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Der Themenkatalog

Reto Pulfer
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Artists' Books
24 × 32 cm
48 pages

Der Themenkatalog is Reto Pulfer’s first artist’s book. It is a selection of preparatory works and unique handmade print works reproduced here for the first time. It is a catalogue, an indexical attempt to bring together works and texts in categorical order. Der Themenkatalog includes a critical text by curator Francesco Pedraglio, as well as literary texts by Reto Pulfer.

Reto Pulfer (born Bern, 1981) is a Berlin-based artist, whose work has been featured in exhibitions in institutions such as Kunsthalle Bern, ExtraCity, Antwerp, the Chelsea Art Museum, New York, and Stedelijk Museum Bureau, Amsterdam.

  1. Der Themenkatalog
  2. Der Themenkatalog
  3. Der Themenkatalog

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