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How To Write A Book Of

Rachelle Sawatsky and Dan Starling
Projectile Publishing
Artists' Books
13.5 × 20.7 × 1 cm

How to Write a Book Of is an artist book by Dan Starling and Rachelle Sawatsky about a fictionalized university club called the Alliance for French & American Relations. Starling cross-referenced two novels by the French writer Georges Perec: Things: A Story of the Sixties (1965) and A Man Asleep (1967), to form a list of all the common words. Using only the resulting common words of this classification system, he re-wrote Abbie Hoffman’s Revolution for the Hell of It (1968). The result is a book that is a compromise between the American and French authors, or, the words on which they agree. Sawatsky has produced a foreword to the book, written by the “Co-founder” of the Alliance, which contextualizes the re-made Revolution for the Hell of It as the winning entry to the TWO HEROES Writing Contest for the Alliance.

How to Write a Book Of was selected as one of the best artist books of 2006 by Maria Fusco of Frieze. Published in an edition of 100.

  1. How To Write A Book Of

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