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Steve Kado
Golden Spike Press
Artists' Books
10.5 × 17 × 0.4 cm
48 pp
Poetry, Text-Based Practice, Creative Writing

Steve Kado is an artist, writer and musician whose work includes performances, videos, sculptures, photographs and talking works. In his book of poems, Brian, Kado gives pseudonyms to his celebrity characters. Brian Gilcrest for Bradley Cooper, Carson Welch for Bill Murray, Allison Ng for Emma Stone. The book is written as a script to a movie or play, recounting actions on a play by play basis, but in an unusual format that varies per page. The changing format varies the way in which we experience the text and therefore, the story. In some places it urges us to quicken or slow our pace, to pause, to add emphasis, and allows room for interpretation and visual effect. Kado’s story is entertaining, odd, and leads to an unexpected and provocative ending.

Softcover, staple-bound, b&w risograph


  1. Brian

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