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BAG ART: Toronto Shopping Guide

Gendai Gallery
35 × 57.5 cm

Exhibition texts produced for the project BAG ART :Birdhead Affordable Game Project (launched in 2009 at Art Metropole) Texts by Gordon Lebredt, Yam Lau and Earl Miller. BAGART by Daisuke Takeya, Barbara Balfour, Anitra Hamilton, Emilie Chhangur and Gordon Lebredt

In April 2009, Birdhead initiated a collaborative project with various artists. In the project, one representative work from each artist was

selected to be printed on inexpensive 24-inch paper with artists’ prior authorization. Meanwhile, Birdhead designed a series of frame-stencils for the project and paired each printed art work with spray-painted frame-stencils.

The project is aimed at disseminating art work at a low operation cost. The whole project is titled: Birdhead Affordable Game, a.k.a. B.A.G.

Birdhead set the service fee at RM. To convert this fee to currencies outside of mainland China, Birdhead has developed the Big Mac Index, which is the equivalant of the local price of 88 Big Macs in the country concerned.

As the art work can not be moved once it’s installed, Birdhead will grant the buyer a certificate with signatures from all three parties: Birdhead, the collaborating artist and the buyer.

The BAG art project is aimed at shortening the distance between art and the public. Birdhead seeks collaborations with other artists around the world as well as partnerships with various organizations, both art and non-art, outside Shanghai.

Each partner-organization is a local representative in this game. They are responsible for promoting the project and providing delivery and installation services to the buyers in local cities.

  1. BAG ART: Toronto Shopping Guide

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