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  1. Geoffrey Farmer: The Surgeon and the Photographer
  2. Keren Benbenisty: A A O UE
  3. Ryan Foerster: Untitled (October 2012)
  4. Martine Derks and Xavier Fernandez: Everybody’s Card
  5. Sarah Schneider: Waning
  6. NIGHTED Life 8
  7. Gart and HKSM: Ewe-Line
  8. Clearing
  9. Untitled Zine
  10. Stephen Gill: Hackney Flowers
  11. Vagrant Contour
  12. KLAT and KLAT: KLAT
  13. Robert Seydel: A Picture is Always a Book
  14. J. Parker Valentine: Fiction
  15. Some Canterbury Tales
  16. Pau Tiu: COPY PASTE
  17. Panayiotis Terzis: Megalith 4
  18. Ruth van Beek: The Cast
  19. Winston Hacking: Flayed Mainframe
  20. Giovanna Silva: Syria, A Travel Guide to Disappearance
  21. Ryan Foerster: Untitled (November 2015)
  22. June Crespo: Escanografías
  23. Nathaniel Russell: failed memoirs.
  24. Soup du Jour
  25. Go Figures
  26. Alicia Nauta: Alicia’s Klassic Kool Shoppe
  27. Chloë Sevigny: No time for love
  28. Double D’s
  29. Garret Darley: Sue Bonnie samples the luscious pink “fruit“ (and so can you)
  30. Ray Johnson: Not Nothing
  31. Kenzine Volume III
  32. Daan van Golden: Made in Tokyo
  33. Roni Horn: Everything was sleeping as if the universe were a mistake
  34. Eline Mugaas and Elise Storsveen: Album
  35. Paul Elliman: Untitled (September Magazine)
  36. Garret Darley: Anatomy of a Broken Fibula