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  1. Carlos Bunga, Emily Butler, and Ines Costa: Carlos Bunga: Something Necessary and Useful
  2. Maureen Gruben: QULLIQ
  3. Sarah Sze: Timekeeper
  4. Sarah Sze: Centrifuge
  5. geetha thurairajah: Cutting Corners
  6. Gord Peteran: Furniture
  7. Geoffrey Farmer: The Surgeon and the Photographer
  8. Maya Ben David: Preggy Anthro Plane
  9. Susan For Susan Inc.: 710
  10. Susan For Susan Inc.: 591
  11. Katie Bethune-Leamen: Tiny silver hat (best for placing atop something that could really use it or deserves it perhaps--also they fit quite well on a fingertip)
  12. Katie Bethune-Leamen: A bar of Dr. Bronner’s soap (lavender scent)—ALL-ONE! (Guest Soap Size)
  13. Katie Bethune-Leamen: A bar of Dr. Bronner’s soap (lavender scent)—ALL-ONE!
  14. Hillel Roman: Universal
  15. David Bestué: Esculturas/Sculptures
  16. Manuel Saiz: Tit for Tat
  17. Josephine Pryde: The Enjoyment of Photography
  18. Roman Signer: Slow Movement
  19. Peter Fischli and David Weiss: Peter Fischli & David Weiss: Plötzlich diese Übersicht
  20. Michal Budny
  21. Laurent Le Deunff: Arbres à Chat
  22. Félicia Atkinson and Bartolomé Sanson: The Last Frontier
  23. J. Parker Valentine: Fiction
  24. Anthony Cooper: Pillows (multi stack)
  25. Sara Cwynar and Tibi Tibi Neuspiel: Existential Cereal
  26. Marianne Hurum: Stretchers
  27. Alan Belcher and Daniela Salvioni: Alan Belcher at Josh Baer Gallery
  28. Ai Weiwei: Life Cycle
  29. Craters
  30. Symbolon
  31. Susan For Susan Inc.: 950
  32. Erica Prince: Container
  33. Erica Prince: Container
  34. Erica Prince: Container
  35. Erica Prince: Container
  36. Liz Magor
  37. Chantal Pontbriand: Parachute: The Anthology, Vol. IV
  38. Dino Matt: Every One of these is a Thought
  39. Nathaniel Russell: failed memoirs.
  40. Doug Melnyk and Chrysanne Stathacos: Were You Here?
  41. Dane Mitchell: Radiant Matter 1/11/111
  42. Jennifer Rose Sciarrino: 2015-06-21 – 2114-06-21 (multi-volume set)
  43. Jennifer Rose Sciarrino: 2015-06-21 – 2024-06-21