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  1. Kerry James Marshall
  2. Lorna Brown, Linnea Dick, Beau Dick, Guujaaw, Gyauustees, Tarah Hogue, Chief Robert Joseph, Wanda Nanibush, Shelly Rosenblum, Charlotte Townsend-Gault, and Scott Watson: Lalakenis/All Directions
  3. Insahyt Catalog 700-779 V.1
  4. Pizza is God
  5. (detail)
  6. Neil Wedman: Selected Monochromatic Paintings and Works on Paper
  7. Drinkers of Quintessences
  8. $5 Handshake: Art on Treaty 8 Territory
  9. Earthlings
  10. Art Metropole: Le Top 100
  11. Meschac Gaba
  12. Andreas Angelidakis and Karen Marta: Fin de Siècle
  13. The Propeller Group
  14. Jeneen Frei Njootli
  15. Hannah Black, Noa Bronstein, Eric Cazdyn, Aleesa Cohene, Allison Collins, Matthew Hyland, and Jamillah James: I Don’t Get It: The Work of Aleesa Cohene
  16. Hannah Claus, Naomi Johnson, and Erin Sutherland: Hannah Claus
  17. Allan Balisi, Zeus Bascon, Nice Buenaventura, Dina Gadia, Julio San Jose, Nile Pobadora, Bryan Pollero, Luis Santos, Tatong Torres, Costantino Zicarelli, and Nils-Thomas Økland: Against The Adjacent Ones: Supplemantary publication for Artinformal group exhibition
  18. Bernhard Cella: When Home Won’t Let You Stay
  19. Edita: Self-publishing Practices in Contemporary Mexico
  20. Bernhard Cella: Salon für Kunstbuch
  21. Nichola Feldman-Kiss: witness | témoin
  22. Pipilotti Rist: Your Saliva is my Diving Suit in the Ocean of Pain
  23. Kara Hamilton: OLD GOLD
  24. Ryan Foerster: Shoot the Lobster
  25. David Bestué: Esculturas/Sculptures
  26. PPP - The Zines of Paper Rad
  27. Jon Knowles: The Last Decayed
  28. Hamish Fulton and Michael Höpfner: Canto di strada
  29. B.C. Almanac(h) C-B
  30. General Idea: The AIDS Project
  31. Peter Fischli and David Weiss: Peter Fischli & David Weiss: Plötzlich diese Übersicht
  32. Saul Anton and Lee Friedlander: Lee Friedlander: The Little Screens
  33. Michal Budny
  34. Das Wunder des Lebens
  35. Carsten Holler: Leben
  36. Clearing
  37. Curious Encounters
  38. Clubgoers
  39. Ragnar Kjartansson: The Visitors
  40. Anna Kutera
  41. Rafal Buj­now­ski: The Politics of Painting
  42. Dane Mitchell: Radiant Matter 1/11/111
  43. Ragnar Kjartansson: Take Me Here by the Dishwasher
  44. On Kawara - Silence
  45. July, August, September 2012
  46. M:ST 5 Performative Art Festival 2010
  47. Adam Overton: the BESHT weekly
  48. Muntadas: Warning: Perception requires involvement
  49. Erika Altosaar: L’Anonyme
  50. Rock Lore: Acts Of Persuasion And Perversion by Allison Collins
  51. Public Access: 1999 & Beyond (VHS edition)
  52. Reoccurrence: serial motifs
  53. Diane Borsato
  54. Art School {dismissed}
  55. Marie Lund: Turtles
  56. Klaus Scherübel: VOL. 13
  57. Jason De Haan and Miruna Dragan: The Wood and Wave Each Other Know
  58. Ron Terada: Who I Think I Am
  59. Beck Hansen and Al Hansen: Beck & Al Hansen: Playing with Matches
  60. Paul Butler: My Mad Skillz
  61. Cheap Meat Dreams and Acorns
  62. AA Bronson and Peter Hobbs: Queer Spirits
  63. WOOD-Blackwood Gallery catalogue
  64. Michael Snow: Cinema, Installazioni, Video e Arti Visuali
  65. Snow Seen: The Films and Photographs of Michael Snow
  66. Brian Groombridge
  67. Tony Romano: Notary Moon
  68. Husar Handbook
  69. Bruce Barber: Work 1970 – 2008
  70. The Films and Videos of Jamelie Hassan
  71. Birdhead: BAG ART: Toronto Shopping Guide
  72. Askevold Dube Ferguson Jarden Kelly McNamara Murray Robertson Waterman Young Zuck
  73. Laura De Decker: Interzone 002: images and animation created with code
  74. David Beattie: The Weight of the Sky
  75. no -mo video
  76. spbm: Complex Order: Institutions in Public Space
  77. Into the Blue
  78. Cheryl Sourkes: Public Camera
  79. World Telekinesis Competition
  80. Ron Benner: Gardens of a Colonial Present
  81. Three Hours Between Planes
  82. Ironic to Iconic: The Performance Works of Tanya Mars
  83. Ducha, Jean-Pascal Flavien, and Gabriel Lester: CAPACETE
  84. Meg Cranston: Hot Pants in a Cold Cold World
  85. Mitch Robertson: 5,6,7: Economics of Good and Evil
  86. The Present Tense Through the Ages: On the Recent Work of Gerard Byrne
  87. Ruben Ortiz Torres: Rubin Ortiz Torres: Behind The Garage Funk
  88. Myfanwy MacLeod: A Brief Overview of Personology
  89. Ron Giii: Hegel’s Salt Man: writings/works 1975-2007
  90. Astrid Klein: Photoworks 1984-1986
  91. Peter Garfield
  92. Jordi Colomer
  93. Pedro Cabrita Reis: The Silence Within
  94. Stefan Gec
  95. Stefan Altenburger: Objekte, Installationen, Fotografien
  96. José Damasceno: Jose Damasceno
  97. Maria Hahnenkamp
  98. Ulrich Meister
  99. Astrid Klein
  100. 18:Beckett
  101. Cathy Busby: The North End
  102. Vicious Circle
  103. Young Scandinavian Artists
  104. Jakub Dolejš: Mirabilia, Special Edition
  105. Jakub Dolejš: Mirabilia
  106. Lisa Klapstock: Liminal
  107. David Buchan: Man About Town
  108. Germaine Koh: Works
  109. at the edge of the night a fairytale ties roses
  110. Elizabeth LeMoine: Courage
  111. Tom Dean
  112. Kenneth Coutts-Smith: Meditations on a Landscape
  113. Ian Baxter: Food for Thought
  114. Builders: Canadian Biennial 2012
  115. Status.
  116. Muntadas: Entre/Between
  117. Muntadas: Protokolle
  118. Dan Graham, Pavilions: a guide
  119. Geoffrey Farmer, Brian Jungen, and Myfanwy MacLeod: The Beachcombers: Geoffrey Farmer, Brian Jungen, Myfanwy MacLeod
  120. Barbara Balfour: Barbara McGill Balfour: Selfish
  121. Brian Jungen
  122. Geoffrey Farmer
  123. Eric Metcalfe: Laura
  124. Julie Voyce: Paste-Up
  125. Nichola Feldman-Kiss: nichola feldman-kiss: mean body
  126. Art Metropole: The Top 100
  127. Glenn Ligon: Some Changes
  128. Steve Reinke: The Hundred Videos
  129. Julie Voyce
  130. John Massey: Phantoms of the Modern
  131. Gabriel Orozco: Empty Club
  132. Henrik Olesen: HENRIK OLESEN
  133. Renee Green: RENÉE GREEN
  134. Angela Bulloch: ANGELA BULLOCH
  135. Renee Green: RENÉE GREEN: Between and Including
  136. Rirkrit Tiravanija: RIRKRIT TIRAVANIJA
  137. Silvia Kolbowski: SILVIA KOLBOWSKI
  138. Jeong-A Koo: KOO JEONG-A
  139. Josephine Pryde: JOSEPHINE PRYDE
  140. Artists’ Books, revisited
  141. Dyke Action Machine, Mike Hickey, and Johannes Zits: QC: Queer Culture
  142. Olivier Millagou: Pumping on your Stereo
  143. Claes Oldenburg: Multiples 1964 to 1990
  144. Bruce Nauman: 25 Years
  145. Maurizio Nannucci: 11 Italienische Kunstler in Munchen
  146. Four Artists (Artist Space)
  147. Keith Wallace: Whispered Art History
  148. Micah Lexier: Managing Documents 1967-1974
  149. Learn to Read Art
  150. Susan Schuppli and Kathryn Walter : World in a City
  151. Videoscape
  152. David Buchan, Colin Campbell, John Greyson, Ian Murray, Rober Racine, Clive Robertson, Tom Sherman, and Lisa Steele: A Space at 222 Warehouse (Robin Collyer, curator)
  153. Truck Stop 12
  154. Transpositions
  155. Transmission
  156. Terra Firma
  157. Michael Snow: Snow, Weiner, Nannucci
  158. Sensoria From Censorium
  159. Round Up ’89
  160. Robert Flack: Parts
  161. Nether Mind
  162. Spring Hurlbut, Ron Martin, John Massey, and Becky Singleton: Hurlbut, Massey, Martin, and Singleton
  163. Headquarters Men-Size
  164. Fotofeis Basic
  165. Fotofeis 95
  166. For Lack of Evidence
  167. Robert Fones, Rodney Graham, Pakasaar, and Bill Viola: Eye of Nature
  168. Pakasaar: Eye of Nature (signed)
  169. Angelica Bader: Das Gesetz Der Guten Gestalt
  170. Casa De La Americas
  171. Daina Augaitis: Between Views
  172. Krefeld Nurnberg: Artist’s Proof: American & European artists
  173. Vincent Trasov: Word Paintings
  174. Serge Spitzer
  175. Susan Schuppli: Domicile
  176. Anne Ramsden: Residence
  177. Heinz-Gunter Prager: H.G. Prager
  178. Michelango Pistoletto
  179. Garry Neill Kennedy: AM Catalogue no.19, 1997
  180. Berit Jensen: Relative States of Horror Vacui
  181. Carl Skelton: The Tourist
  182. Cornelia Hess Honeggen: The Future’s Mirror
  183. Douglas Gordon: Through a Looking Glass
  184. Eldon Garnet: Trembling
  185. Robert Flack and Andrew Zealley: This is True to Me
  186. Tom Dean: The Ten Commandments
  187. Eric Cameron: In the Picture and Lawn
  188. David Buchan: Inside the Image
  189. David Askevold: Red Rider