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Brian Groombridge

Brian Groombridge
Susan Hobbs
15 × 23 × 0.5 cm

A catalogue for the artist’s exhibition at the Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto in 2008.

Groombridge continues his long engagement with metaphorical reductionism, referencing codification itself – Susan Hobbs Gallery

As Charles Reeve observes in his essay for the catalogue, “Art seems transparent when it invokes code we understand, when it speaks our language, when it meets our expectations. Groombridge reverses the equation—by withholding meaning while making clear that his art has one, he encourages other meanings to proliferate, while pointing out that all art has the potential to be obscure. All art speaks in code. Obscurity and clarity are functions of knowing or not knowing a particular code, not of whether a given work is coded. Beyond that, what seems obscure in Groombridge’s work actually is the metaphorical point: a message that, drained of purpose, goes nowhere.”

  1. Brian Groombridge

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