, and Ludger Schwarte: Aesthetics of Standstill
  8. Walter Benjamin: The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
  9. grupa o.k. (J. Myers and J. Szupinska): Supplement 4: Stagelessness
  10. Hotel Theory Reader
  11. Andrea Fraser: 2016 in Museums, Money, and Politics
  12. LIES Volume II
  13. Donal McGraith: Leaving No Mark: Prolegomena to an Evanescent Art
  14. Andrew Zealley: MFAIDS
  15. Andrew Zealley: Black Light District
  16. Sidsel Meineche Hansen and Tom Vandeputte: Politics of Study
  17. Pascal Gielen: No Culture, No Europe
  18. Andrew Zealley: Disco Hospital
  19. October Magazine Issue 153
  20. No Internet, No Art
  21. October Magazine Issue 152
  22. October Magazine Issue 151
  23. Mark von Schlegell: Ickles, Etc.
  24. October Magazine Issue 149
  25. Voluspå
  26. October 148
  27. Nichola Feldman-Kiss: nichola feldman-kiss: mean body
  28. Jean Gagnon: Pornography in the Urban World
  29. Ramon Amaro, James Bridle, Kodwo Eshun, Jennifer Gabrys, Tom Holert, Murad Khan, Doreen Mende, Matteo Pasquinelli, Laura Lo Presti, Patricia Reed, Mariana Silva, Nikolay Smirnov, Oraib Toukan, and Brian Kuan Wood: Navigation Beyond Vision
  30. HOLO 3
  31. Dhanveer Singh Brar: Teklife, Ghettoville, Eski
  32. Stefanie Hessler: Sex Ecologies
  33. Suzana Milevska: On Productive Shame, Reconciliation, and Agency
  34. Lauren Fournier: Autotheory as Feminist Practice in Art, Writing, and Criticism
  35. Decolonizing Architecture Art Residency, Sandi Hilal, Alessandro Petti, and Eyal Weizman: Architecture After Revolution
  36. Radicalizing Care
  37. Schizo-Culture, 2-vol. set
  38. Dylan Robinson: Hungry Listening: Resonant Theory for Indigenous Sound Studies
  39. Keavy Martin and Dylan Robinson: Arts of Engagement
  40. Pascal Gielen and Niels Van Tomme: Aesthetic Justice
  41. John Berger : Why Look at Animals?
  42. Douglas Coupland: Extraordinary Canadians: Marshall Mcluhan
  43. Hans Ulrich Obrist: Sharp Tongues, Loose, Lips, Open Eyes, Ears to the Ground
  44. Katharina Schendl: Notes on Contemporary Art in Kosovo
  45. Markus Miessen and Zoe Ritts: Para-Platforms
  46. Anne Kockelkorn and Nina Zschocke: Productive Universal Specific Situations
  47. Milena Mercer : Altered States
  48. Honoré de Balzac: Treatise on Modern Stimulants
  49. Micah Silver: Figures in Air
  50. Rowan Lynch: Tie It Off & Count Again
  51. Shumon Basar, Douglas Coupland, and Hans Ulrich Obrist: Age of Earthquakes
  52. BaJia House 2
  53. Manuel Arturo Abreu and Rafaela Dražić: Incalculable Loss
  54. Aeron Bergman, Rafaela Dražić, and Alejandra Salinas: Telepathy
  55. Judgement and Contemporary Art Criticism
  56. More Than Real: Art in the Digital Age
  57. Nataša Bodrožic and Irena Boric: Politics of Feelings/Economies of Love
  58. Walter Benjamin and Carl Skoggard: The “Berlin Chronicle“ Notices
  59. Doris Sommer: For a Collaborative and Interdisciplinary Lexicon of Cultural Agents
  60. Felicity Tayler: The Grey Guide to Artist-Run Publishing & Circulation
  61. Nocturnal Fabulations
  62. W. E. B. Du Bois, Frantz Fanon, Arthur Jafa, Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts, and Sylvia Wynter: “On the Blackness of Blacknuss“ Pamphlet set
  63. Juhani Pallasmaa and Sarah Robinson: Mind in Architecture
  64. Avery F. Gordon: Ghostly Matters
  65. Samiha Meem: The Anti-White Space
  66. A Theory of the Manifesto or a Manifesto for Manifestos
  67. Bruno Latour: An Attempt at a “Compositionist Manifesto“
  68. #ACCELERATE MANIFESTO for an Accelerationist Politics
  69. Radio Alice
  70. The Suspended Step of Communization
  71. Fred Moten: In The Break
  72. Erin Manning and Brian Massumi: Thought In The Act
  73. José Esteban Muñoz: Disidentifications
  74. Anna-Sophie Springer and Etienne Turpin: Fantasies of the Library
  75. The Rhythmic Event
  76. Participation
  77. Felicity D. Scott: Outlaw Territories
  78. Laura U. Marks: Enfoldment and Infinity
  79. Jennifer A. González: Subject to Display
  80. Ethics
  81. Signs of Life
  82. Animals
  83. T.J. Demos: Decolonizing Nature
  84. Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige: The Rumors of the World
  85. Raoul Vaneigem: The Book of Pleasures: Chapters II & III
  86. Juan Caloca: Untitled Manifesto
  87. Abraham Cruzvillegas: Autoconstrucción
  88. Raoul Vaneigem: The Book of Pleasures: Chapter I
  89. LIES Volume I
  90. Model Minority
  91. October 156
  92. Pascal Gielen: Spaces for Criticism
  93. Rudi Laermans: Moving Together
  94. Anna M. Szarflarski: Letters to the Editors
  95. General Idea: Showcards
  96. Manuel Saiz: 101 Excusas
  97. October Magazine Issue 155
  98. Theory Boner 2
  99. Terry Smith: Talking Contemporary Curating
  100. Franco “Bifo“ Berardi: And: Phenomenology of the End
  101. Turning Inward
  102. David Maroto and Joanna Zielinska: Artist Novels
  103. Jens Hoffmann: Theater of Exhibitions
  104. João Ribas : In The Holocene
  105. Pierre Hermé: The Architecture of Taste
  106. John Cage: Diary
  107. E. M. Forster: The Machine Stops
  108. Aesthetic Basic Chronicle, Vol. 1
  109. To Our Friends
  110. Benjamin Buchloh: Formalism and Historicity
  111. Vito Acconci, lynda benglis, Louise Bourgeois, Gerard Byrne, George Chakravarthi, Judy Chicago, vaginal davis, Wim Delvoye, Elmgreen & Dragset, VALIE EXPORT, Guillermo Gomez-Pena, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, harmony hammond, claudette johnson, Mary Kelly, Yayoi Kusama, and Robert: Sexuality
  112. Alexsander Klose: The Container Principle
  113. Systems
  114. Textures of the Anthropocene
  115. Collapse VIII
  116. How to Act?
  117. Silke Otto-Knapp: Questions of Travel
  118. Keller Easterling: Subtraction
  119. Cultures of the Curatorial 2: Timing: On the Temporal Dimension of Exhibiting
  120. The Phantom of Liberty
  121. Céline Condorelli: The Company She Keeps
  122. Ian Whittlesea: Becoming Invisible
  123. The City As A Project
  124. Peter Wolfendale: Object-Oriented Philosophy
  125. Gilles Châtelet: To Live and Think Like Pigs
  126. The Grand Domestic Revolution Handbook
  127. World 3
  128. Steve Reich: Writings about Music
  129. F. R. David, Spring 2014, “All Distinctions Are Mind, By Mind, Of Mind“
  130. F.R. David 9 Spring 2012 “This Is Not New Of Course“
  131. F. R. David Summer 2010, “With Love“
  132. Alison Britton: Seeing Things (Collected Writing On Art, Craft And Design)
  133. Walter Benjamin: Recent Writings
  134. Peter Sloterdijk: Bubbles
  135. Beatriz Colomina: Critical Spatial Practice 3: Manifesto Architecture
  136. Boris Groys: On The New
  137. The Exhibitionist No. 9
  138. Pascal Gielen: The Murmuring of the Artistic Multitude: Global Art, Memory and Post-Fordism
  139. Chantal Pontbriand: The Contemporary, The Common: Art in a Globalizing World