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Die Nebel lichten sich/ The Fog Disperses

Leander Schönweger
Sternberg Press
Artists' Books
4 × 7.5 in
24 pages
Installation Art

A deserted campsite, a car with no one inside … Is anybody home? What has happened? Evolving from a project awarded the Kunsthalle Wien Prize 2014, the intent of contemporary artist Leander Schönweger’s latest installation, Die Nebel lichten sich (The Fog Disperses), documented in this slender exhibition catalog, is to engage the mystery rather than offer solutions. By leaving the event unexplained, Schonweger teases out questions regarding the power of knowledge, and the imbalance between control and controllability. Photographic fragments, preparatory notes, texts and recent sketches accompany color photographs of the installation. Both exhibition and catalogue are the outcome of a cooperative project between the Kunsthalle Wien and the University of Applied Arts. Foreword by Gerald Bast and curator and director of Kusthalle Wien, Nicolaus Schafhausen.

  1. Die Nebel lichten sich/ The Fog Disperses

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