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2015-06-21 – 2114-06-21 (multi-volume set)

Jennifer Rose Sciarrino
Artists' Books
300 × 32 × 27 cm
Contemporary Art, Sculpture

2015-06-21 – 2114-06-21 is a multi-volume book work that charts the movement of the sun on the longest day of the year, June 21s, in Toronto, Canada, for a full century. It includes ten volumes and concrete bookends. Images of the city’s sky are generated though 3D modelling software and converted to a colour halftone in CMYK colours. Each spread depicts a successive hour in the 24 hours of the day, rendering the passing of time tangible. Human experience has an inherently obsessive relationship with time; it feels multiple, accumulated, unceasing and simultaneously unstable. As time progresses 2015-06-21 – 2024-06-21 will exist in the future, the present-future, past-present-future and will ultimately become a depiction only of the past. To suit the user’s needs, modelling softwares are designed to be both specific and ambiguous in rendering time and location. They have been programmed to recognize the earth’s rotation and in turn render the sky to represent accurate characteristics (e.g. quality of light, colour gradation, etc.) for specific times and locations. Through this use of formulaic prediction and visualization, we can experience objects and art works as they would appear in a specific future time and place.

  1. 2015–06–21 – 2114–06–21  by Jennifer Rose Sciarrino

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