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Wild Things are Going to Happen Dialogues with Dan Graham on Art, Architecture, & Shopping Malls

Henrik Schrat
Artists' Books
20 × 24 × 0.8 cm

Henrik Schrat’s Wild Things Are Going To Happen captures a hallucinatory journey in the life of Dan Graham, the iconic artist of ‘Rock my Religion’ fame.

Exploring the Digbeth and Eastside areas of Birmingham, Dan is joined by Eastside Projects Directors Gavin Wade and Celine Condorelli, curator Maurizio Bortolotti, and architect Joe Hollyoak.

The group fall through the looking glass and are confronted by the polymorpheus utopia and dystopia of present time, the historical, and the ‘just passed’. They travel from Birmingham’s Bull Ring to Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion via Dan’s sculptures and are transformed and transported to a submerged world, where Jaques Lacan sells the group tickets to theHall of Mirrors in Versailles!

Explore the complex web of theories, FACTS AND FICTIONS between Dan Flavin, the 19th Century American Hudson River School of Painting, science fiction and Cedric Price. And just who is Sverre Fehn?

Henrik Schrat’s graphic novel is a violent splash into the inner workings of one of the most influential artists on the planet.

  1. Wild Things are Going to Happen

Dialogues with Dan Graham on Ar

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