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New Poetry Titles for August 2016

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A curated selection of new poetry by Etel Adnan, Dolores Dorantes, Renee Gladman, Elizabeth Hall, Jennifer Tamayo, Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib, and an anthology edited by Fan Wu.

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  1. Poetry Selection August

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  2. Jasmine Reimer: Small Obstructions
  3. Banu Narciso: Sans Titre
  4. Eli Howey: Endless Vibrations Parallel Frequencies
  5. Oscar D’Artois: Teen Surf Goth
  6. Eli Howey: Forming 2
  7. Letters: Michael Morris and Concrete Poetry
  8. The 4 Poets Issue 4
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  13. The Four Poets, No.2
  14. Clint Burnham: The Benjamin Sonnets
  15. Hansjörg Mayer: Typo
  16. Gustave Morin: Clean Sails
  17. Susan Wheeler: Visitors

ed. Jason Dodge
  18. Poetry Slam Vol. 1
  19. Dodie Bellamy, Nayland Blake, Cecilia Corrigan, Amy De’Ath, Lynne Tillman, and Jackie Wang: SAY BYE TO REASON AND HI TO EVERYTHING
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  21. Steffanie Ling: Nascar
  22. Waldemar Cordeiro and Franz Mon: Waldemar Cordeiro & Franz Mon
  23. Félicia Atkinson and Bartolomé Sanson: The Last Frontier
  24. Laurel Woodcock
  25. Andrew J Paterson: Andrew James Paterson: Collection/Correction
  26. Adam Overton: A Dabblerist Manifesto by Matador Oven
  27. Robin Cameron: The Never Mind
  28. Brandon Downing: Lake Antiquity
  29. Model Minority
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  37. World 3