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Ill Form and Void Full

Laura Letinsky
Radius Books
Artists' Books
11.5 × 13 inches
128 pages
Catalogue, Photography, Monograph, Interview

Chicago-based photographer Laura Letinsky (born 1962) is known for her depictions of the remnants of foods and objects common to the dining table, ranging from a lipstick-smeared half-empty wine glass to nibbled-upon cakes over ripe fruits. These works have commonly used an actual tabletop as their point of origin. For her new series Ill Form & Void Full, she creates references to the table from existing photographs, Martha Stewart, Dwell and Good Housekeeping magazines, her old work, the art of friends and actual objects. This process shows how ideas about the private sphere and their manifestation in our lives are always predicated upon what has come before: that is, perception itself is a construction. Included in this monograph are 47 works from the series, as well as an interview with the artist conducted by the acclaimed novelist and cultural critic, Lynne Tillman, along with a characteristically brilliant essay by Anthony Elms, Associate Curator of at the Institute of Contemporary Art, co-curator of the Whitney Biennial 2014 and independent critic and writer.

  1. Ill Form and Void Full

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