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  1. Ron Giii: Hydrogen Lithium
  2. Ron Giii: Oxygen Theatre
  3. Yoko Ono: Everything in the Universe is Unfinished
  4. Roger Bywater and Jack Pierson: Tomorrow’s Man 4
  5. Hai-Hsin Huang: In The Park 在公園
  6.  Irana Douer: EXVOTO: Fábrica de Estampas
  7. Roberta Di Paolo: EXTRAÑAS VACACIONES
  8. Andrew Alexander, “Julieta Aranda“, Franco “Bifo” Berardi, Tyler Boss, “Kaye Cain-Nielsen“, Keller Easterling, Hu Fang, Liam Gillick, Courtney Menard, Reza Negarestani, Josh Neufeld, Elizabeth A. Povinelli, RAQS Media Collective, Martha Rosler, Anton Vidokle, and Mojo Wang: Wonderflux: A Decade of e-flux journal
  9. Where is the Friend’s House?
  10. Love Poems for Ceres
  11. Alicia Nauta: Take Root Among the Stars
  12. Alicia Nauta: A Moth Exits (Poster)
  13. Alicia Nauta: The Pattern
  14. Diapause
  15. Walter Scott: Wendy, Master of Art
  16. Marcel Alcalá: Puro Silencio
  17. Delilah Rosier  and Fraser Wright: Drawings by Delilah Rosier and Fraser Wright
  18. Ken Kagami: Freaky Dog and Freaky Boy
  19. Zin Taylor: Void Flowers
  20. Excerpts from an incomplete collection of the publications of Nathaniel Russell 1999-2014 - Special Edition
  21. Jeremy Jams: Facing Fictitious Fiction
  22. Mark G. MacKinnon: Adapted Remnant Groundslab Transfer Drawings 2009-2015
  23. Clay Hickson: Going Nowhere
  24. Rachel Howe: You Can Change Your Mind
  25. Finn Zygowski: Magnificent Desolation
  26. Ein Herz fur Menschen
  27. Another Classic
  28. Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous
  29. Jason McLean: Empty
  30. Jason McLean: Lookin to get Lost
  31. Phil Woollam: Crossways
  32. Crystallizations
  33. Secret Life
  34. Noah Lyon: TRIPS
  35. Cider House Rules
  36. Roy Drawings
  37. Primitive Beast, Language
  38. Iconic Breast T-Shirt
  39. Editorial Magazine Issue 13
  40. Untitled Zine
  41. Peter Kalyniuk: Lost in a Crowd of Ghosts
  42. Cortney Cassidy: Rhino
  43. Garret Darley: Telephone Pictionary
  44. Jeff Ladouceur: Schmo
  45. Jeff Ladouceur: Schmo
  46. Zora Mann’s Magical Coloring Book
  47. Provence Summer Reader
  48. Zug Magazine Issue 8
  49. KLAT and KLAT: KLAT
  50. Some Things 2
  51. Carousel Magazine Issue 34
  52. Iris Häussler: Joseph Wagenbach: Liebe macht machen überleben, Love makes making survive
  53. Some Canterbury Tales
  54. daisuke ichiba: Untitled Poster - B
  55. daisuke ichiba: Untitled Poster - A
  56. Hanna Hur: Get Well Soon
  57. is this the right word?
  58. Seth Scriver: Opposites Attract
  59. Otto Etraud: Nuestras historias son diferentes pero hay ejes en común
  60. Santiago Marín: Flags of Leisure
  61. Evelyn Taocheng Wang: Unintended Experience. A Job in Amsterdam
  62. Eunice Luk and Kitsutsuki Shiro: Yuyari Yuyari
  63. Alicia Nauta: A Moth Exits
  64. Alicia Nauta: Ants March In
  65. Alicia Nauta: Alicia’s Klassic Kool Shoppe part 3
  66. Jessica Baldanza: I Apologize
  67. David Shrigley: Goat Music
  68. Keith Haring: Manhattan Penis Drawings for Ken Hicks
  69. Midori Mitamura: UNIVERSE
  70. Juan Puyal: PUYAL in a Fantasy World
  71. Helmut Smits: Ideas and Thoughts
  73. Issues Magazine - Winter 2018
  74. Ingo Giezendanner: GRR72: Polis
  75. Juan Narowé: Argos
  76. Bia Bittencourt: Transa
  77. Bia Bittencourt: Amizade
  78. Antonia Carrara and Evelyn Taocheng Wang: Unintended Experience
  79. Kirsty Turnbull: Homebound
  80. Heidi Cho: A Safe Haven
  81. Amy Lockhart: Looking Inward, countrified limited
  82. Ingo Giezendanner: Grrrringo
  83. Hoyong Son: Plants
  84. Lindsay Anne Watson: I Don’t Need Eyes
  85. Eloisa Aquino: Madame Satã
  86. Eloisa Aquino and Jenny Lin: The Queers
  87. Eloisa Aquino: The Life & Times of Butch Dykes: Brazilian Singers
  88. Eloisa Aquino: The Life & Times of Butch Dykes: Gloria Anzaldúa
  89. Eloisa Aquino: Pajubá
  90. Justin Gordon: Home Recording
  91. Aaron Manczyk: Panthor 2
  92. Modern Laundry
  93. Emily Smit-Dicks and Josh Thorpe: The Unexpected
  94. Tetsunori Tawaraya: Monitor
  95. Ana Benaroya: Sunday Styles
  96. Tim Lahan: Anywhere
  97. Benjamin Rawson: If Jerry Can, Then Jerry Should Part 2
  98. Simon Landrein and Bas van de Poel: The Day the Internet Went Down
  99. Liana Jegers: Small Beer
  100. Nathaniel Russell: These Are the Ways in Which I Have Tried To Tell You
  101. Clay Hickson: Work It
  102. Clay Hickson: Vignettes
  103. Dino Matt: Every One of these is a Thought
  104. Nathaniel Russell: Stars Etcetera
  105. Justin Gordon: Hot Mess
  106. Michalis Pichler: Thirteen Years: The materialization of ideas from 2002 to 2015
  107. Soup du Jour
  108. PPP - The Zines of Paper Rad
  109. Go Figures
  110. Jason McLean: Love it to Death
  111. Michael Comeau: Hellberta
  112. Juliana Neufeld: New Growth
  113. William Leavitt: Alligator Maze Orchid
  114. Die Wandlungen
  115. Phil Woollam: Very Nice
  116. Matthew Thurber: Art Comic 2
  117. Michael DeForge: Lose #7
  118. Michael DeForge: Dressing
  119. Noah Lyon: WEIRDOS
  120. Jenn Kitagawa: Body
  121. Paul Windle: Cars with Stuff on Top
  122. Milkweed
  123. Salvatore Arancio: Wonders of the Volcano
  124. Keith Jones and Seth Scriver: Perish Plains Vol. 3
  125. Hayan Kam Nakache: Geziret Al Dahab
  126. Aaron / Benjamin
  127. Justin Gordon: Paperback Museum
  128. Jonny Petersen: Mystery Party
  129. Benjamin Marra: Terror Assaulter (One Man War on Terror)
  130. Juliana Neufeld: Next Morning
  131. Seth Scriver: Blob Top 2
  132. Marc Bell: Boutique Mag #1
  133. Sturtevant: Drawing Double Reversal
  134. Ray Johnson: Not Nothing
  135. Raymond Pettibon: Surfers: 1985–2014
  136. Yuichi Yokoyama: Ourselves
  137. Dan Graham and Jessica Russell: Architecture/Astrology
  138. Zora Mann’s Magical Coloring Book
  139. Anton Bruhin: Copfi
  141. Peacocks with Hiccups
  142. Roee Rosen: Maxim Komar-Myshkin: Vladimir’s Night
  143. Dorothy Iannone: You Who Read Me With Passion Now Must Forever Be My Friends
  144. Ian Whittlesea: Becoming Invisible
  145. Gerhard Richter: Comic Strip
  146. Editorial Magazine Tote Bag
  147. Editorial Magazine Sweatshirt
  148. Walter Scott: Wendy
  149. Charles Gaines: Gridwork 1974-1989
  150. Edward Sanders: A Book of Glyphs
  151. David Robilliard: The Yes No Quality of Dreams
  152. Philip Woollam: Object Desire
  153. Eunice Luk: Not a line, but a poem
  154. Masanao Hirayama: 5400
  155. Saul Steinberg: The Line / Types of Architecture Shores of the Mediterranean / Cities of Italy
  156. Valentinas Klimašauskas: B and/or an Exhibithion Guide In Search of Its Exhibition
  157. Keith Jones: Morons book bag
  158. Keith Jones: Morons Issue #1
  159. Toronto Map
  160. Eunice Luk: Half the time...
  161. Walter Scott: Wendy Critical Reader