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  1. N.E. Thing Co.: Companies Act
  2. Geoffrey Farmer: The Surgeon and the Photographer
  3. A Glass House Should Hold No Terrors
  4. Posters: November 1965-April 1986
  5. Peter Rozek: BC TO BC
  6. Ziggurat: General Idea 1968-1994
  7. Keren Benbenisty: A A O UE
  8. Duncan MacDonald: Little Revolutions
  9. Oscar Figueroa: Less than a First Draft (Testing)
  10. Drunk Complexions
  11. Out
  12. Michael Snow - Sequences
  13. William J. O’Brien: Ceramic Heads
  14. Brian Sharp: Paintings
  15. Mark Lewis: Inventio
  16. Hamish Fulton and Michael Höpfner: Canto di strada
  17. Jim Verburg: A New Relationship Between Reflective Sides
  18. NSK from Kapital to Capital
  19. Due to Injuries...
  20. The Bells
  21. Carsten Holler: Leben
  22. Kevin Schmidt: EDM House
  23. Clearing
  24. Carl Trahan - Notte Elettrica
  25. Acid Sweat Lodge: Rock and Roll Meeting
  26. Amc2 Journal Issue 4
  27. Shining in Absence
  28. Clubgoers
  29. Reto Pulfer: Der Themenkatalog
  30. Ragnar Kjartansson: Take Me Here by the Dishwasher
  31. Björk
  32. Cory Arcangel: All the Small Things
  33. I Cancel All My Works at Death
  34. Ryan Gander: Culturefield
  35. Robert Seydel: A Picture is Always a Book
  36. Milena Mercer : Altered States
  37. Whispers That Got Away
  38. Jonathan Monk: In Relief (my collection of Sol LeWitt books - exact size, shape and occasionally colour), 2015
  39. Li Mu: Qiuzhuang Project - A Man, A Village, A Museum
  40. Elise Windsor: HEAVY ON ULTRAMARINE - Centrefold
  41. John Hampton: Why Can’t Minimal (Catalogue)
  42. General Idea: Showcards
  43. Ryan Foerster: Shoot the Lobster
  44. Nathaniel Russell: Stars Etcetera
  45. Nathaniel Russell: failed memoirs.
  46. Shio Kusaka: Pots
  47. Dieter Roth: Reykjavik Slides
  48. Shary Boyle and Emily Vey Duke: The Illuminations Project
  50. Museum Off Museum
  51. The Reluctant Narrator
  52. Michel Auder: Stories, Myths, Ironies, and Other Songs: Conceived, Directed, Edited, and Produced by M. Auder
  53. Louise Bourgeois: I Have Been to Hell and Back
  54. Yoko Ono: One Woman Show, 1960–1971
  55. Ragnar Kjartansson: The Visitors
  56. Reto Pulfer: Der Grottenkatalog
  57. I’m that angel
  58. Dane Mitchell: Radiant Matter 1/11/111
  59. Ragnar Kjartansson: To Music
  60. Works on Paper
  61. Seth Price: Folklore U.S.
  62. Michael Snow: Photo-Centric
  63. Isa Genzken
  64. John Miller: Mike Kelley
  65. Sam Falls: Ferns and Palms
  66. Semina Culture: Wallace Berman & His Circle
  67. Ray Johnson: Not Nothing
  68. Brian Roettinger: Reproductions
  69. Raymond Pettibon: Surfers: 1985–2014
  70. Dorothy Iannone: Censorship and the Irrepressible Drive Toward Love and Divinity
  71. Ray Johnson
  72. Alfredo Jaar: Tonight No Poetry Will Serve
  73. Gran Fury: Read My Lips
  74. Bernadette Corporation: 2000 Wasted Years
  75. Laura Letinsky: Ill Form and Void Full
  76. Sturtevant: Double Trouble
  77. Roni Horn: Everything was sleeping as if the universe were a mistake
  78. Muntadas: Stadium