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Art School {dismissed}

self published
26 × 25 × 0.8 cm

A catalogue featuring documentation of the 54 artist projects that took place at Toronto’s historic Shaw Street Public School over three days in May, 2010.

The exhibition at the Shaw street school was meant to highlight artists of all disciplines who teach as a part of their creative practice.

Includes Debbie Adams, Lois Andison, Barbara Astman, Barbara Balfour, Mark Crofton Bell, Yael Brotman, Ian Carr Harris & Yvonne Lammerich, Lyn Carter, John Armstrong and Paul Collins, Moira Clark, Nicole Collins, Tara Cooper & Terry O’Neil, Luigi Ferrara & Company, Peter Freeman, Carlo Cesta, Johanna Householder, Paulette Phillips, Catherine Heard, Gordon Hicks, Ed Pien, Alexander Irving, Michelle Irving, Shelagh Keeley, Stan Krzyzanowski, Colette Laliberte & Sandra Rechico and many others.

Edited by Heather Nicol. Includes texts by Ian Carr-Harris, Yvonne Lammerich, Murray Whyte, Jessica Vallentin

Signed Edition of 300

  1. Art School {dismissed}

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