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Von Oben

Samuel Nyholm
Bad Day Magazine
Artists' Books
13.2 × 23 × 0.4 cm

Von Oben consists of a series of drawings which, in their form, reference a tradition of semi-pornographic cartoons one could find in Scandinavia in the 70s and 80s, in magazines of a kind considered highly inappropriate today; in terms of sexism, racism and a ruthless prejudice against exposed social groups. Today this art form remains not much more than a marginalized rest of low-culture, while the subjects it deals with still flourish, repressed and hardened in our sub-conscious.

Von Oben (from above) is an idiomatic expression in German which means to have a superior attitude to others. In the book, those offenders are instantly and literally punished by heavy objects falling on them from the sky. In a secular world, where our great God has gone for vacation, there remains no greater punishment than our own arrogance.

(second edition)

  1. Von Oben

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