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Roman Signer: Slow Movement

Roman Signer
Artists' Books
17 × 24 cm
48 pgs
Contemporary Art, Sculpture

Renowned for his sculptural installations and video works that push everyday objects and situations to absurd ends, Roman Signer’s latest commission uses the kayak – a longstanding symbol and form in his work for three decades.

Accompanying Signer’s exhibition in the Curve, Barbican, London (4 March–31 May 2015), this volume documents the transformative quality of the artist’s playful and surreal approach. Specifically made for the installation, the kayak moves through the Curve towed by a rope suspended from the ceiling, navigating the 90-metre long gallery as if moving through a canal.

Accompanying installation views, related work and an interview with the artist by David Signer, an essay by Rachel Withers explores the multiple facets of his innovative practice through his on-going interest in this object.

This title inaugurates a new publication series by Barbican Art Gallery and Ridinghouse that focuses on the Curve exhibition programme.

Saddle-bound, hardcover, b&w with colour illustrations.

  1. slow movement

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