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Event Factory

Renee Gladman
Dorothy Project
Artists' Books
14 × 17.5 × 1 cm
136 pgs
Fiction, Literature

A “linguist-traveler” arrives by plane to Ravicka, a city of yellow air in which an undefined crisis is causing the inhabitants to flee. Although fluent in the native language, she quickly finds herself on the outside of every experience. Things happen to her, events transpire, but it is as if the city itself, the performance of life there, eludes her. Setting out to uncover the source of the city’s erosion, she is beset by this other crisis—an ontological crisis—as she struggles to retain a sense of what is happening.
Event Factory is the first in a series of novels (the second, The Ravickians, and the third, Ana Patova Crosses a Bridge, are also available) that Renee Gladman is writing about the invented city-state of Ravicka, a foreign “other” place fraught with the crises of American urban experience, not least the fundamental problem of how to move through the world at all.

Softcover, perfect-bound, b&w.

  1. Event Factory

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