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Eye of Nature (signed)

Walter Phillips Gallery
21 × 26 cm

A publication initiated by exhibitions held at the Walter Phillips Gallery in Banff, Alberta in 1989. Taking these exhibitions as a starting point, essays and other artist projects are brought together to provide a provocative look at art and the construction of notions of nature. Contributions by Bill Viola, Laurie Walker, Jeffery Spalding, Ritsuko Taho, and Christina Kubisch, whose works were in the original exhibitions. Essays by Daina Augaitis, Helga Pakasaar, Hans Dickel. Robert Fones, Rodney Graham, Carroll Moppett and Edward Poitras provide additional points of view through projects of similar concerns. Other contributors include David Garneau, Matthew Teitelbaum, Scott Watson and Maureen P. Sherlock.

  1. Eye of Nature (signed)

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